End Walz' Emergency Powers


Governor Walz is crushing our economy and limiting our freedoms by issuing unilateral orders! It's time to get Minnesota's economy working again. It's time to let Minnesota businesses determine how to safely and reasonably open their doors by ending Walz' destructive emergency powers.

To Governor Walz and legislators:

Whereas, one person does not have the legal authority to remove the rights of Minnesotans protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights;

Whereas, Governor Walz' emergency powers is devastating our state economy and killing the heart of it - small businesses;

Whereas, the "Stay at Home" order is turning neighbors against neighbors using Walz' hotline;

Whereas, free people can make safe and reasonable accommodations to open businesses during a crisis while still adhering to good medical advice;

THEREFORE be it resolved, We The People of Minnesota demand Governor Walz immediately end his emergency powers;

Be it further resolved, if Governor Walz won't comply, We The People of Minnesota demand the legislature removes his powers and we demand a recorded vote on all motions and bills pertaining to ending Walz' emergency powers.

Who's signing

Cori Nierenhausen
Sean Sommerfeld
Scott Gotsch
Byrla Busch
Kristine Palecek
Aliona Goldayeza
Joseph Grundhauser
Ken Wendling
Ruth Murman
Andrew Norman
Jennifer Walter
Rick kraning
Angie Fuechtmann
Trista Majerus
Larry Huebner
Aaron Brutger
Shawn Berg
Kent Olson
Lanet Johnson
Chris Hickle
Edwin Dahl
Jay Brisson
colleen schille
Ronald Stoffel
Tim Baker
Corey Towne
Cari Lee
Benjamin Koster
Jb Mourning

Will you sign?

  • Cori Nierenhausen
    signed 2020-04-09 14:11:33 -0500
  • Sean Sommerfeld
    signed 2020-04-09 14:05:54 -0500
    Governor Walz, you do not have to declare the powers of a communist dictator in order to manage this pandemic. You could simply trust free people to do what is right for their communities. You are doing more harm than good by not letting people decide for themselves what is safe – safe to go to work, safe to be with friends etc. By Shutting down the economy you are destroying the economic engine that will save us from this and future disasters. It is now known that the model you based your decisions is overblown and death toll is highly overestimated. All along the people at risk should have limited their interactions with others while healthy people should have gone about their lives and let the virus run its course. Dr. Fausi stated that 25-50 percent of people will got the virus and never have symptoms. Your death rate and all other modeled data is wrong.
  • Scott Gotsch
    signed 2020-04-09 13:55:06 -0500
  • Byrla Busch
    signed 2020-04-09 13:47:32 -0500
  • Kristine Palecek
    signed 2020-04-09 13:40:38 -0500
  • Aliona Goldayeza
    signed 2020-04-09 13:38:31 -0500
  • Joseph Grundhauser
    signed via 2020-04-09 13:37:14 -0500
  • Ken Wendling
    signed 2020-04-09 13:27:18 -0500
  • Ruth Murman
    signed 2020-04-09 13:24:46 -0500
  • Andrew Norman
    signed 2020-04-09 13:21:18 -0500
  • Jennifer Walter
    signed 2020-04-09 13:16:53 -0500
  • Rick kraning
    signed 2020-04-09 13:11:20 -0500
  • Angie Fuechtmann
    signed 2020-04-09 13:02:34 -0500
  • Trista Majerus
    signed 2020-04-09 12:59:14 -0500
  • Larry Huebner
    signed 2020-04-09 12:57:18 -0500
  • Aaron Brutger
    signed 2020-04-09 12:56:01 -0500
  • Shawn Berg
    signed 2020-04-09 12:51:03 -0500
  • Kent Olson
    signed 2020-04-09 12:46:27 -0500
    Turn the economy back on.
  • Lanet Johnson
    signed 2020-04-09 12:43:56 -0500
  • Chris Hickle
    signed 2020-04-09 12:35:03 -0500
  • Edwin Dahl
    signed 2020-04-09 12:33:35 -0500
    Democrat Socialist seeks more power and control and raises taxes to pay for the problems he creates.
  • Jay Brisson
    signed 2020-04-09 12:31:14 -0500
  • colleen schille
    signed 2020-04-09 12:30:08 -0500
  • Ronald Stoffel
    signed 2020-04-09 12:29:47 -0500
    Any Executive order during peace time is only good for 30 days??!!
  • Tim Baker
    followed this page 2020-04-09 12:24:05 -0500
  • Tim Baker
    signed 2020-04-09 12:23:43 -0500
  • Corey Towne
    signed 2020-04-09 12:23:22 -0500
  • Cari Lee
    signed 2020-04-09 12:23:12 -0500
  • Benjamin Koster
    signed 2020-04-09 12:21:50 -0500
  • Jb Mourning
    signed 2020-04-09 12:17:48 -0500