Give It Back


The state of Minnesota overcollected taxes by more than $4 Billion. This is YOUR money and should be returned immediately before greedy politicians in the St Paul Swamp spend it. GIVE IT BACK!

To the Governor of Minnesota and legislators:

WHEREAS, the state of Minnesota has overcollected taxes, exceeding current biennium spending by nearly $4 Billion;

WHEREAS, the bulk of that money is sitting in a historically high reserve account for future government spending and not being used in the private sector to grow our state economy and create jobs;

WHEREAS, there are 2.4 million taxpayers in Minnesota which would greatly benefit to have more money for their families;

Therefore, be it resolved, We the Taxpayers of Minnesota demand you pass a tax refund immediately for the whole surplus to be returned to usand;

Be it further resolved, we the people of Minnesota demand a recorded roll call vote on the tax refund bill and any procedural motions related to it.

Who's signing

Michelle Schmitt
Rachelle Boone
Marcia Benson
Marc Miller
Eugene Bumgarner
Matt Batulis
Josh Osterkamp
David Kotaska
Virginia Gobel
Douglas Kennebeck Kennebeck
Sandy Hall
Carrie Schroeder
john deter
Tony Leither
Sharon Arens
Tanja Deite
Sheila Marquis
Amy Hauge
Anthony Lique
Sara Davis
Rick Kohlhase
Alex hall
Sherry Green
Kali Olson
Sierra Oustad
Tori Lynn
Karen Lunak
Heather Petersen
Jessica Gieseke
Julia Rust

Will you sign?

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  • Michelle Schmitt
    signed 2020-03-22 19:38:39 -0500
  • Rachelle Boone
    signed 2020-03-22 18:28:25 -0500
    Please return our money! These funds would make such a huge impact on our families at this critical time!
  • Marcia Benson
    signed 2020-03-22 17:21:12 -0500
  • Marc Miller
    signed 2020-03-22 15:35:24 -0500
    They think they can tax us and build bike trails. We are not smart enough to know how to spend our money and help selves. Government should only do the essential things needed by them. Keep the government from running our lives. Our Fore father’s said, vote themselves into slavery.
  • Eugene Bumgarner
    signed 2020-03-22 14:39:39 -0500
    People rule the government
  • Matt Batulis
    signed 2020-03-22 13:49:39 -0500
  • Josh Osterkamp
    signed 2020-03-22 12:31:24 -0500
  • David Kotaska
    signed 2020-03-22 10:35:06 -0500
    David Kotaska
  • Virginia Gobel
    signed 2020-03-20 17:33:27 -0500
    Give back surplus😡
  • Douglas Kennebeck Kennebeck
    signed 2020-03-20 17:11:32 -0500
  • Sandy Hall
    signed 2020-03-20 16:57:44 -0500
  • Carrie Schroeder
    signed 2020-03-20 11:31:32 -0500
  • john deter
    signed 2020-03-20 10:20:01 -0500
  • Tony Leither
    signed 2020-03-19 22:48:36 -0500
  • Sharon Arens
    signed 2020-03-19 20:50:36 -0500
    We need that money! My business was shut down and no income coming in!! I’m self employed, so no unemployment benefits!
  • Tanja Deite
    signed 2020-03-19 17:25:01 -0500
  • Sheila Marquis
    signed 2020-03-19 14:47:58 -0500
    My husband and I have been wondering about this for a long time. Most likely a republican Governor would have already done a refund. It should be done and the state of Minnesota should Not tax us on the refund dollars. Stop over taxing and holding on to our money! This is truly taxation without representation. In the meantime lower taxes as well!!
  • Amy Hauge
    signed 2020-03-19 10:04:25 -0500
    Give us our money!! It’s only fair!!
  • Anthony Lique
    signed 2020-03-18 23:10:16 -0500
  • Sara Davis
    signed 2020-03-18 17:43:41 -0500
    Give it back! Are you trying to make those families already struggling suffer more and end up either starving or homeless or BOTH!?? Seriously stupid
  • Rick Kohlhase
    signed 2020-03-18 16:28:03 -0500
  • Alex hall
    signed 2020-03-18 14:48:22 -0500
    It’s my money and I need it now!!!!
  • Sherry Green
    signed 2020-03-18 10:54:22 -0500
    Sherry Green
  • Kali Olson
    signed 2020-03-18 10:34:34 -0500
  • Sierra Oustad
    signed 2020-03-18 04:13:18 -0500
  • Tori Lynn
    signed 2020-03-17 22:03:31 -0500
  • Karen Lunak
    signed via 2020-03-17 20:53:35 -0500
  • Heather Petersen
    signed 2020-03-17 19:52:02 -0500
    Do the right thing
  • Jessica Gieseke
    signed 2020-03-17 19:06:07 -0500
    No, its meant for us, not for you to hold on too!!!!!!
  • Julia Rust
    signed via 2020-03-17 16:29:27 -0500
    Julia Rust