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Tell the St Louis Park City Council that we love this country!

Whereas, allegiance to our American traditions is vital to a strong community, and;

Whereas, Americans have a heritage of saying the pledge of allegiance prior to government meetings, and;

Whereas, our culture is under continuous attack in our workplace, schools and government, and;
Whereas, it's time to proudly stand together as Americans;

THEREFORE be it resolved, We The People of Minnesota and as Americans demand that the St. Louis Park City Council preserves the tradition of saying the pledge of allegiance at city meetings.

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Shirley Torkelson
Scott Morrison
Jane Wegener
Carrol Banta
Matt Behning
Marvin Brewer
James Davis
Thomas Nelly
Evan Eidemiller
Jerome Brownell
Loretta Williams
Loren Vasquez
cindy komarec
Kathryn Isackson
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