Senators Roger Chamberlain and Michelle Benson introduced legislation to tax social media use to fund a new government slush fund. Sign the petition and tell the Governor and your legislator to say NO to this awful tax!

Petition to Stop the Facebook User Tax

To Governor Walz and legislators:

Whereas, Minnesota is one of the highest taxed states in the country, and;

Whereas, the state has over-collected our tax dollars and is running a $3 Billion surplus, and;

Whereas, creating a fee for social media companies is a tax on the end user;

THEREFORE be it resolved, We The People of Minnesota demand you oppose and vote against the Facebook User Tax introduced in S.F. 2996 by Senators Roger Chamberlain and Michelle Benson;

Be it further resolved, We The People of Minnesota demand recorded roll call votes on all motions and bills that include this tax increase.

Who's signing

Brian Dec
Jane Dumonceaux
Hollis Sweedman
Tyler Schmidt
Richard Smith
Ben Phillips
Elizabeth Hennings
Megan Gilliland
Timothy Adams
Shawn Field
Robin Gilliland
Dawn Olson

Will you sign?

  • Brian Dec
    signed 2020-02-11 15:14:12 -0600
  • Jane Dumonceaux
    signed 2020-02-11 15:13:53 -0600
  • Hollis Sweedman
    signed 2020-02-11 15:02:07 -0600
  • Tyler Schmidt
    signed 2020-02-11 15:02:07 -0600
    Tyler Schmidt
  • Richard Smith
    signed 2020-02-11 15:01:00 -0600
    Stop trying take all my hard earned money
  • Ben Phillips
    signed 2020-02-11 14:58:56 -0600
  • Elizabeth Hennings
    signed 2020-02-11 14:58:34 -0600
    Stop taxing and spending!
  • Megan Gilliland
    signed 2020-02-11 14:57:51 -0600
  • Timothy Adams
    signed 2020-02-11 14:57:27 -0600
    This is really low for Minnesota politicians to think this way. They already have close to 4billion in surplus tax money that they will not give back.
  • Shawn Field
    signed 2020-02-11 14:56:07 -0600
    Can’t wait to vote you two idiots out of office.
  • Robin Gilliland
    signed 2020-02-11 14:55:04 -0600
  • Dawn Olson
    signed 2020-02-11 14:54:51 -0600