A4L Pressure Forces Dem Chair to Push for Alleged Burglar Nicole Mitchell’s Resignation

Senator Nicole Mitchell has been exposed, even by her own admission to the police when she said she is "not good at this" as she was arrested for burglary/home invasion of her widowed, elderly stepmother. Despite all of the Democratic spin and coverup, citizens across our state have demanded her resignation/expulsion from the Senate. 

Action 4 Liberty has led this charge from Day 1, from exposing the details of this case for news articles to on-the-ground door-knocking/lit-dropping the constituents of Nicole Mitchell and other swing district Democrats protecting her. Demanding accountability from our elected officials is the very least they could do, but Democrats instead chose to pursue an Un-Constitutional agenda that made a mockery of our Legislative system. Because the State Senate is Democrat-controlled by a single vote (34-33), Nicole Mitchell has been the DECIDING vote on key pieces of legislation. There is no doubt that she has failed in representing her constituents since her arrest.

Now that the Legislature has adjourned sine die, the Democrats no longer have any use in carrying the Nicole Mitchell luggage around and plan on ditching her. 

Democrat Party Chair Ken Martin has FINALLY called on Nicole Mitchell to resign! This would not have happened if A4L and Patriots like you did not stand up and fight! Look at what the con-artist said below:

Even Ken Martin has to agree that Michell has refused to take responsibility for her actions, which is the very reason we have been at the forefront of this battle! However, Ken Martin shows his hand by admitting that he is only saying this because the Legislature has adjourned. After Dems got their tyrannical, Un-Constitutional, illegitimate omnibus bill rammed through illegally with Mitchell’s support, they now want to pose as honest leaders. They use anyone and everyone they can as a tool to further their Socialist takeover.

Corruption is rampant in Minnesota and we must continue to expose it, fight it, and change it. The Democrats will always lie and misrepresent the truth but ‘We The People’ have seen them for exactly what they are, Socialist Tyrants. Continue to pressure elected officials on this key topic, the Establishment is paying attention! The Democrats need to stop protecting their Criminal Senator!

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