Judge Orders Alex Jones’ Personal Assets be Liquidated; A4L Ready to Fight Information War

From public access television in the 90’s to one of the world’s most syndicated radio shows to internet stardom, Alex Jones has been a truth teller in a political world of liars. With battles like this happening across our nation, Action 4 Liberty’s purpose and need is even more prevalent. A4L has faced censorship, erroneous campaign finance complaints, and even the deletion of social media pages and groups. What the Establishment wants to do to groups like Infowars is exactly what they want to do with groups like A4L.

Texas Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Lopez ruled Friday 6/14/24, to liquidate Alex Jones’ personal assets. Included in this was his ranch worth $2.8M, his lifelong gun collection, and other personal belongings. At one point, the DOJ even wanted to STEAL Alex’s pet cat! Alex asked “What? Do you want my children next?” 

This ruling is of course in relation to Jones’ unfair and unreasonable $1.5B Sandy Hook debt judgment. While Alex did question the events of Sandy Hook, he has since apologized and admitted fault in his reporting in nearly every interview when asked about it. However, apologies are never enough because the Globalists cannot have anyone question mass tragedies. 

In Alex’s latest program on Infowars, Alex states that a court trustee now owns Infowars and Alex Jones is the CEO. Jones states that the court ordered CRO, J. Patrick Magill, who appears to be a former ally of Jones, tried to file a false Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on Infowars parent company Free Speech Systems to hand over control of the company to the Connecticut Democratic Party! Jones says Judge Lopez rejected this and argued he was not in the business of shutting down talk shows. Jones appears to respect the court trustee and believes this gives Infowars 3-5 months of runway for negotiations of new ownership. There appears to be a chance for a good faith owner to take control and allow Infowars to continue.

The fake news media and Globalists labeled Alex Jones as a “conspiracy theorist” however In 2024, nearly every conservative and Independent in our country would fit the definition because they question our government. Who wouldn’t question our government? Who wouldn’t want informed citizens? Who wants to destroy your Freedom and strip you of your God-Given Rights? The Globalists, Elitists, corrupt Politicians, appointed bureaucrats, and even some of our own Citizenry do not want YOU to fight politically. 

More often than not, Alex Jones was right. This was showcased when Alex Jones took the stand in a previous case where a lawyer asked “Is your allegation that government officials are aiding in pedophilia, child trafficking, and the grooming of children? Right?” To which Alex responded with “You mean like what Jeffrey Epstein did with the Clintons?”

Alex Jones, like President Trump and Steve Bannon, has faced politically motivated lawsuits that seek to strip him of everything he has and SHUT DOWN Infowars. The power hungry Elitists know the true power of Alex Jones. Millions of Americans tune into his shows and have learned about the hidden corruption of our government, politicians, and their puppet-masters. 

Despite our government being founded under the permission of We The People and was created to serve the purpose of protecting our Liberty, it has since been flipped on its head. The counties should govern the states and the states should govern the federal government, not the other way around! The politicians work for us, we don’t work for them! 

The Information War is underway and the Globalist Tyrants have weaponized the In-Justice System against Patriots who seek to overthrow it and restore Constitutional Order. Action 4 Liberty is LEADING the fight for these Patriots in Minnesota.

With stakes this high, groups like Action 4 Liberty that provides conservative, Constitutional, and anti-Establishment media and grassroots action know we must stand firm in opposition to tyranny whether that be from radical Democrats, RINOs, or other Bureaucrats. We are witnessing the collapse of our country and state, the fight is at our doorsteps! While other groups will cave on principles in order to get along with corrupt politicians, A4L foregoes those relationships to ALWAYS stand with the grassroots, MAGA, liberty movement. Donate to help us in our fight right here in Minnesota!

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  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2024-06-16 20:28:47 -0500