MNGOP Attacks Conservatives in Leaked Audio

Did you see what the Chairwoman of the MNGOP just said about you and me? Alpha News received a recording this week of a Republican party meeting with Crazy Chairwoman Carnahan and well known RINO Rep Keith Franke. In that audio they talked about "purging" Action 4 Liberty supporters from the Republican Party.

Crazy Carnahan stated that Action 4 Liberty supporters "need to go away" and people in the GOP should "stop paying attention to these people" because that gives them "power."

RINO Keith Franke was then heard saying "the crap that they do to divide us, to pick off the more moderate members. We need those members, we need members like me."

Can you believe this? These are the people running the MNGOP!

No wonder why Walz keeps running circles around these weaklings. It's crystal clear they don't want STRONG CONSERVATIVES like you and me inside their ranks.

To make things even crazier, Franke asserted "half of [Action 4 Liberty’s] money comes from the DFL, secretly, because it has to."

What these guys don't understand is that our support comes from thousands of people like you who are fed up with do-nothing, weak Republicans who constantly lose to the Radical Left. Not from Democrats!

While RINO politicians and the crazy person running the MNGOP want to continue attacking you, our team is busy putting pressure on politicians on your behalf.

We still have door knocking teams on the ground, alerting voters of how to make sure Walz' Emergency Powers never happen again. We've knocked on over 40,000 doors so far this year, made over 55,000 phone calls to targeted districts across the state and continue building an online presence that influences hundreds of thousands of Minnesota voters.

Supporting Action 4 Liberty is different than supporting the MNGOP. With us, you at least get results!

Despite efforts by RINOs like Franke, we were able to catapult Ending Walz' Emergency Powers to the top issue at the Capitol. We refused to compromise because this issue was too important to you. That's why Walz' Emergency was terminated.

Unfortunately Weakling Paul Gazelka sold out on us by passing Walz' budget without passing Mort's Never Again Bill first. He didn't even get election integrity passed in the final deal. 

We MUST pass his Never Again Bill so we don't get a repeat of the last 15 months!

However, if it was up to Crazy Chair Carnahan and RINOs like Keith Franke, we'd never get there.

They'll do everything in their power to get rid of guys like Rep Erik Mortensen. Remember when Carnahan REFUSED to support the more conservative candidates in the 2020 primary?

Fortunately, Action 4 Liberty supporters have volunteered their time, money and effort to getting better candidates elected.

That's why Rep Erik Mortensen was the ONLY Republican elected in the metro area in 2020 who had never served in office before. And the Party spent zero dollars to help him.

Mort was ONLY successful because of supporters like YOU! 

It's crystal clear that we are under attack by both the Republican and Democrat Establishment (is there a difference?). They want to see us go away. But this mission is too important to let them win.

YOU HAVE THE POWER to send them a message that we are here to stay.

Supporting Action 4 Liberty ensures the conservative agenda advances in Minnesota. We're the one team standing up to the Political Class in this state!

Let's continue building a massive liberty movement in this state to STOP government encroachment on our liberties. Let's make sure Unilateral Emergency Powers NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! And let's STOP Crazy Chair Carnahan's dream of purging conservatives like you from politics.


New Pro-Walz Group Just Launched

A new radical leftwing group just emerged in Minnesota and is already launching a massive advertising campaign promoting their hero, Tim Walz. In fact, their first ad promoting Walz talks about how he made "Historic Investments in Minnesota's Small Businesses". What a slap in the face to the thousands of businesses this man destroyed with his Unilateral Emergency Powers!

Unfortunately, this new far-left group has some huge financial backing. It's being run by former Minneapolis Mayor RT Ryback's son. And this signals the beginning of Tim Walz' run for re-election.

Can you imagine a guy who locked his citizens in their homes, shut down businesses, forced kids to wear masks and incentivized teenagers into getting an experimental drug, could be re-elected?

Well that might just happen when the big money lines up behind the leader of Minnesota's COVID Cult.

Since weakling Paul Gazelka sold out and passed Walz' budget without passing Rep Erik Mortensen's Never Again Bill, Walz is in position to declare Unilateral Emergency Powers all over again.

This is incredibly troubling since the media is selling the fear of the COVID Delta variant and Biden talked about a government program going door to door to vaccinate the population.

Action 4 Liberty was created to fight against this excessive government control and power. We go to war on your behalf to advance and protect liberty from tyrannical politicians.

But the evil of the modern liberal movement is getting funded and we're starting to see their lies being advertised directly to Minnesota voters.


Action 4 Liberty invests our time and resources in young liberty professionals who are the boots on the ground across the state holding these politicians accountable. Our team works around the clock to STOP the Tim Walz train from running over all our liberties.

We need boots on the ground to build the political energy needed to pass important legislation like the Never Again bill. And we need these young fighters making calls, knocking doors and showing up around the state if we want to Stop the Walz Agenda.

But we can't do it without your financial support. YOU are the reason we are able to bring the fight to them! Will you do me a favor and make a donation today!

Support Action 4 Liberty

City of Lakeville Trying to Kill Small Business, Alibi Drinkery

Last December, a heroic small business owner by the name Lisa Monet, courageously stood up against Governor Walz' illegal and unconstitutional order to shut down. Her bar/restaurant named Alibi Drinkery in Lakeville was a hopping place once doors opened. Patrons packed in to feel normal again. Even the state representative from the area came in for lunch.

Now six months later, Lisa's life is being destroyed by the COVID Cult that would love to see her homeless, living on the streets, begging for forgiveness for her COVID sins. She's been in court battles with the Attorney General, who represents Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm in her mission to make businesses suffer. After the Dept of Health revoked her food license, Lisa has been forced to watch her life's work being murdered by the very government meant to protect her liberties.

Lisa decided to sell Alibi Drinkery so her loyal customer base could still come to the place they love. Throughout her closure, bills continued to be paid and she was in good standing with her landlord. Everything was done right.

Now the new owner is in the process of getting a liquor license, but found a foe that should not exist: the Lakeville City Council. Word got out that Lisa would remain on board as a paid consultant for the new owner (which is common in business sales) and the Council is on the cusp of denying a liquor license in order to deliver a death blow to the Alibi Drinkery and its new owner. 

All of this is being done as punishment for Lisa's defiance last December. Outrageous!

Lisa is being vilified in the public square for "putting the public health in danger". But the Dept of Health can't prove that her actions led to greater spread of COVID. In fact, all Lisa did was open her business, she didn't force people to come into her restaurant. The customers made a conscience choice to patron the Alibi despite the Governor's orders. They probably got sick of driving the 30 miles east to Wisconsin where businesses were wide open.

Tonight the Lakeville City Council is meeting to determine if the new owner of the Alibi Drinkery should get a liquor license. Let's hope they do the right thing and stand up for the rights of their citizens.

Council Contact information:

Mayor Doug Anderson


Council Member John Bermel 


Council Member Luke Hellier 


Council Member Joshua Lee 


Council Member Michelle Volk


Gazelka Betrays Business Owners, Increases AG Ellison's Budget by 17%

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka betrayed the business owners who defied the Governor's illegal shutdown orders last December by increasing the funding for Attorney General Keith Ellison's office. Currently, those business owners are still being sued and attacked by Ellison in courts on behalf of Walz' Department of Health. 

In an attempt to act tough, Gazelka posted a video on December 17th with a message directed at the Governor and Attorney General, stating that "if you start fining these people $10,000 a piece, you can expect that money to come out of your budget". Gazelka added "you can not keep closing down these businesses, they are hanging on by a thread". That message turned out to be a lie, as Senate Republicans just passed a budget early Wednesday morning that increased the AG's budget by $8 million. Meanwhile, businesses like Haven's Gardens in Lynd, MN are still under attack by Ellison.

Gazelka also made a feeble attempt on the last days of the Special Session to remove the excessive fines imposed on the businesses when he added an amendment to the State Government Finance Bill, SF2. That amendment was removed by House Democrats in conference committee on Sunday. Rep Erik Mortensen tried adding it back into the bill on the House floor late Tuesday night, but it was voted down by all Republicans and Democrats. Gazelka then passed the final bill without the reprieve from fines, leaving these business owners in the same position - under attack by their government.

Here's the language of the amendment that was removed from the final bill:

The State Government Finance Bill contains the AG's budget, which increased by over $8 million or 17% from the last biennium. Gazelka was all talk, no action. He betrayed these business owners and ended up in a position where Governor Walz could do it all over again because he refused to hold up the budget until the Never Again Bill was passed into law. 

Here are the votes on the State Government Finance Bill in the Senate:

Here's the vote in the House:


2019 State Finance Bill: 

Walz' Emergency Powers Terminated

Thanks to the calls, emails and financial support of our supporters, Ending Walz' Emergency Powers became the top issue at the Capitol and early this morning, the House and Senate voted to End Governor Walz' Emergency Powers effective 11:59 PM on July 1st.

Action 4 Liberty's team made 55,000 phone calls to voters in the last couple months, putting real pressure on politicians in St Paul to End Walz' Emergency Powers. We've door knocked from Moorhead to Hibbing to Winona. Our team of young liberty professionals donned heavy coats in -30 temps in February and knocked doors through our recent heat wave. All because we were determined to End Walz' Emergency Powers. 

We NEVER GAVE UP! It was clear that crony politicians in St Paul didn't care that one man took over lawmaking in our state. So we forced them to care about the issue by bringing intense pressure on them. 

While we're thrilled that we achieved our first objective of Ending Walz' Emergency Powers, Gazelka and the Political Class have left us vulnerable to this all happening again

Liberty Champion Erik Mortensen introduced the Never Again Bill last March that would solve the problem of Unilateral Emergency Powers. But Gazelka REFUSED to listen to YOU and pass the bill. 

So Governor Walz could reissue completely new Unilateral Emergency Powers at any time. All because Gazelka was too weak to STOP the budget before the Never Again Bill was passed into law.

Gazelka needs to learn a lesson from the Democrats. Late last night, they were able to force Senate Republicans to pass their radical Public Safety bill or else risk a partial government shutdown. This is how the ugly politics work in the final hours of a legislative session, Gazelka should have played hardball...but he didn't.

Even worse, instead of a resolution to End Walz' Emergency Powers, Gazelka stuck the language in the State Government Finance Bill that completely funds the Governor's office and gives the Attorney General a 22% pay increase!

Democrats abolished the provision in the bill that would forgive the fines paid by courageous business owners who defied the Governor's illegal orders. And Gazelka not only gave up on that provision, he helped fund the Attorney General's office that is still going after them!

Our work is not done. Action 4 Liberty is committed to pass Mort's Never Again Bill so this never happens to us again.

We hired 10 young liberty professionals this summer to come work for our growing operations. We're making serious commitments to protect liberty for the next generation. 

It's crystal clear to us that we need to grow larger, expand our team and bring even more pressure against the Political Class that is destroying Minnesota.

Now it's critically important we continue building so we STOP future lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccine passports.


Gazelka Pushes DANGEROUS Fake End Powers Bill

Action 4 Liberty has fought to End Walz' Unilateral Emergency Powers for the last 15 months. Our objective has been to first End Walz' current Emergency Powers. Then we have to make sure they Never Happen Again!

That's why we worked with Liberty Champion, Rep Erik Mortensen to create the Never Again Bill that eliminates Walz' Emergency Powers. It's the only bill that ensures Walz' Emergency Powers NEVER happen again!

We are almost about to accomplish that first objective and that's because of our supporters making calls, sending emails and donating to our pressure campaign!

But danger lurks in the waters. Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka is looking to put Emergency Powers in our Constitution. Currently, the Governor's Emergency Powers are NOT in the Constitution, they are state statutes that are in direct conflict with our Constitution. Liberals would love nothing more than to upgrade Emergency Powers into the State Constitution.

We say NO WAY! Don't enshrine Emergency Powers in our Constitution. Don't etch in stone the abuse we experienced over the last 15 months.

Gazelka's Dangerous Fake End Powers Bill would put a question on the November 2022 ballot. If it passes, it doesn't solve the problem because a simple Democrat Majority would ensure Endless Emergency Powers happen again. Even worse - If voters vote it down, Walz will proclaim that Minnesotans want him to keep his Unilateral Emergency Powers. This is a lose/lose position.

THIS IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! We can't let this pass.

Your Tax Money Will Pay for Riot Damage in Minneapolis Thanks to Gazelka Deal

A deal was struck between Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka and Democrats to send taxpayer money to riot damaged businesses in Minneapolis and St Paul. Instead of writing a check to those cities though, they created a new government program called the "Main Street Economic Revitalization Program". $80 Million of state taxpayer money will be used for special grants and up to $2 Million loans for "eligible projects" that include "repair or renovation of real property" that have arisen since March 15, 2020. Eligible recipients include businesses, nonprofit organizations or developers. 

According to the Jobs and Economic Development Omnibus Bill, SF9, the program will be established by Governor Walz' DEED Commissioner and the money will transfer to "partnered organizations" to make the determination of who gets your money. 

Is this a Minneapolis Bailout? If you ask Gazelka, he'd stop short at calling it that. In a message provided to us from a constituent, Gazelka stated "we have a state wide business grant program, that people from Brainerd to Minneapolis are eligible for". According to the bill, an "equal dollar amount of leveraged grants and guaranteed loans are made to businesses in the metropolitan area as in the non metropolitan area". Politicians are the masters of spin!

To cut to the chase, you will definitely be paying for Minneapolis businesses damaged by the riots. Conservatives have long stated their opposition to sending tax money to Minneapolis, since it should be the city's responsibility to pay for it. Here's a video from State Senator Mark Koran stating that Senate Republicans would not use tax money to pay for Minneapolis riot damage. "It's not the responsibility of every average, hardworking citizen in the state of Minnesota" said Koran. "We're going to keep fighting that battle, and make sure it's not coming out of your wallet"

Koran joined all other Senate Republicans in voting for the bill that sends your money to pay for riot damage. The Minnesota House has yet to vote on it, but will likely pass with Democrats in control of that chamber. Pay close attention - you'll likely hear House Republicans call it a Minneapolis bailout on the House floor. 


Lobbyist Legislator Daudt Featured in "Get Your Vaccine" Commercial

House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt is featured in a paid advertisement that urges Minnesotans to get their COVID vaccination. Daudt is not a scientist and does not work in the medical industry. Instead he is employed by a Washington D.C. lobbying firm called Stateside Associates, which lists pharmaceutical companies on its website as clients. 

Here's the paid advertisement:

In the ad, Daudt "urge[s] you to take your shot today". He states that he got the vaccine and he "hopes you will too". The ad comes from a newly created nonprofit called the Partnership to Fight Infectious Disease. Daudt labels the vaccines as "safe" because government authorized them. 

Currently, taxpayers are funding a government incentive program directed towards teenagers in Minnesota spearheaded by Democrat Governor Tim Walz. The Governor has held onto Unilateral Emergency Powers now for 466 days straight. Daudt prides himself as the biggest fighter against Walz at the Capitol, but this isn't the first time Daudt's bonafides come into question. Daudt easily accepted the mask mandate on Capitol grounds with the Democrat majority, forcing all legislators and staff to mask up. Back in January, he even spoke on the House Floor about the efficacy of masks, stating that he wore "this mask to protect you". 

Daudt is at great odds with a large faction of Minnesotans, including many in the Republican base who opposed mask mandates and a government funded vaccine bribery program. Action 4 Liberty is among them. Recent released Anthony Fauci emails show why many of us opposed mask mandates - they don't work. We've also warned people against listening to politicians about taking experimental drugs. Instead people should do their own research and consult their health care providers.

It's a mystery how Daudt is able to work for a lobbying firm while also serving in the legislature. This is an obvious conflict of interest. But it's even more problematic that he pushes for vaccines when there's a chance his employer gets money from the pharmaceutical companies that profit from them. 

To make matters worse, Daudt stated on the House floor yesterday that health insurance bailouts (known as the Reinsurance bill) are the "number one, most important issue" to his Republican caucus. Apparently ending Walz' Emergency Powers plays second fiddle to his socialistic-style program that takes taxpayer money and redistributes it to insurance claims.

So Daudt helped push forward a Capitol grounds mask mandate, is featured in a paid advertisement promoting vaccines and is not prioritizing Ending Walz' Emergency Powers as the number one issue for House Republicans. This is the problem with the political class up at the Capitol - they really aren't fighting for you. 

Minneapolis Bailout Appears to Be Part of Deal Struck by Gazelka

Vague language in the Jobs and Economic Development Omnibus Bill suggests that state taxpayers will be on the hook for bailing out the damage left by rioters in Minneapolis last year. Using $80 Million of "redevelopment" funding, business owners will be able to apply for grants and loans, paid for by Minnesota taxpayers across the state.

According to Fox 9, businesses can get $750,000 in grant money and $2 Million in loan guarantees. Although, they report it's not "clear how much money will flow to riot rebuilding".

Democrats were asking for a $300 Million package in total. Some Republican legislators, strongly opposed any money going towards funding the destruction in Minneapolis. Gazelka's deal strays away from those wishes. Although, all legislators will get to weigh in on it when HF1 gets a vote in the House and Senate.

First Week of Special Session Ends with No Budget, Emergency Powers Remain

The first week of the Minnesota Legislature's Special Session to End Walz' Emergency Powers has for all intents and purposes, come to a close since the Senate adjourned until Monday without passing any budget bills. Currently, the Minnesota House is on Day 2 of a Republican led filibuster to stop the advancement of budget bills that were agreed to by Walz, Speaker Hortman and Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka behind closed doors. Since the House needs to pass the bills first, there's zero chance of them reaching Walz' desk this week.

Without a doubt, Ending Walz' Emergency Powers is a top issue behind negotiations of the large budget bills, thanks primarily to the supporters of Action 4 Liberty. But to ensure this never happens again, it's key that the legislature passes Rep Erik Mortensen's Never Again Bill before agreeing to vote on budget bills that fund Walz' agencies. Currently, the Dept of Health is attacking small businesses who defied Walz' illegals orders back in December of 2020. 

A lot is at stake in the next 12 days. Governor Walz does not appear to want to let go of his Emergency Powers, which means he's willing to risk a partial government shutdown on July 1st. With the media scare tactics in full swing with the COVID delta variant, holding onto Emergency Powers could mean future shutdowns or new mask mandates. Also, why would Walz want to let go of power - that's why guys like him get into politics.

The Special Session all comes down to whether or not Paul Gazelka and Senate Republicans are willing to stand firmly against Unilateral Emergency Powers. If they refuse to pass a budget until Mort's Never Again Bill is passed, Minnesotans will be saved from a tyrannical governor in the future. But if they sell out, we'll end up with more growth of government, a fully funded Dept of Health and the ability for it all to happen again.