RINO Senator & Corrupt BPOU Help Un-Endorsed Candidate in Otter Tail County

In what is becoming a story told too often, another RINO Legislator and corrupt BPOU is helping out an un-endorsed, hand-picked Establishment goon in a Republican primary. It should come as no surprise that this is now happening in Otter Tail County where we have covered the corruption of their BPOU dating back to 2022. 

Otter Tail has become a battle that has taken a life of its own. In essence, 33 duly elected delegates of Otter Tail were banned from their 2023 Convention to David Hann (unilaterally at first) and then the State Executive Committee demanded Otter Tail do NOT hold a BPOU Convention this year. This further disenfranchised the OTC delegates for the 2024 CD7 Convention and the 2024 State Convention.

Most of the corruption within the party in OTC brings all roads back to one individual, Tommy Merickel. Merickel was involved with the Minnesota Jobs Coalition which spent over $158K in four GOP primaries backing RINOs against Rep. Pam Altendorf, medical freedom champion Mark Bishofsky, Rep. Mike Weiner, and now A4L President Erik Mortensen. Despite the big money against them, each one of those four candidates won their primaries! 

Merickel was a convener at the caucus (who would not relinquish his duties despite massive discontent from caucus attendees and attempts to remove him as convener) and he attempted to make the caucus fraudulent by adding paperwork not approved by the delegates/caucus participants or state party. Tommy’s wife Laura is the treasurer for the corrupt OTC BPOU. More recently, Merickel has pushed for party rules to ban individuals who do not support endorsed candidates. However, it is Tommy Merickel himself who is backing the unendorsed RINO campaign of Joe Tierab in CD2! Will he support banning himself? 

Locals tell A4L that Merickel is also behind the campaign of Boone Carlson, likely as revenge for Jeff Backer standing up for the disenfranchised OTC delegates on numerous occasions. While there is no endorsing convention for District 9A, this is because of the corrupt OTC BPOU leadership, MNGOP Chair David Hann, and the State Executive Committee demanding no OTC meeting take place. Had an endorsing convention taken place, and all duly elected delegates were seated, there is little doubt that Backer would have defeated an Establishment mouthpiece candidate.

Boone Carlson has a professionally built website, Facebook, and X page, which gives signs that this is not a humble, ground-up campaign. Instead, he is seemingly a plant for the establishment in a very conservative district. You can find his Campaign Finance information here. Unfortunately for Boone, Patriots can sniff out the contenders from the pretenders.

While it is bad enough that leaders within a local party unit would be supporting a campaign to oust a Legislator for telling the truth about the local corruption, it appears State Senator Jordan Rasmussen is involved too! Below you can see Jordan Rasmussen posing for a picture with puppet candidate Boone Carlson on what appears to be the Otter Tail GOP float. The Facebook picture by Vance Bachmann shows Boone Carlson is on the float and it looks like he even has a campaign sign on the float directly on the elephant. It should be noted that there also looks to be a Jeff Backer sign directly under Carlson.:

If Rasmussen is opposed to Backer because of donor pressure and a lack of a spine, this would be a severe departure from 2022 when Rasmussen openly endorsed Jeff Backer! This is something he has NOT done this election cycle… See below: 

Unfortunately, it appears that Rasmussen is not the only RINO that puppet Boone Carlson has been snuggling up next to. Below you can see Carlson’s recent picture with CD7’s Swampy Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach:

The attitude and disdain that is shown to the grassroots conservatives by Establishment losers in the MNGOP shows exactly what is broken with the party. The grassroots IS THE PARTY, not the crooked politicians and RINO party leaders! However, the MNGOP is overtaken by unprincipled, anti-liberty, anti-grassroots snobs that would rather oppose their own base than bring hardcore, anti-corruption MAGA conservatives into the fold. Action 4 Liberty will always stand for the voices that challenge the status quo and push forward the agenda of Freedom.

Judge Orders Alex Jones’ Personal Assets be Liquidated; A4L Ready to Fight Information War

From public access television in the 90’s to one of the world’s most syndicated radio shows to internet stardom, Alex Jones has been a truth teller in a political world of liars. With battles like this happening across our nation, Action 4 Liberty’s purpose and need is even more prevalent. A4L has faced censorship, erroneous campaign finance complaints, and even the deletion of social media pages and groups. What the Establishment wants to do to groups like Infowars is exactly what they want to do with groups like A4L.

Texas Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Lopez ruled Friday 6/14/24, to liquidate Alex Jones’ personal assets. Included in this was his ranch worth $2.8M, his lifelong gun collection, and other personal belongings. At one point, the DOJ even wanted to STEAL Alex’s pet cat! Alex asked “What? Do you want my children next?” 

This ruling is of course in relation to Jones’ unfair and unreasonable $1.5B Sandy Hook debt judgment. While Alex did question the events of Sandy Hook, he has since apologized and admitted fault in his reporting in nearly every interview when asked about it. However, apologies are never enough because the Globalists cannot have anyone question mass tragedies. 

In Alex’s latest program on Infowars, Alex states that a court trustee now owns Infowars and Alex Jones is the CEO. Jones states that the court ordered CRO, J. Patrick Magill, who appears to be a former ally of Jones, tried to file a false Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on Infowars parent company Free Speech Systems to hand over control of the company to the Connecticut Democratic Party! Jones says Judge Lopez rejected this and argued he was not in the business of shutting down talk shows. Jones appears to respect the court trustee and believes this gives Infowars 3-5 months of runway for negotiations of new ownership. There appears to be a chance for a good faith owner to take control and allow Infowars to continue.

The fake news media and Globalists labeled Alex Jones as a “conspiracy theorist” however In 2024, nearly every conservative and Independent in our country would fit the definition because they question our government. Who wouldn’t question our government? Who wouldn’t want informed citizens? Who wants to destroy your Freedom and strip you of your God-Given Rights? The Globalists, Elitists, corrupt Politicians, appointed bureaucrats, and even some of our own Citizenry do not want YOU to fight politically. 

More often than not, Alex Jones was right. This was showcased when Alex Jones took the stand in a previous case where a lawyer asked “Is your allegation that government officials are aiding in pedophilia, child trafficking, and the grooming of children? Right?” To which Alex responded with “You mean like what Jeffrey Epstein did with the Clintons?”

Alex Jones, like President Trump and Steve Bannon, has faced politically motivated lawsuits that seek to strip him of everything he has and SHUT DOWN Infowars. The power hungry Elitists know the true power of Alex Jones. Millions of Americans tune into his shows and have learned about the hidden corruption of our government, politicians, and their puppet-masters. 

Despite our government being founded under the permission of We The People and was created to serve the purpose of protecting our Liberty, it has since been flipped on its head. The counties should govern the states and the states should govern the federal government, not the other way around! The politicians work for us, we don’t work for them! 

The Information War is underway and the Globalist Tyrants have weaponized the In-Justice System against Patriots who seek to overthrow it and restore Constitutional Order. Action 4 Liberty is LEADING the fight for these Patriots in Minnesota.

With stakes this high, groups like Action 4 Liberty that provides conservative, Constitutional, and anti-Establishment media and grassroots action know we must stand firm in opposition to tyranny whether that be from radical Democrats, RINOs, or other Bureaucrats. We are witnessing the collapse of our country and state, the fight is at our doorsteps! While other groups will cave on principles in order to get along with corrupt politicians, A4L foregoes those relationships to ALWAYS stand with the grassroots, MAGA, liberty movement. Donate to help us in our fight right here in Minnesota!

NRA ‘Community Noted’ for Supporting Bump Stock Ban before SCOTUS Decision

News of the US Supreme Court lifting a ban on bump stocks has given a sigh of relief to gun owners across our country. For too long, our politicians and Justices have undermined and sought to destroy our 2nd Amendment Rights. While Americans simply want to keep their God-Given Freedoms, some groups like the NRA masquerade as gun supporters when they are really gun grabbers just like the Left!

The National Rifle Association is an organization that was founded in 1871 to advance rifle marksmanship. Since its founding, it has since become one of the most powerful and financially successful lobbying groups in the country. In the late 70’s, the group became more involved with defending the Right to Bear Arms. Like any powerful organization with an important mission for freedom, it was/is infiltrated by career lobbyists, political hacks, RINOs, and unprincipled individuals on gun rights. 

Due to failed leadership by the likes of Iran Contra’s Ollie North and Wayne LaPierre (who faces civil lawsuits for alleged misuse of funds and corruption), the NRA has lost more than 1 million members since their 2018 peak and revenue is down by more than 40% since 2016. The NRA supported regulations on bump stocks, banned bump stocks from their own firing ranges, supported red flag laws, and even endorsed RINO Bob Loonan over now A4L President Erik Mortensen in 2020 (and falsely claimed the NRA endorsement in a 2022 rematch; Mort defeated Loonan in three primaries in a row). The NRA endorsed Boozin Bob Loonan despite Loonan opposing Constitutional Carry, which Mort supports 100%. Mortensen laid this and much more out during his EPIC debate with Loonan in 2022.

In their latest attempt to rewrite history, the NRA celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision to stop the ban on bump stocks with a post on X. However, the community notes section was used to inform viewers that the NRA actually supported the bump stock ban! See below: 

While conservatives and gun owners look to the Gun Owners Association and others to support true gun rights activists, a similar dynamic is on display in Minnesota. The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus and their PAC (MNGOCPAC) have donated to Democrats and endorsed gun-grabbing RINOs while the group Minnesota Gun Rights (MGR) has been the trusted source for fighting gun control in MN. The MN Gun Owners Caucus even promoted Mortensen's DEMOCRAT opponent Brad Tabke and helped him craft gun control Amendments! The battle is clear in Minnesota.

Conservatives are now aware that 2nd Amendment phonies cannot be trusted in the battle to secure our Rights. We must never compromise on this battle because lost ground now is lost ground forever. Action 4 Liberty will always stand with gun owners and fight the tyrannical agenda to disarm the citizens!

Report: Walz Admin Loses Millions From COVID Era Fraud

The Office of the Legislative Auditor revealed on Monday that as much as 40% of the frontline worker pay program recipients defrauded the program. This potentially means that hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars were given out to anyone who asked for it.

Those who qualify for the program include nurses, first responders, prison guards, sales clerks, and janitors who worked during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns. This program was implemented in 2022 after many Americans realized that COVID-19 was comparable to the flu. 

In the Minnesota House, only Representatives Gomez, Hassan, Koznick, Mortensen. and Xiong voted against it. It passed in a vote of 124-5.

This means that every other Republican voted for this wasteful allocation of funds. Those Republican votes include Representatives Josh Heintzeman, Greg Davids, and Brian Johnson.Those Republicans (in name only?) all voted for the Frontline Worker's Pay Bill. Representative Ron Kresha did not vote on the legislation. These five representatives are currently facing competitive primary challenges.

At least 9% of paid applicants were confirmed to have committed fraud. The remaining 31% could not be verified by the Office of the Legislative Auditor’s office (OLA).

The legislature dolled out $500 million from a federal grant to this program. After all applications were processed, each applicant received a $487.45 check.

This complete failure on behalf of the state government shows that the Walz administration is a complete and total sham. This scandal comes two years after the “Feeding Our Future” scam, where fake nonprofits stole government money which was allocated for school meals. Of course, do not forget about the state getting defrauded to the tune of $100 million in the 2017 CCAP scandal.

This is what happens when money is dolled out through these government programs. It is inevitably abused and defrauded at the expense of taxpayers.

Read the full OLA report here.

RINO Party Leader Michelle Benson Backstabs MNGOP State Delegates!

The MNGOP Establishment demands absolute loyalty from their members and some Establishment RINOs want to kick out people who disagree. That is, up until their chosen candidate loses. Party leaders are required to support candidates that are endorsed by the delegates. The unprincipled RINOs never hold true on their end of the bargain and it continues to widen the divide between the Swamp and the Grassroots.

MNGOP Chair David Hann appointed Michelle Benson as the Constitution & Bylaws Chair to make all the rules for the party. Benson is a former Senator who ran a failed Governor campaign in 2022, with support so abysmal that she withdrew before the State Convention even started! In her role as Constitution & Bylaws Chair, Benson supported several rules that made it easier for the Establishment to KICK OUT grassroots delegates if they are deemed “immoral”! See below:

Even though Benson pretended to be neutral at the 2024 Convention, she showed her true colors by opposing Endorsed Republican Royce White’s campaign by endorsing Liar Joe Fraser. Fraser promised delegates that he would abide by the Party Endorsement. He and Royce were the only major campaigns, so it was well known that Royce would get the endorsement if Joe did not. Fraser has proven himself not to be a man of his word, on top of supporting Globalist Neo-Con endeavors like the pointless Russia-Ukraine war. Minnesota Conservatives care about our US Southern Border and Fraser cares about Ukraine’s border.

Benson’s endorsement of Fraser shows the rot within the unprincipled, anti-grassroots MNGOP leadership. Benson is fighting to stay relevant among an Elitist Class by carrying their water. The endorsement should come as no surprise as Benson was the HHS Committee Chair that refused to fire tyrant Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm during the COVID scam lockdowns. Benson gives her reasoning in this video with many claims that Royce disputes. It is clear that Royce White’s campaign has energized the conservative base with a no nonsense, pro-Freedom message and the Establishment is on the attack! They are beginning to see the threat that Royce poses to the Uniparty! Unfortunately for them, it may be too late!

It is clear that nominating cookie cutter, run of the mill RINOs like Joe Fraser against Amy Klobuchar does NOT work. If we look at her most recent election in 2018, RINO Jim Newberger only got 36% of the vote and was completely obliterated. Why? Because nobody cared about him or his lackluster, weak-kneed, moderate campaign! Newberger went on to carpetbag into SD10 and run for the State Senate however he got LAST PLACE in the primary with now Senator Nathan Wesenberg pulling out the win.

Local Republicans must demand their party leadership support Endorsed GOP candidates up and down the ticket. When Conventions are rigged, like the CD6 Convention, the Establishment will always line up behind a Globalist RINO like Tom Emmer. But when an unorthodox fighter like Royce White is endorsed, the Establishment shows they only support the process when it works out for them! 

Itasca Patriots Fight Ellison Attorney Nomination; He Withdraws From Race!

NOTE: Itasca Patriots should attend the next Itasca Commissioner work session on June 18th and the next Commissioner Board Meeting is June 25th. Both are on Tuesday at 2:30 PM at the Itasca Courthouse.

On Tuesday, June 11th, the Itasca County Commissioners met at 2:30PM with four Commissioners present and District 2’s Terry Snyder being absent. Although there were several interesting items on the agenda, almost all attendees were there to discuss the nomination of Antifa Keith lawyer James Austad to Itasca County Attorney. Action 4 Liberty is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with common sense Americans in Itasca.


To fully understand the pretext of this story, be sure to read our previous reporting on this.

With only two days' notice of our story breaking, over 30 Patriots attended the event, with many speaking at the microphone directly to the Commissioners. Notably missing from this public job interview was “candidate” James Austad. There was also not a single individual from the public who spoke positively about Austad. Itascans made it clear that they want nothing to do with carpetbagging liberal lawyers in their County Government.

Austad was truthfully attacked for: 

  1. Not living in Itasca County
  2. Demanding $185K a year 
  3. Endorsing Antifa Keith Ellison in 2022 for Attorney General
  4. Quitting his job as Lake of the Woods Co. Attorney to work for Ellison
  5. Nominated for office illegitimately

While Commissioners decided to table the discussion until their next meeting, Austad saw the writing on the wall and withdrew his nomination for Itasca Attorney! See below:

This is thanks to the grassroots conservatives in Itasca who care deeply about their local government. This was an example of We The People taking back our government. Action 4 Liberty exposed a little known story that led to grassroots conservatives unifying against an Ellison outsider. This is proof that pressuring politicians to do the right thing works! Telling the truth ALWAYS works!

Itasca County Patriots must continue to stay active in the selection of their new county attorney. Several options may be underway so it will be massively important for the grassroots to continue to make their voices clear in this process. The Itasca Commissioners were fair to deal with during the public meeting on Tuesday, June 11th and if they continue to operate in a way that allows citizen input to shape their decisions then Itasca will be a model County for Minnesota.

Congratulations to Itasca County Patriots on this massive WIN and stay vigilant within local government!

For those interested in further reading on what took place during Tuesday's meeting:

All GOP Legislators from Itasca were contacted before the meeting to inform them of Austad's nomination. Despite enormous grassroots energy, Representative Ben Davis was the ONLY Legislator to reply and support the conservatives opposing Austad. Note: Rep. Matt Bliss also contacted the author since the Commissioner meeting showing interest in this fight.

At the beginning of the meeting, Chair Johnson laid out a policy that laid out some rules that were more about etiquette than law. The very first speaker, Itasca GOP Chair Ken Haubrich informed Johnson that his policy was in violation of the First Amendment. There was no mention or enforcement of these rules after that time. 

Commissioner Casey Venema spoke on joining Sheriff Joe Dasovich and local attorney Chad Sterle in interviewing Co. Attorney candidates. Venema stated in the meeting that he could not give the County Attorney candidate scorecards/rubrics out to other Commissioners until the meeting was underway because of open meeting laws. Venema is absolutely correct on that front. With a five member Board, Itasca Commissioners must be careful to not conduct business in a way that is not public. It was wisest to conduct this move in a public fashion.

However, this does not discredit the violation described in our previous article on MN Statute 375.08 which REQUIRES one day notice to Commissioners for appointing candidates and that it must be served personally. This was admittedly not met by Commissioners, which is not to allege bad faith in this procedure but a mistake nonetheless. It should go without saying, a County Attorney should be nominated and selected within the bounds of the law. However, with Austad's withdrawal, this is now irrelevant.

Commissioner Corey Smith took the boldest stance at the meeting, telling the citizens of Itasca that he stood with his constituents and that he is opposed to Austad’s nomination 100%. Smith made sure to note this was not an insult on the interviewing committee, but rather opposition to Austad. Commissioner Burl Ives raised concerns with the salary but also claimed it would cost up to $30K to try to find and recruit a new attorney. This is despite THREE other candidates who also applied for the job! That said, it would likely be easy to find a smart, Constitutionally-driven attorney who would happily take $185K and live in beautiful Itasca County! Now that the nominations may be re-opened, they may choose to require a candidate live in Itasca County.

Chair John Johnson noted that some of the comments about Austad were “political” and the role is to be non-partisan, along with his role of non-partisanship as a Commissioner. However, it is in fact Jim Austad that has used his “non-partisan” title to endorse Antifa Keith Ellison.

While the meeting was run respectfully by Commissioners, it was clear the citizens were not happy. Following the meeting in conversation with Commissioner Venema, he stated that he was not aware of Austad’s endorsement of Ellison in 2022. It appears some of the background research of Austad was not completely done and his deep Democrat ties are coming to the surface. Now that the air has been cleared, it is time for Venema and crew to go back to the drawing board and select an individual who will restore and protect our Constitutional and God-Given Rights!

Again, a big thank you to the Patriots of Itasca who stood up for freedom. The Grassroots beat the System!


Citizens Angry Itasca Co. Chooses Ellison Lawyer; Demands HUGE Salary

Note: Itasca County Patriots should attend the Tuesday, June 11th County Commissioner meeting at 2:30PM and fight the nomination and salary of carpetbagger James Austad.

County Attorneys are elected in Minnesota as nonpartisan offices, however, some very partisan individuals fill these roles. While much of the job can be seen as procedural, there remains a blurred line of discretion that exists between government prosecutors and the citizens. This discretion is a double-edged sword that can lead to just or unjust charges being dropped against an individual. 

At a local level, this highly important office should be controlled by the citizens and residents of the county. Unfortunately, some partisan hacks are able to sneak into office by appointment without true public scrutiny or approval. That is exactly what is happening in Itasca County when former Co. Attorney Matti Adam resigned after she was appointed by Walz to the 9th Judicial District. In her place was an Antifa Keith Ellison employee, James Austad. Below you can see Ellison’s appointment of Austad to be an Assistant Attorney to the AG:

Austad was previously the Co. Attorney of Lake of the Woods making about $115K a year but he quit in 2023 and took a job with Ellison. Austad also used to be an assistant attorney for Itasca, a public defender, and solo practitioner at Austad Law Office. Now he wants to use and abuse Itasca taxpayers, likely to climb the ladder like his predecessor. His sister, Jana Austad, is already a Judge in the 9th District. Austad’s listed employment is in St. Paul and his only listed “real property” on the MN Campaign Finance Board website is a contract for deed located right below the US/Canadian border in Lake of the Woods County! See below: 

How radical is Jim Austad? Well, he publicly endorsed Antifa Keith Ellison's run for AG in 2022! See below:

Itasca County is in northern Minnesota, Iron-range territory, which was once a Democrat stronghold because of the big Union presence at the mines. This was until Trump carried Itasca County in both 2016 and 2020, giving the momentum for Scott Jensen to win it in 2022. It is clear that many of these voters are conservative socially, culturally, and fiscally but they fear their union job is dependent on the party in charge. This is despite the woke environmentalist Democrats being the real threat to their livelihoods. Itasca officials previously felt the heat from voters after agreeing to cover up the 10 Commandments in their jail facility, after initially standing by it. Now, instead of allowing voters with an honest election, a rushed and lazy process has been deciding the next Itasca Attorney with a candidate that the People would likely NOT support. 

In fact, proper legal notice was NOT given for this decision. In legal notices below, you will see NO MENTION of the County Attorney appointment or James Austad! The citizens must be informed of this key decision in a public meeting beforehand, without it, this decision is ILLEGITIMATE! See legal notices below:

Now Austad is demanding a salary increase before he even has the job! Says it is necessary to rebuild office!

Despite the fact that Austad appears to not even live in Itasca County, he is asking for $185K a year! That is higher than every state Executive office, including the Governor! Unfortunately, this is not a new problem for Itasca because previous liberal Co. Attorney, Matti Adam, continually asked for and received pay raises. However, Austad thinks Matti’s salary is too humble for him to start off with and wants $25K more than she made (since her 2023 pay raise). The Itasca Taxpayers Alliance continues to be the leading source in Itasca for exposing this local corruption. 

James Austad was an assistant attorney for radical Democrat Keith Ellison and has faced opposition from the public on several fronts. One Itasca resident, Rae Florek of Taconite, alleges that she was a victim of unconscious rape that the perpetrator (Randall Vannet) admitted to. Florek ultimately won a civil suit awarding her $5,000 in damages. Florek states that Austad reviewed her case in 2019 and decided not to prosecute along with making slanderous comments about her to her lawyer. On June 4th, Austad disputed those claims without specificity

In the May 28th Itasca Co. Commissioners meeting, District 5’s Casey Venema passed out a “scorecard” or rubric that he, Sheriff Joe Dasovich, and local lawyer Chad Sterle used to meet with four candidates who applied for the opening: James Austad, Ast. Co. Attorney Jacob Fauchald, interim Co. Attorney Todd Webb, and former Co. Attorney John Dimich. According to Venema, none of these candidates knew the results of this rubric. Venema admitted that this information should be public, yet it does not appear on the 101 page agenda packet produced by the county for the meetings. 

This secretive document was kept out of sight by other Commissioners until they were handed out during the meeting! We have since requested this document from each County Commissioner. This appears to be a violation of MN Statute 375.08 which states the procedures for filling county vacancies, including a requirement for a one day notice from the Chair to each member personally. This was CLEARLY not done because District 1’s Cory Smith requested information about what the Chair’s (John Johnson’s) intent was to accomplish at this meeting (which was to either accept the nomination or table motion). One would think the nomination of County Attorney should be done WITHIN THE LAW

Johnson noted that an individual must reside in Itasca County on the day they are sworn in, indicating that Austad still does not live in Itasca County! District 1’s Cory Smith raised concerns of only seeing this information for the first time right then and there. District 4’s Burl Ives stated he understood concerns about wanting to “digest” the information first, but then argued the board should move forward and try to see if they can even AFFORD to hire Austad! After Sheriff Dasovich refused to comment and an awkward amount of silence later, Ives made a motion to consider and it was passed 4-1, with Cory Smith voting no. Co. Administrator Brett Skyles was then directed to begin negotiations on James Austad’s overpriced salary…  

Once these negotiations are over, it must be approved by the County Commissioners. This means that Patriots across Itasca can still fight this nomination and get their Commissioner to disapprove of Austad. While there should be an election, state law does require the appointee fill out the remainder of the term. State Legislators should give local control back to the People. In the meantime, Itasca County Commissioners must (1) Reconsider their options (2) Present a public forum for candidates (3) Allow public input and (4) Move forward with a new nomination and reasonable salary. Backroom deals should never be tolerated! If the intent by the Commissioners was done in good faith, they should have no trouble admitting the error of their previous judgment and voters would reward their principled behavior. Ladder climbing, greedy leftists have no business serving in public office!

Itasca Citizens should go to the June 11th meeting this Tuesday and raise their concerns at 2:30PM! Commissioners cannot let their voters down, they can still take the necessary corrective measures!

Left-Wing State Senator Resigns

Senator Kelly Morrison (DFL - SD 45) announced her early departure from the Minnesota Senate on Thursday. She is the Democrat nominee for US Congress, hoping to succeed retiring Congressman Dean Phillips. Governor Walz has called for a special election to take place on November 5th.

Morrison is a far-left Democrat who helped pass some of the most extreme legislation of 2023. She was a cosponsor on the “no restrictions” abortion bill (SF 1) and the mandated firearm storage bill (SF 5217). Of course, she was also a reliable vote for all the other extreme legislation passed. That includes making Minnesota a transgender “sanctuary state,” passing new sales taxes, the unconstitutional red flag gun law, and the overreaching paid medical leave legislation.

It should also be noted that Morrison has defended her Democrat colleague and alleged burglar, Senator Nichole Mitchell. She refuses to call for her resignation. 

(Above) Senator Kelly Morrison embracing Nicole Mitchell on the Senate floor days after her arrest.

Morrison will face off against Republican Tad Jude in the November election to replace Phillips. Meanwhile, the special election to replace her in the Senate is already taking off. Right now, Democrats hold a narrow 1-seat majority. If Republicans are able to succeed, control of the Senate will flip.

The filing period will be open on Monday and Tuesday of this coming week. As of writing, no Republican candidates have announced. On the Democrat side, former Senator Anne Johnson Stewart announced she will run.


Patriot Chris Corey Files to Run Against Globalist RINO Tom Emmer in GOP Primary

The establishment loves to tell grassroots patriots to sit down, shut up, and wait their turn. Sometimes this stops Patriots in their tracks and the negative pushback is enough to scare them off. However, real conservatives face this opposition head on because there is too much at stake! When freedom-loving Americans double-down, instead of backing down, they emerge as a real threat to the Swamp.

Chris Corey knows this firsthand from his experience at the CD6 GOP Endorsing Convention. As a professional golf caddy, the world of politics is new to Chris but his conservative values are life-long. We previously reported on the illegitimacy of this convention, including that CD6 Chair/Convention Chair Bobby Benson is a PAID staffer for Emmer

The Emmer lackeys were so afraid of Chris that they wouldn’t even let him speak! They did this despite Chris meeting EVERY deadline and requirement set forth by the CD6 Constitution and Convention Rules. It was not until the night before the Convention that the scam Nominations Committee informed Chris that he was found to be “Unqualified”. Before the Convention, Chris told the CD6 leadership that he would abide by the Endorsement if the process was fair.

Chris Corey understood the fix was in so he has now taken matters into his own hands! See CD6 Filings below:

Chris Corey filed to run in the CD6 GOP primary against Globalist RINO Tom Emmer this morning. Tom Emmer is the 3rd most powerful Congressman in the country in his role as Majority Whip. The Whip is a role for corrupt politicians to control other Representatives and force them to vote for Uniparty BS. In this role Emmer has shepherded millions of dollars for Ukraine instead of prioritizing our southern border, spending packages that put our country in further debt, and certifying the tampered results of the 2020 Presidential Election. Emmer has also refused to impeach Joe Biden and had a paid lobbyist gig before he was in Congress, which sought to destroy the purpose of the Electoral College!

This primary challenge may force Emmer to focus on his own race instead of funding RINOs across the country. Emmer even has a joint fundraising committee for Un-Endorsed RINO Joe Tierab in CD2. Emmer's drive to cause a divisive primary in CD2 could hurt the GOP's chances of taking out Angie Craig in November.

Despite President Trump’s previous attacks on Emmer, including ending his Speaker campaign, Trump has endorsed Emmer for this cycle. Many Patriots are speculating that this is Trump’s attempt to increase fundraising and force Emmer to support the America First agenda. However, Trump might have a hard time not supporting an America First golf caddy! 

Chris Corey had the following to say:

“I am running to provide voters with a true conservative in this election. The Congressional District 6 Convention was rigged and will not hinder our campaign. The voices of the citizens deserve to be heard and I will step up to the plate.”

Chris Corey remains the lone GOP challenger to Tom Emmer, proving the daunting task he has taken. Patriots in CD6 will now have a Constitutional Conservative to vote for in the primary. If successful, Chris will shock the world and replace the status quo! The grassroots in CD6 now have the option that should have been provided to delegates at their convention; a simple vote between grassroots outsider Chris Corey and Uniparty Swamp-monster Tom Emmer.

A4L Pressure Forces Dem Chair to Push for Alleged Burglar Nicole Mitchell’s Resignation

Senator Nicole Mitchell has been exposed, even by her own admission to the police when she said she is "not good at this" as she was arrested for burglary/home invasion of her widowed, elderly stepmother. Despite all of the Democratic spin and coverup, citizens across our state have demanded her resignation/expulsion from the Senate. 

Action 4 Liberty has led this charge from Day 1, from exposing the details of this case for news articles to on-the-ground door-knocking/lit-dropping the constituents of Nicole Mitchell and other swing district Democrats protecting her. Demanding accountability from our elected officials is the very least they could do, but Democrats instead chose to pursue an Un-Constitutional agenda that made a mockery of our Legislative system. Because the State Senate is Democrat-controlled by a single vote (34-33), Nicole Mitchell has been the DECIDING vote on key pieces of legislation. There is no doubt that she has failed in representing her constituents since her arrest.

Now that the Legislature has adjourned sine die, the Democrats no longer have any use in carrying the Nicole Mitchell luggage around and plan on ditching her. 

Democrat Party Chair Ken Martin has FINALLY called on Nicole Mitchell to resign! This would not have happened if A4L and Patriots like you did not stand up and fight! Look at what the con-artist said below:

Even Ken Martin has to agree that Michell has refused to take responsibility for her actions, which is the very reason we have been at the forefront of this battle! However, Ken Martin shows his hand by admitting that he is only saying this because the Legislature has adjourned. After Dems got their tyrannical, Un-Constitutional, illegitimate omnibus bill rammed through illegally with Mitchell’s support, they now want to pose as honest leaders. They use anyone and everyone they can as a tool to further their Socialist takeover.

Corruption is rampant in Minnesota and we must continue to expose it, fight it, and change it. The Democrats will always lie and misrepresent the truth but ‘We The People’ have seen them for exactly what they are, Socialist Tyrants. Continue to pressure elected officials on this key topic, the Establishment is paying attention! The Democrats need to stop protecting their Criminal Senator!