SOS Steve Simon Trying to Completely Alter How We Elect the President

Minnesota Democrats are quickly checking off every item on their left-wing wish list. Now, Secretary of State Steve Simon is publicly proposing the passage of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact in Minnesota.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is a national movement that would hand electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote nationally, rather than the winner of that state. 16 states have already passed this legislation, creating a total of 195 electoral votes. When states with a total of 270 electoral votes pass the legislation, the compact is considered “in effect”. 

Minnesota Democrats have introduced the legislation previously but have been blocked by Republicans. With newly minted control of the entire state government, there is little standing in their way. Representative Frieberg has already introduced the language in HF 642 in the House, and already has 9 co-sponsors (one of them being Republican Representative Pat Garofalo)!

In 2016, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. If this compact was in place in 2016, Donald Trump would never have been the 45th President - which is likely the motivation by Democrats to see this legislation pass.

The Star Tribune noted this week that there is momentum with the National Popular Vote. We've heard from legislators that the NPV lobbyists are working the rounds at the Capitol.

The Electoral College exists in its current form to allow for a geographically diverse electorate. Those in highly populated states live vastly different lives than those is smaller and more rural states. Everyone deserves a voice, and our current system protects that voice. 

This legislation is nothing but a backend way of destroying the electoral college. Soon, it will only matter what the voters in California, New York, and Chicago think. States like Minnesota will be left in the dust.

With Minnesota’s Chief Election’s Officer championing this legislation, it will only be a matter of time before Democrats rush it to Governor Tim Walz’ desk. Make no mistake, this is not about giving a voice to every voter, but about cementing a way for Democrats to perpetually hold control over the nation.

MN Democrats Pass Mandatory ‘Carbon Free’ Bill As Temps Reach -20

Minnesota’s experienced some of the coldest temperatures of the year last night. From the Twin Cities up to the northern woods, temps dropped down to as low as -32 degree. An arctic front brought in frigid temperatures and life threatening windchills. 

Meanwhile, in the carbon energy heated Capitol building, Radical Democrats passed a radical piece of legislation that would require 80% of Minnesota's energy to be produced by carbon free sources in just 7 years; 100% carbon free by 2040. Citing the dangers of Global Warming (which is one big scam), bill author Nick Frentz (DFL - Mankato) argued the need for the bill late into Thursday's evening hours. 

Temperatures outside the Capitol walls began to drop significantly. A wind chill advisory was issued for most of Minnesota, including the Twin Cities, with the potential of "dangerous wind chills" reaching -50 degrees.

The bill, HF 7, passed on a party line vote in the Minnesota Senate with 34 Democrats in support and 33 Republicans against it. Democrats have a one person majority thanks to former Republican Rep Tony Jurgens.

If you're wondering what kind of impact this radical bill will have on the global climate, good luck finding an answer. What we do know is that Minnesota's energy needs cannot be met by unreliable solar energy and wind energy. In the future, when extreme arctic blasts move through Minnesota, people will suffer as our "carbon free" energy system will not be able to adequately heat homes.

This bill caters to the corporatist agenda (Xcel Energy) that funds the Democrats while leaving smaller businesses and rural cooperatives to fall to the wayside. The Democrats proved how disingenuous their offer was by refusing to include nuclear and hydro-electric energy as “carbon neutral energy.”

The Radical Leftists wants us totally dependent on the government without freedom, property, guns, privacy, or free speech. They want all of us to use electric cars dependent on a grid of unreliable and costly energy. Nearly every single person will see a surge in the cost of electricity and some Legislators say it could be upwards of a 50% increase!

Furthermore, this Radical Democrat bill is based on a false premise that human caused global warming will lead to the disaster of our planet. This non-sense has completely hijacked the mainstream media narrative and the top institutions of science and government. No climate model can accurately predict our long term effects on global temperatures. The Climate Cultists ignore the negative effects "carbon free" policies will have on our economic system, which is on a trajectory of pulling millions of people out of poverty every month.


Jesse Smith contributed to this story


DFL Outraises GOP 24 to 1

In 2022, Republicans were expected to win big across the nation. In Minnesota, pundits predicted that the MNGOP would break its nearly two-decade long losing streak statewide. As you may know, that is far from what happened on election night. While many were puzzled by the Repubican losses, the latest round of campaign finance reports show all we need to know.

The Republican Party of Minnesota has been wrought with incompetence for a long time now, going as far as stabbing pro-life Republicans in the back last year. This, among other things, probably explains the GOP’s abysmal fundraising haul.

The February 1st Campaign Finance Board reports show that the MNGOP brought in a measly $1.3 million, and the DFL brought in $24 million. On top of that, the far-left Alliance for a Better Minnesota spent a whopping $18 million on leftist candidates across the state.

In terms of funding alone, conservatives got crushed. This combined with the poor messaging on abortion explains why Republicans saw a poor showing last November.

Let it be known that Minnesota is not a blue state. Even DFL chair Ken Martin acknowledges that it is a purple state. But without a competent Republican Party or solid stream of campaign funding, Democrats could keep winning. 

That is why grassroots conservatives need to step up their game. If we come together, we can be a serious threat for the Left come November 2024. 

Conservative groups like Action 4 Liberty are not funded by elitist billionaires like the Alliance for a Better Minnesota. We are funded by everyday people like you. If you want elitist politicians held accountable, consider giving generously today.

LIVE Show with Dr. Scott Jensen on Attorney General Attacking His Medical License

Dr. Scott Jensen's medical license is being attacked again, but this time the stakes have gone up. Attorney General Keith Ellison has joined the fight with the COVID Cultists.

Jensen is now being attacked for the FIFTH time in two and a half years, all because he does not accept the propaganda surrounding COVID-19 and the experimental MRNA vaccines. This is despite the fact that MRNA inventor Dr. Robert Malone has also sounded the alarm about how dangerous they can be. 

In the previous four attacks, the Medical Practice Complaint Review Committee issued the notices to Jensen. This time, Attorney General Keith Ellison wanted in on the action. Coming off of a narrow election victory in 2022, Ellison appears ready to punish his political opponents with the full force of his office.

Here is the letter from Ellison's office, which is available on Jensen's website:



In the complaint, the Medical Practice Complaint Review Committee cites the following "allegations" as reasons to investigate Jensen:

- Spoke out about the vaccines and masks

- Reported that the MN Department of Health was falsifying death certificates

- Asserted his right to not take the COVID-19 vaccine

- Gave patients more information about ivermectin

- Filed a temporary restraining order to prevent children from receiving the vaccine





MN Democrats to Launch Attack on YOUR 2A Rights

The Radical, Global Leftist Agenda in St Paul is on full display again. This time, the Democrats are coming for our guns and they may have the votes they need to put their radical anti-gun agenda into action thanks to former Republican Representative Tony Jurgens.

After passing an extreme abortion and drivers-licenses for illegals bills, Democrats are ready to shove their next extreme proposition down the throats of Minnesotans.

On Friday, the House Public Safety Committee will hear several anti-gun bills including Universal Background Checks, Red Flags and Government Mandated Firearms Locks. Here's a link to their agenda.

If you need a reminder, Red Flag Laws are those that allow a court to confiscate an individual’s firearms without due process. This means that any accusation (no matter how credible) leveled at a gun owner can be grounds to take away firearms.

California is home to both Universal Background Checks and Red Flag Laws, yet neither law prevented the horrific Lunar New Year mass shooting just weeks ago. Why do Minnesota Democrats think these laws will be more effective here?

If authoritarian politicians believe in anything, it is power. Their legislative agenda is running at full-steam, and they won’t dare stop for your God-given rights. 

They MUST be stopped. Our mission at Action 4 Liberty is to protect liberty for the next generation. If we lose our right to keep and bear arms, all other rights will be at risk!

YouTube Banned Us For This

Big Tech is at again - trying to silence the voice of scientific inquiry in this age of immense government propaganda. Daring to question the effectiveness of the COVID jab puts us right in the crosshairs of the people at Google, and their subsidiary YouTube.

Lucky for us, our videos on Rumble stay up, so the content isn't lost forever. But YouTube gave us a second strike and banned us for two weeks - one more strike and our YouTube page will be gone for good.

What's interesting about this strike (they claim was due to misinformation) is that we covered two topics. First, we played the video of Bill Gates admitting that the vaccine was not effective. There's no way that was what got us in the dog house - is it?

The other topic we discussed on the banned show was the infamous Project Veritas video that exposed Pfizer for doing Gain of Function research. But Pfizer admits it's engineering the virus in their official response to the video.

WATCH THE OUR VIDEO exposing what YouTube did to censor us:

Democrats to Hand Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Immigrants in Minnesota

Democrats are now pushing for driver's licenses for law-breaking, illegal immigrants in the state. HF 4 gives non-citizens access to a Class D driver’s license in the State of Minnesota. These licenses will look identical to that of a citizen, which also grants privileges such as welfare benefits and access to voter registration.

In the midst of the 2020 election, leftists have berated conservatives for their concerns about election integrity. They even go as far as claiming that 2020 was the “most secure” election in history. This is despite the fact that several Democrat Secretaries of State changed election laws to allow for fewer restrictions in terms of mail-in and absentee ballots.

We reported that a non-citizen stated in testimony that she and other non-citizens are already voting.

Backing this extreme legislation is the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. In a letter of support sent to the bill's author, the Chamber writes, "We support H.F. 4 for workforce and public safety reasons."

With a DFL-controlled government, there's a good chance this bill will pass. 

Pew Research estimates that there are 95,000 non-citizen residents living in Minnesota as of 2016. If this becomes a backdoor process for new (illegal) voters, it could have dire consequences. For context, DFL State Auditor Julie Blaha only won her re-election bid in 2022 by 8,435 votes. If a small fraction of these non-citizens uses their license to sign up to vote, it’s game over for conservatives in Minnesota.

So much for “protecting democracy!"

The Minnesota House will debate the legislation on Monday night, with a vote in the Minnesota Senate expected later in the week. Call your legislators now and demand that they vote against this extreme legislation


Democrats Pass BAN on Fossil Fuels

On Thursday night, the Minnesota DFL rammed through an extreme piece of legislation that would require the state to source 100% of its electricity fron non-carbon based sources by 2040.

HF 7, the “blackout bill”, will force utility companies to gradually ramp up solar, wind, hydropower, and biomass production up to the 2040 deadline. As we have seen from states like California, these shifts are detrimental for the power grid.

And unlike California, Minnesota gets cold in the winter. The DFL somehow believes their solar power will heat Minnesota homes for an entire season.

Current renewable energy sources are simply not reliable enough to power an entire state. When Republican legislators proposed adding nuclear power to the list of renewable sources, the DFL shot them down.

The legislation passed in a vote of 70-60, with four Republican legislators absent. Reps Backer, Davids, Kresha, and Urdahl did not vote.

MPR reports that the blackout bill will be heard in the Senate as soon as next week, where swing district DFLers will need to officially make their pro-blackout positions public. If even one of these Senate DFLers defects, the legislation is dead.  

Governor Walz' Budget - The Global Leftists Dream Agenda

Tim Walz has unveiled his final budget he calls “One Minnesota Budget”. And it's a Global Leftist's dream budget.

But it's not good for Minnesota. In fact, it comes with a sticker price of a whopping 25% increase!

This budget is $65 Billion for the next two years, $15 Billion more than his previous budget. This expansion of government cannot be tolerated because if we do not stop it, we will be taxed into non-existence.

Below are major policies in this agenda:

  • Increases vehicle license plate tabs cost
  • Sales tax increase in the seven-county Metro
  • Returns only $4 Billion of Surplus money for direct payments to Minnesotans ranging from $1,000 to $2,600
  • $219 Million to lower, not eliminate, the Social Security Tax
  • $78 Million for 2.5% increase in public pensions
  • Increases Capital Gains taxes (1.5% for $500K-$1 Million, 4% for over $1 Million)
  • Legalization and taxation of recreational marijuana
  • Increased funding for Minnesota State University and the U of M
  • Increased funding for tribal colleges and Indian scholarships
  • $29.2 Million for electric public transportation buses
  • Energy takeover to stop carbon emissions
  • $722 Million on infrastructure projects
  • Building more electric vehicle charging stations

While we are happy to see Surplus money being refunded to taxpayers, this proposal only returns a fraction of our overtaxed dollars! Walz wants to spend the rest of our Surplus on crony projects that expand our government in size, power, and money. Action 4 Liberty has always demanded a total refund because that is the very essence of a Surplus!

Walz also will not end the double taxation of Social Security taking place with our seniors. They should not continue to be forced to pay taxes on Social Security because they have already paid into the system! Fixed incomes for seniors has become especially difficult with Biden’s inflation and supply chain issues.

Woke colleges and universities are given even more funding to brainwash our children with their Communist ideology. Favors and special treatment are also given to Native Americans simply for their ethnicity. We should not be pouring money into failing schools with leftist motivations. This fiscal irresponsibility cannot be tolerated.

Here's a chart of spending:

Walz is caving into legalizing marijuana to further increase our budget with new tax revenue. Giving a bloated government even more money to waste is not to the people’s benefit. The legalization of pot will lead to the Walz Administration tilting the scale for new special interest groups. Walz would rather people be high and dumb instead of fighting and being informed citizens.

Tim Walz also proposes his version of the far left “Green New Deal” with all kinds of spending on projects to force electric vehicles in our state and limit the emissions of day to day people. Climate change is the new reason that politicians will strip our freedom away. Walz is seeking to make a carbon free grid which will hinder our ability to live our lives. Higher electricity costs and unreliable energy will have severe impacts on Minnesotans with this policy.

Along with other wasteful projects, this budget is a slap in the face to Minnesotans. We are still owed our entire Surplus and we are about to see it slip through our fingers. We cannot allow this radical agenda to go through. It is up to us to stop it!

Contact your State Rep. and Senator so they know We The People do not approve of this budget! We need fiscal responsibility and this is the furthest thing from it! If we want to save ourselves from tyranny, it starts by preventing the expansion of wasteful government!


SHOCKING: Bill Gates Admits The Jabs Don’t Work

Washed up tech billionaire and vaccine pusher Bill Gates made a shocking admission at a Lowy Institute discussion in Sydney, Australia on Monday.

In an eerie discussion about preventing future pandemics, Gates talks about new government programs and experimental medical procedures to prevent potential infection. The most shocking admission, however, comes from Gates’ new beliefs surrounding the Covid-19 MRNA vaccines.

“The current vaccines are not infection blocking; They’re not broad, so when new variants come up you lose protection, and they have very short duration.” He told the audience.

Nearly everyone in the Health Freedom movement has said these things for years, including Dr. Robert Malone – inventor of MRNA technology which made the vaccines possible. 

This is the same vaccine which Gates has publicly applauded many times. This is also the same vaccine that was unconstitutionally mandated for hundreds of thousands of workers under President Biden – which was later struck down by the Supreme Court.

Now that Bill Gates admits that the vaccines don’t work, he needs to apologize to the increasing numbers of Americans who are regretting following the advice of people like him and the "experts" who were pushing propaganda - not settled science.