Democrat House Speaker Gets Covid Despite Masking and Booster Shot

Melissa Hortman is the latest to join the club of vaccinated, boosted, and masked Minnesota Elitists to catch COVID.

She joins the long list of “break-through” cases despite following the propaganda to a tee. Just like Walz, Flanagan, Ellison, and Simon, Speaker Hortman pushed for vaccine mandates and even had a test or vaccinate rule for House staffers! That means the Government used their monopoly on force to bully our citizens into a medical procedure they did not want to get.

Hortman initially thought her Kung-flu case was just allergies - but it felt worse than normal, which led her to getting tested! Turns out her shots and masking didn't end up helping.

She made sure to prop up her moral high ground by reminding everyone she got the shot and boosters. Despite this, she still got it; this must be a real head-scratcher for the pinhead political class


Meet Insider Kendall Qualls' Shady Support Network

The support network of Kendall Qualls makes us question who this self labeled "outsider" candidate really is.  He more likely appears to be bought and paid for by DC Insiders, The Establishment, and Pharmaceutical Companies. 

The Draft Kendall Qualls Committee was started by DC Consultants looking to sink their teeth into Minnesota’s Gubernatorial Race. Out of the $77,786 raised in 2021, $75,000 came from one mega donorDavid Frauenshush.

Frauenshush kicked off the effort to prop up Kendall Qualls in September of 2021. The committee took $50,000 to form, then later acquired another $25,000 from Frauenshush. This money was paid to DC Lobbyists and Special Interests who structured the fake draft effort, as you can see from the campaign finance filing below:

Though the group is supposedly headquartered in St. Paul, the number provided to the Campaign Finance Board has a Washington DC area code. You’ll also notice that the bank used to hold Frauenshush’s special interest money is based in Virginia.

Who is David Frauenshush, and why is he paying DC consultants to prop up Kendall Qualls?

Frauenshush is a commercial investor, who has spent big money on building throughout the Twin Cities metro. Most notably, he has funded several healthcare and pharmaceutical projects. 

Among his projects listed on his website are Stellis Health Albertville, Fairview Ridges Specialty Care Center, St. Francis Hospital, Fairview Ridges Specialty Care Center, HealthPartners Neurosciences Specialty Center, among nearly a dozen healthcare-focused groups. 

Frauenshush clearly has an interest in the healthcare industry. It makes sense why he would take an interest in Kendall Qualls. Though he regularly talks about his business experience, he rarely utters a word on the fact that he was a healthcare executive for Johnson & Johnson – one of the major COVID-19 Vaccine producers in the United States. 

In fact, Kendall Qualls was endorsed by Johnson & Johnson’s former Worldwide Chair of its pharmaceutical arm, Robert Savage.

This possibly explains why Kendall Qualls is so weak on Emergency Powers and Health Freedom. While you and I were locked in our homes and threatened with mask and vaccine mandates, Kendall’s friends were making a big fat profit. 

There's nothing grassroots or "outsider" about the Kendall Qualls campaign. It's just another Insider candidate masquerading as a conservative - with no intention of changing the dynamics of the political environment that is failing us.

Will the Real Kendall Qualls Please Stand Up?!

The mailers, literature and emails from the Kendall Qualls campaign sound great. It gives the perception that Qualls is an "Outsider" who is willing to fight against Tim Walz, mask mandates and fraudulent elections. But the real Kendall Qualls appears to be different than what is being spoon fed to us.

When Kendall got in the race, we called him up and asked him to sign the Never Again pledge. Our supporters care deeply that a Governor can never unilaterally declare himself King. But Kendall refused to sign the pledge, telling us that he "doesn't sign pledges. If he did, he'd have to sign one everyday." 

That's a ridiculous claim since there aren't a lot of conservative pledges floating around in Minnesota. Regardless, Kendall wasn't being honest. In his 2020 campaign, he signed a pledge and put it right up on his website.

Kendall has now changed his tune and says he doesn't sign pledges to third party organizations. But the Never Again Pledge clearly states that the pledge is made to "Minnesota Citizens." In fact, everyone would be just as happy if he copied the language and put it on his own website. We just want proof that he is going to make the Never Again Bill the top priority.

In a recent debate, Kendall trashed Action 4 Liberty supporters because they wanted to see him sign a public pledge. Then he stated he supports allowing a Governor to continue having Emergency Powers. Watch the video!

On his website, he has very vague language on what specifically he would do about the Emergency Powers. And since we called him out on his rhetoric, he made three changes to the webpage. All three made within just days of one another!

The Real Kendall Qualls doesn't appear to know what he wants. But that doesn't stop him from throwing out a bunch of buzzwords to sound hardcore. Look at his email response to us yesterday.

Even his mailers and lit pieces sound hardcore. Last month he sent a mailer to delegates about burning up Tim Walz' mask mandate. This hard-hitting mailer makes him look like the guy to end the mandates.

But the Real Kendall Qualls was obeying Walz' mandate in 2020 and 2021. Look at his Twitter feed - it's full of masked, virtue signaling images of Kendall. He even wore his mask outside in many of them, which we have long known doesn't do anything but virtual signal to the woke mob. Joe Rogan said it best of people who still wear their masks outside: "it's like the Democrat's MAGA Hat."

Kendall's woke friends will appreciate that he both masks AND social distances himself outside. If he has gotten a fourth booster shot, he would fit right in at the DFL State Convention! Kendall's picture with a burning mask is blatant deception to liberty-Lovers like you and me. How can we trust that he'll fight mask mandates as Governor when he happily obliged as a citizen?

Don't let Kendall's self-anointed "outsider" status fool you. When you listen to him speak, he echoes Establishment talking points against the increasingly popular Never Again Bill. We debunked those lies in this article. When you see his mailers, you know he is promising things he has no intention of delivering on. He has become an Insider Politician, and he has already learned how to lose elections. In 2020, he lost a recently-held Republican Congressional seat by 11.3%. 

If Kendall wants to be Governor, he needs to address his failure to fight for your Liberties. If delegates reward mask-wearing and double-speak on Emergency Powers, the GOP is no better than the DFL. Give Kendall Qualls a call and tell him NEVER AGAIN!

Call and text Kendall Qualls and tell him to SIGN the Never Again Pledge today!

Phone: 763-402-6182

Email: [email protected].com

Woke Walz Get His Second COVID Booster in Front of Media

Tim Walz is THE symbol of Health! He just took ANOTHER vaccine that will not stop him from catching or spreading Covid. What a hero!

Tim Walz has used COVID shots to build up his moral high ground and talk down to Minnesotans. This virtue signaling turned into mandates that threatened the livelihoods of common men and women across our state. If you exercised your medical freedom and refused a government mandated injection, your job was on the line. Not because you did anything wrong, but because China leaked a virus.

Walz just got $190,000 from your Surplus money to spend on more COVID vaccines. How could this happen with the GOP controlled Senate? Weak-kneed Republicans caved or sold out their constituents. 

With Walz’ second booster shot of the J&J vaccine and previous COVID contractions, he should have all the immunity in the world! However, nobody will ever be “fully vaccinated” to the Left. And of course, the only immunity for vaccines are for the big pharma corporations. The question is now if Walz will consider mandating booster shots like he did with the first vaccines.

I congratulate Tim Walz for his consistent stupidity and newly injected immune system! We can’t wait for you to get another!

- Jesse Smith

MNGOP to Use Dominion-Like Electronic Voting at State Convention

Out of touch party leaders refused to listen to the conservative base of the GOP clamoring for paper ballots and Election Integrity. Candidates for Governor and Secretary of State pushed for paper ballots and it seemed the majority of the delegates were in support of their calls. Paper ballots have long been a staple of free and fair elections while electronic machines have rigged and destroyed elections.

MNGOP chairman David Hann sent an email out to the GOP State Convention delegates and alternates today at 9:35 AM attempting to discredit the calls for paper ballots by conservatives. Hann is at great odds with the conservative base who abhor electronic voting machines. There are legitimate concerns about election rigging after the Morrison County Fraud and the recent history of the 2020 State Convention voting software crashing. The party accused activists of hacking their system when in reality, the defective software was at fault. Additionally, there was ZERO mention to Trump’s stolen election and the rightful skepticism conservatives have against electronic machines made in the likeness of Dominion.

Hann states that some campaigns are advocating for paper ballots to slow down the process to prevent endorsements from being made. This is an extremely odd allegation because the calls are being made from the conservative base; a hung convention is to the benefit of insider candidates like Kendall Qualls and Paul Gazelka. Voting clickers will be given to delegates and there will be no way of ensuring an individual vote was casted and counted correctly. There will be no audit or transparency! What is the MNGOP trying to pull?

Action 4 Liberty opposes Dominion-type electronic machines in our elections! Secure elections are more likely with paper ballots! Do not let the Establishment pull the wool over your eyes. Action 4 Liberty calls on David Hann and the MNGOP to reverse their decision and conduct endorsements with paper ballots or an electronic system with an auditable trail.


Todd Padgett, President of the company that will be running the electronic machines at the State Convention, has been found to be a donor to the DNC. Why should delegates have a single ounce of trust in this voting system?

Sen Kiffmeyer Amendment Stops Vaccine Mandates for Election Judges

Sen Mary Kiffemeyer authored an Amendment that stops vaccine mandates for election judges. Amendment (A45) to HF4293 (Omnibus State Government Bill) would block local governments from mandating vaccines on election workers. This Amendment will likely be fought by the House Democrats, but it is nonetheless a fight worth having.

Many of the unreasonable Democrats on the Senate floor showed support for vaccine mandates for poll workers, vote counters, and ballot oversight. If they can take away our right to vote or right to observe the vote, we no longer live in a free country.

The Left’s philosophy is always shifting for their convenience. Nobody on the Left would have supported forced vaccination before the COVID vaccine came out. The media and puppet politicians have worked people into a frenzy with their propaganda. The vaccine does not prevent you from getting or spreading the China Virus.

See Kiffmeyer’s Amendment below.

Action 4 Liberty supports all measures to prevent tyranny from creeping into our elections further than it already has. Despite being attached to an Omnibus Bill, this Amendment goes a long ways. 

Senate Republicans & House Democrats Agree to Spend Your Surplus Money

Governor Walz, Senate Republicans and House Democrats announced an agreement to pass an unconstitutional, multi-subject bill that spends $1.1 Billion of our surplus money. The announcement came last night from Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller claiming a bipartisan comprise. 

Now details have emerged on what that "compromise" looks like - and it's not good. Senate conferees led by unendorsed Republican Eric Pratt plan to spend $1.1 Billion of our money on COVID vaccinations and handouts to a long list of Democrat Special Interests, like members in the Teachers Union.

The original House Democrat proposal was to spend $1.4 Billion and the Senate GOP proposal was to spend $600 Million. The agreed proposal (Committee Report) spends $1.1 Billion, meaning the House Democrats only took a 20% cut and the GOP nearly doubled their spending number! Sen. Jeremy Miller and his appointed goons like Eric Pratt gave in and gave up to the DFL radical leftists like Mohamud Noor. See fiscal chart below.

By the way, Sen Conference Committee lead, Eric Pratt, just attended a "Give it Back" rally last weekend and posted about it on social media proclaiming that "Minnesotans are overtaxed and families need a break." Shocker! Pratt is just another two-faced politician who would rather spend the money and NOT give it back to families!

The bill replenishes the state unemployment insurance fund using federal COVID money from the State Fiscal Recovery Federal Fund.  $400 Million of General Fund (our surplus) also goes to that account. The Frontline Workers Pay Bill, which was supposed to be only $250 Million, just doubled its price tag. Now a select group of individuals, mainly Democrat Special Interests groups, will reap the benefits of all taxpayers' surplus money. This is another example of the government picking winners and losers with money that doesn't belong to them. Among the “winners” includes public health officials who have lied to us for two years, college professors who indoctrinate our kids via Zoom, and lawyers who work for the state. Read the conference committee language of SF 2677.

The Minnesota Senate passed the bill 65 to 1, with Democrat Sen Fateh being the lone "No" vote.

The Minnesota House passed the bill 124 to 5. Two Republicans voted against the terrible bill: Rep Erik Mortensen and Rep John Koznick. 

Action 4 Liberty opposes ALL spending of our Surplus, especially corrupt interests like this bill! With a $12 Billion Surplus, each taxpayer is owed over $4,000. This pricey bill spends $450 of each taxpayer's money.


Radical Democrats Vote to Expand Walz' Emergency Powers

Radical Democrats voted to expand Governor Walz' Emergency Powers yesterday. After a year and a half of abuse, Democrats like Rep Julie Sandstede and Dave Lislegard joined Metro Democrats in expanding Chapter 12 Emergency Powers Statute. Action 4 Liberty has called for the removal of the Governor's Unilateral Emergency Powers by passing the Never Again Bill.

The measure passed in a 252 page, unconstitutional, multi-subject Omnibus bill (HF 4293). It adds language to the law that allows the Governor to call an Emergency for a "cyber attack." 

Minnesotans watched Governor Walz shut down our economy and lock us in our homes by usurping the law-making powers of the Legislature via Emergency Powers. Now is the time to severely limit those powers - not expand them. But the Democrat House is hellbent on allowing one man rule happen again. Unfortunately, the Republican Senate isn't doing much to solve the problem either. The Senate has not made any progress on passing the Never Again Bill, the only piece of legislation that removes Unilateral Emergency Powers and king-like powers from the Governor. 

Insider GOP candidate Kendall Qualls last week stated he believed a Governor should be able to have Unilateral Emergency Powers for 30 days. These politicians on both sides of the aisle are not getting the picture.

Here's the April 26th vote on HF4293:

Democrat Party Convention Requires Vaccine Card to Attend

The Minnesota Democrat Party is requiring attendees of its state convention in Rochester to show “proof of COVID-19 vaccination.” Under its “COVID-19 Precautions” section on the convention webpage, the Party warns attendees that if they “do not have [their] vaccination card, the Minnesota Department of Health cannot provide a replacement CDC COVID-19 vaccine card.”

Delegates, alternates and left-wing vendors will be gathering at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester on May 20th and 21st, one week after the Minnesota Republican Party holds its state convention in the same building. The MNGOP has no vaccination or mask policy for attendees at its convention.

Although this move does not come as a surprise, it further cements the fact that the modern Democrat Party has completely abandoned its protection of individual health freedoms. If a pro-health freedom candidate or activist wanted to work inside the Party, he or she would be barred from participating in the political process.

The policy is also anti-science. Individual vaccination status does not affect other attendees who personally choose to be vaccinated. What were originally considered “break through cases”, have now been found to be a common occurrence. Vaccinated individuals contract and spread COVID as much as unvaccinated people. In Minnesota, Governor Walz, Lt Governor Flanagan, Attorney General Keith Ellison and Secretary of State Steve Simon have all tested positive for COVID despite being fully vaccinated.

Debunked Lies About the Never Again Bill

The tyrannical use of Emergency Powers to suspend the Constitution and trample on our rights in 2020 and 2021 has quickly become the issue of our time. Governor Walz unilaterally declared himself King - and under current law, operated as sole rulemaker of our state. We MUST ensure it Never Happens Again. But crooked politicians refuse to sign the Never Again pledge and lie about the importance of the Never Again Bill.

The Never Again Bill, known as the Unilateral Emergency Powers Repeal Act, does four main things:

  1. Most importantly, it removes the Governor’s power to unilaterally declare an emergency and requires a ⅔ vote by the Minnesota House and Senate
  2. Ensures that the Governor’s orders can NOT be treated as law in the courts
  3. Fines or imprisons the Governor, not citizens, for violating Chapter 12 law
  4. Enshrines a Bill of Rights for Emergencies that guarantees we can still travel freely, earn income and run businesses.

Merriam-Webster defines a dictator as “a person granted absolute emergency power.” Sound familiar? This kind of power being granted to a future governor for even ONE day could spell the end of our freedoms and liberties. Yet most politicians think the Governor should be able to unilaterally declare an emergency for 30 days. 

The Never Again bill is the only proposal that completely strips the power of the Governor to declare Emergency Powers, and returns the government to our system of checks and balances which is enshrined in the Minnesota Constitution. 

Here are some of the Debunked Arguments put forth by politicians about the Never Again Bill:

“The Governor Needs to Act Quickly, They Do Not Have Time to Ask for Permission”

Government NEVER acts quickly. It is inefficient by its own nature. Rapid decision-making by people in power over us is dangerous. That’s why the Constitution was written in a way for the legislative process to take time. 

Imagine the Governor needed to deploy the National Guard for an emergency. It’s silly to think that the National Guard is ready to be deployed instantly with the signing of an executive order. Guardsmen have families and daytime jobs that prevent them from serving full-time. They are not a rapidly deployable force like the Navy Seals. When called upon, it still takes days to activate and fully deploy these brave men and women.

When the Never Again Bill is passed, the Governor may give a warning order to the National Guard, letting them prepare while he requests an emergency from the legislature. This is a healthy check and balance to ensure that the legislative branch of government remains in power.

“What About Floods and Tornadoes?”

2/3rds of the legislature is unlikely to deny that a flood or tornado constitutes an emergency. Until that power is granted to the Governor, there is nothing preventing local governments and citizens from taking their own precautions. Local governments exist to deal with local problems.

Sandbags can be filled and chainsaws can be run without a Governor’s orders. If an executive emergency is truly needed, it can be requested while local agencies and citizens deal with the problem first.

“If Nuclear Bomb Goes Off in the Twin Cities, We Won’t Be Able to Respond”

This is a classic strawman argument. 

If a nuclear bomb is dropped on the Twin Cities, chances are we have bigger problems to worry about than our current structure of government (if it even exists). This argument is absurd and our laws should not reflect a scenario that has .0000001% chance of happening, when we know a Governor will use a virus to declare powers for a year and a half.

“It Takes Too Long to Assemble the Legislature”

A quorum of 50% of the legislature is required to be in attendance to be called to order. More than 50% of legislators live within a few hours of the Capitol. If that’s not quick enough, the legislature has set a precedent of meeting virtually over zoom – which can be organized in minutes.

While zoom floor sessions are not ideal, several lawmakers on both sides of the aisle had no problem taking advantage of them during the 2021 legislative session. 

“This Bill is Not Ready for Primetime”

HF 2204 has 6 authors in the house, and 4 authors in the senate. 

Prior to being introduced, it was reviewed by the Office of the Revisor of Statutes to ensure that the bill is workable. The only reason that it has not gotten a hearing is because Republican Leadership in the House and Senate dislike its author, Representative Erik Mortensen. 

Don’t be surprised if you get any one of these excuses from a candidate or legislator. They’ve been coached to disavow any legislation that takes away their status and power. 

Remember, HF2204 is the ONLY legislation that strips the governor of his ability to declare an emergency. If a true emergency is warranted, the new limited powers (coordinate with local and federal agencies) can be granted to the Governor with 2/3rds approval in both the House and the Senate. 

In the situation where a governor is given emergency powers, they must abide by the Never Again act’s Bill of Rights. This means that a governor can not arrest business owners or hand out fines for violation of their executive orders. If they do, they’re the ones who are thrown in jail!

Be wary of candidates who tell you they oppose this legislation. Chances are, they are tyrant-wannabes who believe the governor SHOULD have the ability to act against their constitutional oath.

See Who Signed the Never Again Pledge