Patriot Chris Corey Files to Run Against Globalist RINO Tom Emmer in GOP Primary

The establishment loves to tell grassroots patriots to sit down, shut up, and wait their turn. Sometimes this stops Patriots in their tracks and the negative pushback is enough to scare them off. However, real conservatives face this opposition head on because there is too much at stake! When freedom-loving Americans double-down, instead of backing down, they emerge as a real threat to the Swamp.

Chris Corey knows this firsthand from his experience at the CD6 GOP Endorsing Convention. As a professional golf caddy, the world of politics is new to Chris but his conservative values are life-long. We previously reported on the illegitimacy of this convention, including that CD6 Chair/Convention Chair Bobby Benson is a PAID staffer for Emmer

The Emmer lackeys were so afraid of Chris that they wouldn’t even let him speak! They did this despite Chris meeting EVERY deadline and requirement set forth by the CD6 Constitution and Convention Rules. It was not until the night before the Convention that the scam Nominations Committee informed Chris that he was found to be “Unqualified”. Before the Convention, Chris told the CD6 leadership that he would abide by the Endorsement if the process was fair.

Chris Corey understood the fix was in so he has now taken matters into his own hands! See CD6 Filings below:

Chris Corey filed to run in the CD6 GOP primary against Globalist RINO Tom Emmer this morning. Tom Emmer is the 3rd most powerful Congressman in the country in his role as Majority Whip. The Whip is a role for corrupt politicians to control other Representatives and force them to vote for Uniparty BS. In this role Emmer has shepherded millions of dollars for Ukraine instead of prioritizing our southern border, spending packages that put our country in further debt, and certifying the tampered results of the 2020 Presidential Election. Emmer has also refused to impeach Joe Biden and had a paid lobbyist gig before he was in Congress, which sought to destroy the purpose of the Electoral College!

This primary challenge may force Emmer to focus on his own race instead of funding RINOs across the country. Emmer even has a joint fundraising committee for Un-Endorsed RINO Joe Tierab in CD2. Emmer's drive to cause a divisive primary in CD2 could hurt the GOP's chances of taking out Angie Craig in November.

Despite President Trump’s previous attacks on Emmer, including ending his Speaker campaign, Trump has endorsed Emmer for this cycle. Many Patriots are speculating that this is Trump’s attempt to increase fundraising and force Emmer to support the America First agenda. However, Trump might have a hard time not supporting an America First golf caddy! 

Chris Corey had the following to say:

“I am running to provide voters with a true conservative in this election. The Congressional District 6 Convention was rigged and will not hinder our campaign. The voices of the citizens deserve to be heard and I will step up to the plate.”

Chris Corey remains the lone GOP challenger to Tom Emmer, proving the daunting task he has taken. Patriots in CD6 will now have a Constitutional Conservative to vote for in the primary. If successful, Chris will shock the world and replace the status quo! The grassroots in CD6 now have the option that should have been provided to delegates at their convention; a simple vote between grassroots outsider Chris Corey and Uniparty Swamp-monster Tom Emmer.

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  • Max Rockatansky
    commented 2024-07-11 21:27:07 -0500
    where is Chris Corey’s social media so we can share it and oust “Somali Tom Emmer”
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