RINO Ron Kresha Lies to Voters on Mailer; Falsely Claims to be GOP Endorsed

RINO Representative Ron Kresha (10A) has shown disdain for voters and his constituents throughout his over decade long political career. Aitkin Co. Patriot Diane Webb-Skillings is challenging Kresha with plans to drain the St. Paul Swamp and was able to withhold the Endorsement from him despite his incumbency and Establishment backers. 

Below you will find a few examples of RINO Ron’s voting record, dirty tactics, and falsehoods before seeing his latest set of lies:


In his latest attempt of deceit, Kresha sent out mailers claiming to be “Republican Endorsed” which is obviously a lie and he also claims to be NRA endorsed, which is another fabrication. While Kresha was previously endorsed by the scam NRA, he is not endorsed for this cycle. These are violations of MN Campaign practice laws in Chapter 211B of MN Statutes. See mailers below with false endorsements highlighted:

RINO Ron has since claimed that this was an “unintentional oversight” and that it was old literature however Senator Nathan Wesenberg (SD10) correctly pointed out that this was new literature and that Kresha is just covering up his lie with a new lie! To make matters worse, Kresha’s whole literature piece is a joke! He claims to oppose attempts by the government to infringe on our Constitutional Rights, yet supports illegals more than his own constituents! See Kresha's pathetic admission of guilt below:

Kresha has leaned on the support of the Establishment RINOs, the HRCC, and even special interests so far in this primary. RINO Ron even sent “Thank you” notes to his donors, with the only two visible postcards going to lobbyist/special interest groups. See below:

Voters in District 10A are becoming fed up with career politicians who fight against their interests. Conservatives are demanding that their legislators, especially in extremely red districts, fight to end the corruption and save our state. Minnesota is on the brink of disaster thanks to radical Democrats and RINOs. Patriots in House District 10A will have their chance to vote against Kresha and his big government agenda. As punishment for his clear CFB violation, Kresha should be forced to send another mailer informing voters that he LIED on his last mailer!

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  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2024-07-09 15:32:53 -0500