RINO Senator & Corrupt BPOU Help Un-Endorsed Candidate in Otter Tail County

In what is becoming a story told too often, another RINO Legislator and corrupt BPOU is helping out an un-endorsed, hand-picked Establishment goon in a Republican primary. It should come as no surprise that this is now happening in Otter Tail County where we have covered the corruption of their BPOU dating back to 2022. 

Otter Tail has become a battle that has taken a life of its own. In essence, 33 duly elected delegates of Otter Tail were banned from their 2023 Convention to David Hann (unilaterally at first) and then the State Executive Committee demanded Otter Tail do NOT hold a BPOU Convention this year. This further disenfranchised the OTC delegates for the 2024 CD7 Convention and the 2024 State Convention.

Most of the corruption within the party in OTC brings all roads back to one individual, Tommy Merickel. Merickel was involved with the Minnesota Jobs Coalition which spent over $158K in four GOP primaries backing RINOs against Rep. Pam Altendorf, medical freedom champion Mark Bishofsky, Rep. Mike Weiner, and now A4L President Erik Mortensen. Despite the big money against them, each one of those four candidates won their primaries! 

Merickel was a convener at the caucus (who tried not relinquish his duties despite massive discontent from caucus attendees and attempts to remove him as convener, he was ultimately removed as covener) and he attempted to make the caucus fraudulent by adding paperwork not approved by the delegates/caucus participants or state party. Tommy’s wife Laura is the treasurer for the corrupt OTC BPOU. More recently, Merickel has pushed for party rules to ban individuals who do not support endorsed candidates. However, it is Tommy Merickel himself who is backing the unendorsed RINO campaign of Joe Tierab in CD2! Will he support banning himself? 

Locals tell A4L that Merickel is also behind the campaign of Boone Carlson, likely as revenge for Jeff Backer standing up for the disenfranchised OTC delegates on numerous occasions. While there is no endorsing convention for District 9A, this is because of the corrupt OTC BPOU leadership, MNGOP Chair David Hann, and the State Executive Committee demanding no OTC meeting take place. Had an endorsing convention taken place, and all duly elected delegates were seated, there is little doubt that Backer would have defeated an Establishment mouthpiece candidate.

Boone Carlson has a professionally built website, Facebook, and X page, which gives signs that this is not a humble, ground-up campaign. Instead, he is seemingly a plant for the establishment in a very conservative district. You can find his Campaign Finance information here. Unfortunately for Boone, Patriots can sniff out the contenders from the pretenders.

While it is bad enough that leaders within a local party unit would be supporting a campaign to oust a Legislator for telling the truth about the local corruption, it appears State Senator Jordan Rasmussen is involved too! Below you can see Jordan Rasmussen posing for a picture with puppet candidate Boone Carlson on what appears to be the Otter Tail GOP float. The Facebook picture by Vance Bachmann shows Boone Carlson is on the float and it looks like he even has a campaign sign on the float directly on the elephant. It should be noted that there also looks to be a Jeff Backer sign directly under Carlson.:

If Rasmussen is opposed to Backer because of donor pressure and a lack of a spine, this would be a severe departure from 2022 when Rasmussen openly endorsed Jeff Backer! This is something he has NOT done this election cycle… See below: 

Unfortunately, it appears that Rasmussen is not the only RINO that puppet Boone Carlson has been snuggling up next to. Below you can see Carlson’s recent picture with CD7’s Swampy Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach:

The attitude and disdain that is shown to the grassroots conservatives by Establishment losers in the MNGOP shows exactly what is broken with the party. The grassroots IS THE PARTY, not the crooked politicians and RINO party leaders! However, the MNGOP is overtaken by unprincipled, anti-liberty, anti-grassroots snobs that would rather oppose their own base than bring hardcore, anti-corruption MAGA conservatives into the fold. Action 4 Liberty will always stand for the voices that challenge the status quo and push forward the agenda of Freedom.

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  • Paul Bade
    commented 2024-06-23 16:42:09 -0500
    Jonathan Mathias is right, this article is just not up to what should be A4L’s standards. It’s mostly unsubstantiated reviling and guilt by association. It’s fair to say so-and-so is endorsed by somebody, but to infer from that that the endorsee is on board with everything the endorser has ever done is a bit of a stretch.

    What we should see is an argument for why Jeff Backer is a better candidate for the Legislature than Boone Carlson. Instead of name-calling, innuendo, etc., the argument should cite positions on issues, principles and philosophy of government, and plans and abilities to take on the problems Minnesota has with its government. The ability to attract voters is also a reasonable component of such a piece

    Ronald Reagan was on to something when he said the Eleventh Commandment is “Thou shalt not speak evil of another Republican.” We should seek to add liberty-minded Republicans through persuasion, not drive other Republicans away with hostile rhetoric. After all, there’s enough of that coming our way from the establishment side. If we are too vicious in the primary race, we increase the risk of less-committed people deciding to vote for the Democrat candidate – ask yourselves how that worked out for us in the last State Senate election.

    Along that line of thought, it’s normal for people of a District to meet with a Congressional Representative of the same party. There’s nothing necessarily “swampy” about that. We may not agree with Michelle Fischback on every issue, but she’s an improvement over Collin Peterson, and probably much better than whomever the Democrats are currently running. Can we do better? Let’s find out in the primary, then get behind the winner.

    A good seminary requires doctrinal purity, but this is a political organization, not a seminary. Unlike religion, where there is only one Way to be saved, there are many good means in politics to accomplish the proper end of government, which is to preserve the rights and liberties of the people. Let’s keep that in mind when we deal with (or cope with) those who, like it or not, are at least nominally in our party. Also remember that reviling is just as evil as the murder, drunkenness, sexual immorality and theft we’ve seen from the Democrats in the last several years.

    I suggest removing this article and replacing it with something written with a more persuasive, winning tone.
  • Jonathan Mathias
    commented 2024-06-18 20:47:26 -0500
    What I read is an article that throws a lot of accusations against Boone Carlson without backing up a single one, and it’s telling that no author is willing to attach their name to it.

    I’m going call article what it is, a hit piece. Nothing but an attempt to brand Boone as an establishment plant, but lets break it down and take a honest look at the evidence that they offer to us…

    1)Boone has a website and social media.
    2)Boone was on a GOP parade float that included a Jeff Backer sign.
    3)Boone took a picture with his son and Michelle Fischbach at a fundraiser for a volunteer fire department.
    4)They claim unnamed sources say Merickel supports Boone.

    Boy, you guys really really dug up the dirt on Boone didn’t ya. 😂

    Look.. I’m MAGA, I’m anti-establishment, I wrote in Miller, I’ll be voting for Boyd. I appreciate the grass roots, but this BS hit piece journalism is a tool of the left and shouldn’t have a place here. Real patriots deal in facts, not fake news.

    Look.. I’m MAGA, I’m anti-establishment, I wrote in Miller, I’ll be voting for Boyd. I appreciate the grass roots, but this BS hit piece journalism is a tool of the left and shouldn’t have a place here. Real patriots deal in facts, not fake news.What I’m saying is if you have real evidence of corruption or cronyism, bring ‘em. But this article, as it stands, is just embarrassing for everyone involved.
  • Action 4 Liberty
    published this page in News 2024-06-17 18:41:31 -0500