The Democrat Party’s Public Plan to Rig the 2024 Election; Steve Simon Leading Charge

The most critical component of elections is the voters. The Citizenry should have the ultimate say in who holds elected office. The Democrats in Minnesota have unleashed an onslaught of measures that deteriorates the quality, security, transparency, and honesty of our elections. We now cannot confirm properly if only US Citizens will be voting in this election because of SOS Steve Simon’s automatic voter registration plan. 

With a border wide open because of Joe Biden, the leftists and RINOs in Minnesota have worsened this crisis on numerous fronts. This includes RINO Ron Kresha (10A) who defended driver's licenses for illegals and was the lead author for a bill to pay for illegal immigrant legal services! Kresha's primary opponent, Diane Webb-Skillings, has been raising attention to this issue and more of Kresha's big government, anti-freedom record. Currently Nobles and Hennepin Counties are sanctuary county status and will not cooperate with federal immigration officials/ICE.  The Democrats would rather allow a violent Illegal roam the streets than allow deportations. Illegals also now have the ability to obtain a driver's license in Minnesota with NO indication of their non-citizenship listed on the license!

Our election will be stolen in the name of “Social Justice” and “Saving Democracy”. The phony and condescending attitude by Elitist Democrats is unhinged and psychotic. One has to wonder if Trump-derangement syndrome is the cause of the Left’s mass support for open borders or if the Woke Globalist Underbelly had the Democrats fooled on this disaster for decades. While red states clean up their voter rolls due to voter inactivity and other reasons for removal, MN looks to create an unmanageable voter roll with people who don’t want to be on it!

Secretary of State Steve Simon has been on a mission since his time in the Legislature to implement a plan like this and it is officially underway. Simon held a press conference on Tuesday, June 18th on the automatic voter registration program. This program expanded the election process to incorporate the Driver and Vehicle Services and the Dept. of Public Safety (run by Walz appointee Bob Jacobson who fully supports this plan). The multi-layered, multi-agency plan has trouble written all over it with obvious administrative and data issues. 

This program pre-registers 16 & 17 year olds into the system and creates a drawn out, illogical process for people to opt-out. Despite the possibilities of these young people moving to another state or changing addresses, they will be in a voter file system unless they take proper steps to have their name removed as associated with what would likely be their parents’ address. For anyone to opt out of the program, they would have to respond by mail to a letter sent to them within 20 days. Instead of continuing his previous process of having an opt-in box for people to simply mark or not, Simon is wasting tax dollars mailing individuals with a program that deteriorates the legitimacy of our elections. On the illegal immigration front, Simon would combat the allegations with the process he has laid out. See SOS graphic and explanation below:

The graphic and explanation suggest that when an applicant for a driver’s license or ID card applies, they must show the DMV (DVS) employee “citizenship affirming documents” like a birth certificate, passport, or naturalization certificate. However, there is nothing on the ID or on the application that states whether or not someone is a citizen! See section of driver’s license application below: 

Steve Simon stated that over 15,000 new voters are registered in the system after just a few weeks. About 800 people have opted out/have bad mailing addresses. According to the sources above from the state, it seems unbelievable that 15,000 just so happened to bring citizenship documentation with them to the DMV when no normal person carries their birth certificate, passport, or naturalization certificate on their person. Perhaps they could argue that a social security number could prove citizenship but that does not meet their own citizenship documentation standards! Plus, green card holders can get social security numbers! They claim to use previously obtained documentation to prove citizenship but we cannot be sure those files are not getting mixed up as much of this info is only available to people with backend access. It is very possible that these registrations were not done in line with law passed by the Legislature. Simon claims the SOS office is getting 4-6K new voter registrations from this per week and expects 80-120K leading up to the November election.

We have shifted the burden and responsibilities of election judges and officials onto DVS (DMV) employees and pray to God that they do not accidentally or intentionally mark an illegal immigrant down as someone who provided such documentation. If the government has ever been universally hated for incompetence, the DVS (DMV) fits the bill perfectly. We are now to trust these employees for tasks they are not properly trained for and hope that Walz’ law enforcement arm (Dept. of Public Safety) will weed out the illegals from our voter rolls (however they are not allowed to ask people if they are citizens and will not cooperate with ICE unless court ordered). Then we must trust the SOS office to identify bad addresses and other inconsistencies and prevent duplicate records. There is no doubt this data is now less secure than before. The consequences of this system failing to identify things correctly is that our state could have mass fraud implemented by having illegal immigrants voting or we could have regular people who move and then their ballot ends up in the wrong hands, allowing their vote to be stolen. To make matters worse, MN does not have provisional ballots so there is little to nothing you can do if your ballot is stolen before Election Day! The best way to combat this and prevent your vote from being stolen is to vote early in person. Patriots should add into their calculation that voting lines will be longer on election day now that there will be fewer people becoming registered on the day of.

What conservatives call “The Great Replacement Theory” is what Leftists call “Demographics are destiny”. The self admission of Democrats and their mouthpieces in the media to support mass illegal immigration for the purpose of changing the demography of our country and state is despicable. The Dems capitulate, propagandize, and chastise minorities who refuse to fall in line and help destroy our country. However, the fact that Dems will allow illegal immigration means that the incentive for Illegals will ALWAYS be to support Democrats, no matter any other issue.

If Minnesota has any chance of being saved, it is going to be by Patriots outperforming the Steal in the next election. Action 4 Liberty calls on YOU to become an election judge/official, call out fraud and corruption when you see it, vote early in person so your vote is not stolen, and fight dirty elections! The illegal immigration is only one component of the election fraud to anticipate but it must be fought all along the way! Civic duties belong to, and only to, the Citizens!

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  • Aj Kern
    commented 2024-07-04 15:33:54 -0500
    See my visit to MN SOS office in 2019, attempting to find out if Ilhan Omar’s citizenship was verified when she registered to vote or run for federal office. The MN SOS staffer stated there is no law requiring the office to verify citizenship when foreign-born register to vote.
  • Paul Bade
    commented 2024-06-30 13:46:44 -0500
    There is no longer anything unusual about presenting proof-of-citizenship documents when obtaining a driver’s license. Federal law requires a “REAL” or at least enhanced ID to fly on commercial airlines or enter federal buildings, and their acceptance of these is conditioned on the presumption that they are issued upon proof of citizenship.

    The real loophole is the possibility of an illegal immigrant using a basic driver’s license or even a counterfeit Driver’s license receipt as ID for voting day registration, and lying about citizenship status to the election judge. Given that the DMV takes as long as five months to send out a renewed driver’s license (personal experience), the use of the receipt becomes quite plausible. This is why provisional balloting should be a requirement. It is quite interesting that the Democrats claim provisional ballots suppress the vote, when common sense would indicate it makes no difference to an honest voter.
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