Top 10 Craziest Democrat Moments of 2023


Muslim Senator Omar Fateh says the threat of terrorism is not from immigrants but rather from white supremacists who look like the “members that sit in the front” gesturing towards the GOP legislators.


Radical Democrat pushes bill that makes plastic water bottles illegal


Indian Democratic Representative Heather Keeler says she is “sick of white Christians adopting our babies” and said white people need to “stop stealing our babies.”


Dummiecrat Representative Jerry Newton pushes a bill that forces you to have all of your lawn care equipment (lawn mower, chainsaw, leafblower, trimmer, etc.) be ELECTRIC!


Democratic Senator John Hoffman voted against bringing his own bill to the floor that would return $2200 per individual of the Surplus.


Anti-white Democrat Representative Kaohly Vang Her blames “a few white men” in the Democratic Party for holding up their radical abortion agenda.


Transgender “woman” Representative Leigh Finke pushes a bill that makes Minnesota a “sanctuary state” for child-genital mutilation.


Election fraud lover Sec. of State Steve Simon pushes a bill that eliminates Minnesota’s electoral college from representing Minnesota, instead our electoral votes go to who wins the popular vote in our nation (with the help of California, New York, and other Communist Hell-holes).


DFL passed a bill that forces all of Minnesota’s power on the grid to be electric and carbon neutral by 2030 which will cause climatic deaths when heating homes in the winter will become impossible.


Attorney General “Antifa Keith Ellison” is trying to strip Dr. Scott Jensen of his medical license for standing up to the China Virus cultists.

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  • Patrick Vollmuth
    followed this page 2023-05-12 20:40:46 -0500
  • Kali MacArthur
    commented 2023-03-10 09:24:35 -0600
    These Democrat Socialist in this state should be recalled or removed from office! How can we recall these clowns because they are destroying the state that I love & what is the process of a Recall election? The Democrat Socialist of Minnesota should be held accountable & stop to think about the bills they are passing. The DFL needs to slow down & they need to stop pretending that they care about us. These people are psychopaths & they need to leave us alone because they do not care about the average Minnesotan. The DFL does not deserve to be treated like royalty right now because they are damaging this state. I want Law & order in this state & the biggest issue right now in this state is the rising crime rate! The DFL needs to focus on what matters instead of what does not matter such as banning plastic water bottles, that is a issue that does not matter to most people.

    The DFL Socialist will not stop until they are forced to stop!

    The other issue is the barbaric Abortion bill which is pure evil. I do not trust these people as my leaders.

    Criminals need to have consequences of their criminal actions.

    The DFL agenda is not popular for even the average Minnesotan.

    Why was the DFL reelected? Was it because of agenda or did the average Minnesotan just saw D in name without researching about what they are going to do.People need to start waking up because this is not about Democrat vs. Republican or Left vs. Right this is about Good vs. Evil.

    The DFL needs to stop making everything political because I feel like we are in a spiritual & information war with the left.

    I want peace in this country & this state. Apparently the DFL wants a war on we the people. I do not approve of their childish behavior at this moment. The world would be a better place if we just left each other alone & we had true freedom.

    The DFL in this state needs to be exposed more on National Television.

    The DFL needs stop getting away with lying cheating & stealing.

    The DFL needs to start being honest to the people of Minnesota of their agendas.

    The DFL owes us an apology for not doing anything about crime in the Twin Cities.

    The DFLs goofiness & fantasy unicorn agendas are not going to work & they are unrealistic.

    We need to start making the DFL uncomfortable.

    Some of the Judges in our state need to be recalled or removed as well if they keep letting criminals back on the street.
  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page 2023-03-02 12:59:21 -0600