Walz' Governor's Mansion Renovations to Cost $9 Million More than It's Market Price

Taxpayers will be on the hook for $12.8 Million to renovate the Minnesota Governor's Mansion on Summit avenue. What was originally budgeted as a $7.1 Million renovation when crews arrived in June, has now ballooned to a price tag $5 Million more.

What's even more shocking is that the market value of the home, according to real estate sites like Zillow and Realtor.com, is listed at $3.8 Million. So taxpayers in Minnesota will be spending $9 Million over the market price of the home for renovations just so the Governor can host parties with crony insiders and Special Interests.

Here's the Zillow price:

Neighboring properties, which have recent sales history, show values in the $625k to $2.1 Million range. And if Mar-a-lago is only worth $18 Million according to a NY court, then the $3.8 Million market value of this property is greatly overvalued. 

Governor Walz is currently residing in the University of MN President's Mansion at a cost to taxpayers of $4,400 per month. As you may recall, Walz sold his home in Minnesota and is currently dependent on taxpayer financed housing. 

This outrageous renovation just shows how little politicians care about wasting our tax money. They want to be treated like royalty with mansions and the finest of pleasures. While Minnesotans are struggling due to out-of-control inflation, Walz is about to get a cozier life. 

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  • Russell Jackson
    commented 2023-10-07 08:37:56 -0500
    The property should be sold and Walz can pay for his own housing like the rest of us “peasants/rocks/cows”. If he has income, he should be able to afford a place to live. I am tired of the taxpayers getting screwed all of the time. There is a saying in business, “Your first loss is your cheapest loss”.
  • Gary Steele
    followed this page 2023-10-06 11:03:52 -0500
  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2023-10-04 09:48:59 -0500