Give It Back


The state of Minnesota overcollected taxes by more than $3 Billion. This is YOUR money and should be returned immediately before greedy politicians in the St Paul Swamp spend it. GIVE IT BACK!

To the Governor of Minnesota and legislators:

WHEREAS, the state of Minnesota has overcollected taxes, exceeding current biennium spending by more than $3 Billion;

WHEREAS, the bulk of that money is sitting in a historically high reserve account for future government spending and not being used in the private sector to grow our state economy and create jobs;

WHEREAS, there are 2.4 million taxpayers in Minnesota which would greatly benefit to have more money for their families;

Therefore, be it resolved, We the Taxpayers of Minnesota demand you pass a tax refund immediately for the whole surplus to be returned to us, and;

Be it further resolved, we the people of Minnesota demand a recorded roll call vote on the tax refund bill and any procedural motions related to it.

Who's signing

Pam Darrin Thompson
Anthony Triplett
Sharon Beckey
Frederic Suess
Peggy Anderson
Gayla Jensen
Davis Backlund
Karen Messmer
Joel Klingensmith
Daniel Anderson
Keith VanPelt
Dottie Hoopman
Dick Wanschura
Melanie West
Kenneth Velardi
Kevin Monta
John Weidemann
Brent Russell
Paul Sevenich
Art Hesse
Anthony Martinson
Maria Berglund-Howerter
Mark BonAmie
Mike Steiger
Rex Lossing
Mike Goodrich
Tammie Komer
Duane Stanley
William Nelson
David Beach

Will you sign?

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  • Pam Darrin Thompson
    signed 2020-01-25 06:18:25 -0600
    Please send us our money
  • Anthony Triplett
    signed 2020-01-25 03:41:25 -0600
  • Sharon Beckey
    signed 2020-01-24 19:09:44 -0600
    Yes we could use a little extra money
  • Frederic Suess
    signed 2020-01-24 16:25:56 -0600
    This is the genius behind being a blue state. Democrat politicians are crooked, and they constantly overestimate our taxes, and once they have control of our money, they SPEND IT. TERM LIMITS
  • Peggy Anderson
    signed 2020-01-24 16:01:44 -0600
  • Gayla Jensen
    signed 2020-01-24 15:04:28 -0600
  • Davis Backlund
    signed 2020-01-24 14:03:39 -0600
  • Karen Messmer
    signed 2020-01-24 12:51:44 -0600
  • Joel Klingensmith
    signed 2020-01-24 12:14:33 -0600
  • Daniel Anderson
    signed 2020-01-24 11:49:09 -0600
  • Keith VanPelt
    signed 2020-01-24 11:34:00 -0600
  • Dottie Hoopman
    signed 2020-01-24 10:58:58 -0600
    This tax refund should be given back to the taxpayers who actualy paid taxes in only.
  • Dick Wanschura
    signed 2020-01-24 10:35:43 -0600
  • Melanie West
    signed 2020-01-24 10:23:06 -0600
  • Kenneth Velardi
    signed 2020-01-24 09:31:52 -0600
  • Kevin Monta
    signed 2020-01-24 09:24:48 -0600
  • John Weidemann
    signed 2020-01-24 08:46:48 -0600
  • Brent Russell
    signed 2020-01-24 08:37:05 -0600
    it makes no sense to take in more refuges when we dont have housing for the drake fire victims. mpls is always saying we dont have enough housing so how can the inn have openings. governor and mayor are contradiction them selves and know it and dont care. they plan on spending our 3 billion from the prior administration that was collected over time for this and once that is spent they will have to raise property tax to keep it going. housing for refuges is not a one time spending bill it will have to be replaced year after year.
  • Paul Sevenich
    signed 2020-01-24 08:31:34 -0600
    Any other overpayment gets rebated or credited back to the payee. Why does MN Government keep the overpayment???
  • Art Hesse
    signed 2020-01-24 08:15:53 -0600
  • Anthony Martinson
    signed 2020-01-24 07:35:10 -0600
  • Maria Berglund-Howerter
    signed 2020-01-24 07:26:47 -0600
  • Mark BonAmie
    signed 2020-01-24 07:00:03 -0600
  • Mike Steiger
    signed 2020-01-24 01:02:50 -0600
  • Rex Lossing
    signed 2020-01-24 00:48:44 -0600
  • Mike Goodrich
    signed 2020-01-23 23:45:29 -0600
  • Tammie Komer
    signed 2020-01-23 23:03:02 -0600
  • Duane Stanley
    signed 2020-01-23 21:45:20 -0600
  • William Nelson
    signed 2020-01-23 21:40:38 -0600
    Time to give back what’s been taken by deceit
  • David Beach
    signed 2020-01-23 19:46:15 -0600