Give It Back


The state of Minnesota overcollected taxes by about $12 Billion. This is YOUR money and should be returned immediately before greedy politicians in the St Paul Swamp spend it. GIVE IT BACK!

To the Governor of Minnesota and legislators:

WHEREAS, the state of Minnesota has overcollected taxes, exceeding current biennium spending by nearly $12 Billion;

WHEREAS, the bulk of that money is sitting in a historically high reserve account for future government spending and not being used in the private sector to grow our state economy and create jobs;

WHEREAS, there are 2.5 million taxpayers in Minnesota which would greatly benefit to have more money for their families;

Therefore, be it resolved, We the Taxpayers of Minnesota demand you pass a tax refund immediately for the whole surplus to be returned to usand;

Be it further resolved, we the people of Minnesota demand a recorded roll call vote on the tax refund bill and any procedural motions related to it.

Who's signing

Scott Price
Denise Garceau
Season Mustful
Casey Rowles
Sara Conway
Neal Plante
Laura Kirkwold
Eileen McFarland
Virginia Casanova
Stephanie Ponticas
Amy Morris
Charity Schultz
Alan Ek
Calvin Kruse
Lynn Kasprzyk
Robert Parsons
David Guhl
David Johnson
Marty Murphy
Kim Anderson
Susan Murphy
Geralyn Caple
Ken Stone
Jeanne Jellison
Susan Thompson
Bettie Holscher
Larry Klocke
Debra Thorson
Jacqueline Magnuson
John hoverson

Will you sign?

  • Scott Price
    signed 2023-03-22 19:40:24 -0500
    Stop the theft of MY money!
  • Denise Garceau
    signed 2023-03-22 19:29:01 -0500
    dump walz
  • Season Mustful
    signed 2023-03-19 08:36:08 -0500
    Return the money to the taxpayers. We demand accountability and transparency in spending. Let’s not forget all the Fraud that happens when there’s large sums of money sitting in front of politicians. Remove that temptation and put it back into the hands that worked hard to provide it, they know best how to spend it.
  • Casey Rowles
    signed 2023-03-19 02:27:16 -0500
  • Sara Conway
    signed 2023-03-18 16:56:01 -0500
    Thanks for ruining my life and my nursing career- we will be fleeing into exile to Wisconsin by next fall-
  • Neal Plante
    signed 2023-03-18 16:04:50 -0500
  • Laura Kirkwold
    signed 2023-03-18 15:40:11 -0500
  • Eileen McFarland
    signed 2023-03-17 15:27:54 -0500
    Eileen McFarland
  • Virginia Casanova
    signed 2023-03-17 11:18:19 -0500
  • Stephanie Ponticas
    signed 2023-03-16 21:16:26 -0500
  • Amy Morris
    signed 2023-03-16 19:23:35 -0500
  • Charity Schultz
    signed 2023-03-15 18:00:42 -0500
  • Alan Ek
    signed 2023-03-13 14:23:14 -0500
  • Calvin Kruse
    signed 2023-03-11 20:30:33 -0600
  • Lynn Kasprzyk
    signed 2023-03-11 16:02:04 -0600
  • Robert Parsons
    signed 2023-03-11 15:53:14 -0600
  • David Guhl
    signed 2023-03-11 15:33:44 -0600
  • David Johnson
    signed 2023-03-09 19:50:57 -0600
  • Marty Murphy
    signed via 2023-03-09 13:57:37 -0600
  • Kim Anderson
    signed 2023-03-09 09:46:23 -0600
  • Susan Murphy
    signed 2023-03-09 08:20:14 -0600
    Quit turning your back on the hard working people of Minnesota. Time to stop over taxation in this state. Return the surplus! Very obvious power corrupts.
  • Geralyn Caple
    signed 2023-03-09 07:47:59 -0600
  • Ken Stone
    signed 2023-03-09 07:32:15 -0600
    Senators that sign these anti Minnesota bills such as this need to be recalled, stop signing gun bills, and reformation bills and abortion bills, give the money back. Not to illegals and non workers. Vote these people out and Recall those that continue to agree with the communist agenda of Walz
  • Jeanne Jellison
    signed 2023-03-09 06:03:15 -0600
  • Susan Thompson
    signed 2023-03-09 00:08:58 -0600
  • Bettie Holscher
    signed 2023-03-08 20:43:04 -0600
    Stop charging the people of Minnesota such a high tax rate that you have a surplus to spend on junk we do not need. Give it back to the people, we need it badly to pay our bills and support our families.
  • Larry Klocke
    signed 2023-03-08 19:09:12 -0600
    Give me back my money and keep your filthy hands off of my gun rights
  • Debra Thorson
    signed 2023-03-08 13:32:13 -0600
  • Jacqueline Magnuson
    signed 2023-03-08 11:10:43 -0600
  • John hoverson
    signed 2023-03-08 09:35:33 -0600