Give It Back


The state of Minnesota overcollected taxes by about $12 Billion. This is YOUR money and should be returned immediately before greedy politicians in the St Paul Swamp spend it. GIVE IT BACK!

To the Governor of Minnesota and legislators:

WHEREAS, the state of Minnesota has overcollected taxes, exceeding current biennium spending by nearly $12 Billion;

WHEREAS, the bulk of that money is sitting in a historically high reserve account for future government spending and not being used in the private sector to grow our state economy and create jobs;

WHEREAS, there are 2.5 million taxpayers in Minnesota which would greatly benefit to have more money for their families;

Therefore, be it resolved, We the Taxpayers of Minnesota demand you pass a tax refund immediately for the whole surplus to be returned to us, and;

Be it further resolved, we the people of Minnesota demand a recorded roll call vote on the tax refund bill and any procedural motions related to it.

Who's signing

Cassondra OReilly
Cindy Winn
Fred Sasse
Krisanda Corelli
Tom Jestus Sr
Thomas Plemel
Mike Jensen
Rhonda Jensson
Tim Riley
Larry Carlson
Alana Cook
Julie Palm
Aaron Asleson
John Clark
Sheri Peterson
Nancy Rowland
Anmarie Jorgenson
Heidi Grant
Keith Barnes
Bethany Hoffman
Robyn Frank
Mary Firestone
Cheryl radtke
Elizabeth Raustadt
Roberto Rodriguez
Mark Strachota
Dave Dvorak
nancy peterson
Craig Hanson
Mary Schneider

Will you sign?

  • Cassondra OReilly
    signed 2023-03-07 13:07:59 -0600
  • Cindy Winn
    signed 2023-03-06 16:16:22 -0600
  • Fred Sasse
    signed 2023-03-04 17:49:12 -0600
  • Krisanda Corelli
    signed 2023-03-04 17:17:49 -0600
  • Tom Jestus Sr
    signed 2023-03-04 15:46:43 -0600
  • Thomas Plemel
    signed 2023-03-04 15:13:33 -0600
  • Mike Jensen
    signed 2023-03-04 09:29:25 -0600
  • Rhonda Jensson
    signed 2023-03-03 13:25:38 -0600
    Give this money back to the taxpayers—and only the taxpayers—not an across the board welfare “covid stimulus” for every Minnesotan. You over collected, which means we are overtaxed. It’s our money and we should be able to decide how it is spent. If you want to spend it on something that will benefit all of Minnesota long term, such as viable infrastructure, etc…, then put it to the voters in a referendum. It is OUR money. If the voters say no, then Give It Back. To do otherwise is nothing less than theft. Spending it on more welfare programs only benefits a small portion of the population and is extremely short term, and short-sighted. They are an endless money pit. If you keep increasing the number of welfare programs, then you keep increasing the amount of money needed to keep those programs funded in perpetuity as more and more people become dependent on them. But then, dependent people are easier to control…aren’t they? I have no problem helping those who are truly in need such as the old, the young, the disabled, and the poor working families who have jobs but still have trouble making ends meet. Especially now, in this era of ridiculous inflation where it’s all some working parents can do to pay rent, heat their homes, and feed their kids. I think we all know who we can thank for that—but I digress. However, STOP incentivizing able bodied people, who have gotten too lazy to get off the couch, with taxpayer funded “covid relief checks” or whatever you want to call them. How long do we keep paying for that and how long do we keep these able-bodied people from becoming productive members of society? Stop treating them like victims and some of them might stop behaving like victims. There are good jobs available. There are job training programs and 2-year trade schools that will educate and train people into good, skilled, high-paying jobs. Jobs that pay more money and bring more pride than sitting on the couch waiting for the next “covid check” ever will. That’s a spending program I can support—helping someone to stand on their own—-not paying someone to sit at home and binge-watch Netflix.
    I also don’t like my money going to fund your radical abortion bills, genital mutilation of minors, planned parenthood, CRT, gun control measures, etc…. This is NOT your money, it is ours. You work for us, not the other way around. Knock off the shenanigans and remember your oaths to uphold the Constitution and serve the constituents.
  • Tim Riley
    signed 2023-03-03 11:09:31 -0600
  • Larry Carlson
    signed 2023-03-03 04:59:49 -0600
  • Alana Cook
    signed 2023-03-03 00:57:45 -0600
    Give back our money you thieves.
  • Julie Palm
    signed 2023-03-02 16:23:20 -0600
  • Aaron Asleson
    signed via 2023-03-02 07:38:06 -0600
    I agree that the surplus should be given back to the people. I also think that it should be given back to the people that paid into it and not just a flat rebate for all. A flat rebate for all is just another way to redistribute funds to those who didn’t contribute in the first place.
  • John Clark
    signed 2023-03-02 07:16:08 -0600
  • Sheri Peterson
    signed 2023-03-01 22:24:38 -0600
  • Nancy Rowland
    signed 2023-03-01 20:56:39 -0600
  • Anmarie Jorgenson
    signed 2023-03-01 20:49:05 -0600
  • Heidi Grant
    signed 2023-03-01 20:02:08 -0600
  • Keith Barnes
    signed 2023-02-28 17:24:12 -0600
  • Bethany Hoffman
    signed 2023-02-28 13:43:34 -0600
  • Robyn Frank
    signed 2023-02-27 11:52:57 -0600
  • Mary Firestone
    signed 2023-02-26 21:42:01 -0600
  • Cheryl radtke
    signed 2023-02-26 19:49:17 -0600
  • Elizabeth Raustadt
    signed 2023-02-26 16:41:51 -0600
  • Roberto Rodriguez
    signed 2023-02-26 15:09:01 -0600
  • Mark Strachota
    signed 2023-02-26 12:09:01 -0600
    Give my Money back…..
  • Dave Dvorak
    signed 2023-02-22 14:59:49 -0600
    Dave Dvorak
  • nancy peterson
    signed 2023-02-21 21:00:17 -0600
  • Craig Hanson
    signed 2023-02-21 20:03:36 -0600
    Craig Hanson
  • Mary Schneider
    signed 2023-02-21 19:16:27 -0600
    This is theft from the people. Give it back!