MNGOP Chair Carnahan & Swamp Team Up Against Conservatives

It was Friday, August 7th, four days from the primary, and Rep Jeremy Munson went on social media to set the record straight about some last minute hit pieces on him by Republican Minority Leader Kurt Daudt's group, the MN Jobs Coalition. The Republican establishment was spending resources against the most conservative member of the Minnesota House, lying about his record and distorting the truth about his accomplishments in an attempt to help their handpicked challenger.

Munson, who received the endorsement by the Republican Party in an uncontested race, called upon the Republican Party of Minnesota to disavow the negative pieces on one of their endorsed candidates. Especially since the organization behind the activity likely shares resources with the MNGOP through its relationship with Kurt Daudt. 

Surprisingly, the Party not only refused to provide a public statement defending their endorsed candidate, they proceeded to cut off the Munson campaign's access to DataCenter at the most critical time of the campaign: the weekend before the primary election. MNGOP employee Andy Aplikowski gave the campaign the impression it was retribution for the recent negative publicity state Party chair Jennifer Carnahan received from independent new site Alpha News.

A History of Vindictive Behavior

Carnahan is well liked amongst the rank-in-file GOP activists who meet her at campaign stops, rallies and training events. On the surface, she comes across as an up-beat, positive thinking spokesperson for a state party that has suffered tremendous electoral defeats for over 14 years. 

But a growing number of conservative activists in Minnesota are seeing another side to Carnahan that is less flattering. She's made baseless claims of racism against long time party activists and donors behind closed doors. Carnahan is  quick to use the identity politics tactic that the left commonly employs, when it comes to her own race and gender.

Carnahan used party resources early in the year to create a website calling a Pro-Trump grassroots group "scammers" because the group refused to work directly with the Party. We spoke with the founder of MAGASOTA who stated the reason for independence is that the MNGOP won't be as effective at reaching new audiences of potential Trump voters based on past electoral performance. Who can argue with that point?

When COVID struck, Carnahan was quick to use the same tyrannical style of power that she criticizes Governor Walz of using when she moved all Republican conventions online and administered from the state Party instead of the local Party units. We have a number of documented cases of malfeasance on behalf of the Party with this new power. 

Carnahan stripped the delegate status from avid Trump supporter and GOP donor Sheri Auclair prior to the state convention. In CD8, an activist informed us that his properly filled out application for elector was rejected by the Party so that Pete Stauber's wife would win the position. In the CD7 convention, the grassroots conservative who ran for elector mysteriously did not receive the Trump endorsement, which Carnahan placed on the screen when people voted.

In the case of contested legislative endorsements, about a dozen delegates in the 31A race did not receive the Convention call to participate. In the 33B race, newly credential delegates that were never provided to the Stebbins campaign were registered the night of the convention. To make matters worse, a seated legislator, Rep Cal Bahr, was not allowed in the observation room to ensure proper accounting of votes. A week later, the Party made big news when the voting software they were using for the last month, had massive failures which Carnahan immediately blamed on "hacking".

The Swamp Has Taken Over

Most insiders who are paying attention have witnessed a slow takeover of the MNGOP by National Republican forces. This in part, explains the meddling in races like CD7 where the establishment picked candidate Michelle Fischbach is able to get endorsements from Trump and Pence despite being the least attractive or conservative candidate in the race. Lucky for the Party, they were able to defend that pitiful campaign in the primary.

Internal to Minnesota, Carnahan and Daudt appear to have developed quite the working relationship. After Daudt's Republican affiliated group the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC) spent $30k against the Party endorsed candidate Erik Mortensen in 2018, a movement to strip the HRCC of their Party affiliation was squashed by Carnahan and members of the MNGOP Exec Council. Apparently if a Party affiliated group works against the Party's endorsed candidates, there's no retribution. 

In the same 2018 election cycle, Daudt's outsider group worked against Party endorsed candidates Brad Ganzer and Vince Baudette, securing victories for their hand picked candidates who, no surprise, aren't voting that conservatively in St Paul. In that case, the Jobs Coalition is an independent group and has every right to spend resources where they see fit. But where was the Party in defense of their endorsed candidates?

Who is Kurt Daudt

We've been a long critic of the House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt based on the crony tactics he uses to coerce members of the House caucus to vote for his liberal policies. Daudt's accomplishments in "leadership" reads like a Democrat's: moved Minnesota to a National ID system, bailed out Minnesota Health Insurance companies, added billions of dollars of debt and grew government by double digits. 

Behind the scenes, Daudt is working to build his team of "yes men" at the Capitol while we're building a Freedom Team. We struck against his strategy big in 2016 when we took out a 22 year incumbent and replaced him with Rep Cal Bahr. Then in 2018 when Rep Tony Cornish had to resign in disgrace, we were able to help Jeremy Munson win the endorsement and then fend off Daudt's primary challenger. 

Daudt's toxic leadership and desire to beat conservative candidates in primaries is the direct reason why four members of the House Republican Caucus left and started the New House Republican Caucus. So it's no surprise that Daudt and his crony friends at the Jobs Coalition wanted to teach Munson a lesson.

But the attack on Munson goes beyond that. Jeremy also authored a bill that would ban legislators from being employed by lobbying firms, something that surprisingly isn't already on the books in Minnesota. Kurt Daudt was hired last fall by notorious Washington D.C. lobbying firm Stateside Associates. And since taking that position, legislators have received calls from lobbyists employed by Stateside. The Jobs Coalition founder is also a paid lobbyist for liberal causes, no surprise there.

Let's Hope Munson-style Conservatives are the Future

Despite the lack of support from Carnahan's MNGOP and the hit pieces from Daudt's group, Munson won handedly on Tuesday's primary election night. He secured nearly a 60 point victory over the establishment's candidate. Erik Mortensen also prevailed in his rematch against Daudt's preferred candidate, Bob Loonan, in the 55A primary. Onward to beating the Democrats in November!

Conservative activists deserve a better group of representatives up at the Capitol. The stakes are greater than we've ever seen before. Governor Walz is unilaterally passing laws that are harming our economy and infringing on our civil liberties. When we got our first vote to remove Walz' Emergency Powers on April 14th, Daudt instructed most Republican members to abstain or vote against the measure. We only received 15 votes from House Republicans. This is the kind of representation we get when Daudt and Carnahan get their way.

The Republican Party is moving more to the left every day. Its leaders are filled with the same selfish conquests that the leadership of the Democrat Party possesses. In some ways, there's no different amongst the two parties. However, we know the ranks of Republican voters and activists in Minnesota and they desire a true conservative vision for this state. In order for that to happen, we at Action 4 Liberty must continue growing and shining a light on what's happening behind the scenes to take our state in the wrong direction.

If you agree with us on Ending Walz' Emergency Powers, please sign our petition below.


Walz to Issue Mask Mandate After Legislature Adjourned

Governor Walz is issuing a statewide mask mandate today in his 2pm press conference. Details on the consequences of violations and how the illegal order will be enforced is yet to be known. Where a Governor gets the power to force citizens to wear a piece of cloth is a mystery to anyone with a basic understanding of constitutional law.

Walz showed his true disdain for democratic principles today by unilaterally issuing the illegal order. Democrats who purport to believe in democracy, are displaying their true love for authoritarian 'benevolent" dictatorship. Walz waited until the Minnesota legislature adjourned until he issued his illegal order, thus leaving citizens without any legal recourse outside of the court system, which already has its own mask mandate.

It's unlikely Walz will deputize a new mask enforcement agency today to carry out his order. Which means the responsibility of enforcement falls on local police departments who are already stressed from the tensions created by the BLM movement. 

Is the science of preventing the spread of COVID using mask settled? Minnesota's foremost expert Dr Mike Osterholm has made numerous statements on how non-N95 masks are not very effective in combatting COVID. But let's assume he's wrong and Walz' "science" is better, why is he waiting to issue the order until 2 pm? If this is about saving lives, how many people have died in the past two weeks as Walz mulled over the decision to issue a mask mandate?

Walz' One Minnesota vision is finally becoming clear to us. It's an anti-democratic, unconstitutional vision of compliance with his dictatorial orders. "Do as I say, or else!" Mask wearing and social distancing are his orders and violators will be prosecuted...

(Picture of Gov Walz in July 2020 not practicing social distancing or mask wearing so he can get a photo op for a government project)

Action 4 Liberty is helping the effort to Recall Walz. Sign the RECALL WALZ PETITION.

Second Special Session Ends - No Bonding Debt

The Legislature adjourned sine die last night with no bonding debt bill or massive compromise on Walz' illegal powers.

This last week was crazy. We went into the weekend hearing that House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt was horse trading a Fake End Powers Bill for the bonding bill. That was the last line of defense to make sure we didn't add more debt to the state credit card while Walz' still had his power.

Many supporters of Action 4 Liberty called and emailed Daudt to stop him from passing the bonding bill. They received a reply from him on Monday trying to trick them about Action 4 Liberty and divert attention to Rep Munson. Luckily, they didn't fall for his gimmick.

Meanwhile, he leaked his draft Fake End Powers Bill to the media that he was using to horse trade for bonding debt. What a shame.

House Democrats did bring the bonding debt bill to the floor for a vote over night. Attached to bonding debt was a tax bill, a clear constitutional violation according to the Single Subject Clause (Article 4, Section 17). The vote fell short of the super majority requirement to pass it: 75-57. 

The Senate decided to wait for a bonding debt bill to pass in the House, and when that did not happen, they adjourned sine die. 

Governor Walz' powers expire on August 13th. If he wants to extend them for the sixth month, he must call the legislature back to the Capitol. And that's where the big showdown will happen.

Consider donating to Action 4 Liberty to equip us in the fight. We'll have to turn up the heat on the remaining legislators so we can finally End Walz' Emergency Powers once and for all.


Fake End Powers Bill

The House Republicans led by lobbyist legislator Kurt Daudt (R-Spectacle Lake) released a copy of their Fake End Powers Bill to the media this morning following their press conference. Daudt has stated on multiple occasions that his caucus will not pass a bonding debt bill unless they terminate Walz' Emergency Powers. The bill, that is currently still in draft form, would give the perception of terminating those powers, but would in practicality do nothing but allow an undefined group of legislators some oversight. 

According to Daudt's Fake End Powers Bill, Walz' powers would still be able to "exercise inherent powers to provide for public health,​ safety, and welfare." Language like this would be legal cover for Walz to continue infringing on Minnesotan's civil liberties. The bill also states the "governor may make, amend and rescind orders and rules necessary to carry out provisions."

The bill in its current status does not define what the "legislative oversight committee" is, but that's the only new safeguard in place for Walz' future abuse of powers. Action 4 Liberty's argument is that Walz' powers should be completely stripped, not codified in new law.

Politicians often write bills like this to provide cover for themselves. It appears to the public like they are on our side, when in reality, nothing of significant substance has changed. House Republicans SHOULD NOT negotiate away their only bargaining chip and pass the bonding debt bill for this Fake End Powers Bill.

Here's the draft bill:


Republicans Gazelka & Daudt About to Sell Us Out

We are in the fifth straight month of Walz' unprecedented, illegal use of emergency powers that are infringing on our civil liberties and harming Minnesota businesses. But to the Republicans leading the Senate Majority and the House Minority, it's just another day of backroom deals and pork barrel projects.

The Pioneer Press reports that a deal is close to being reached on bonding debt with lobbyist legislator Kurt Daudt (R-Spectacle Lake) and presumably Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka. "Walz said he and Daudt have been negotiating a compromise deal behind closed doors in recent days. 'I think we’re very close on this, [stated Walz], adding he was 'optimistic' and 'hopeful' they would get it done" wrote Bill Salisbury. 

How can a deal be close when Rep Kurt Daudt is on record numerous times in the past month stating that the House Republicans would not deliver the six Republican votes necessary to pass a bonding debt bill until Democrats vote to end Walz' Emergency Powers. The vote failed for the fourth time in the House on Tuesday with only four Democrats breaking ranks.

Perhaps Daudt is willing to compromise on what he meant by "removing Walz' powers" using a phony fix bill introduced by one of his caucus members this week, Rep Barb Haley. HF 81 changes parts of Chapter 12.31 that gives the Governor emergency powers during "acts of nature". According to the bill, the legislature would have two new options after 30 days of a Governor's emergency:

  • if the governor extends the emergency peacetime declaration beyond 30 days, the
    legislature may consider each executive order under the emergency declaration individually and decide to rescind or affirm each individual executive order; or
  • terminate any subsequent order or rule promulgated by the governor directing a
    specific response to the peacetime emergency.


The problem here is this bill would need to be signed by the Governor, meaning further concessions on bonding or perhaps a mask mandate passed by the legislature. Why else would he be willing to cede his new powers?

How do We The People benefit under this circumstance?

Democrats get to keep emergency powers and get more government spending

Republicans get pork projects for their districts

WE get the BILL!

Republicans need to hold the line and not be willing to give up one dime of our tax money (or future tax money). I think these legislators have forgotten that the state is broke with a $2.4 Billion budget deficit. Why are we negotiating away our freedoms for debt? If these bills pass, the Republicans have no more negotiating tools to end Walz' Emergency Powers.

Action 4 Liberty opposes passing any legislation that compromises with the Democrats while Walz' emergency powers still exist. 



Munson Lawsuit Against Walz Recap

Rep Jeremy Munson and members of the New House Republican Caucus had their lawsuit against Governor Walz heard today in the Ramsey County Court with Judge Thomas Gilligan Jr presiding, a Governor Dayton appointee. Their suit alleges that the Governor has abused his constitutional powers by creating laws, which is left to the Legislature. 

Governor Walz was defended in the case by the state Solicitor General Liz Kramer who argued that the Governor needed to exercise the powers given in State Statute 12.31 in order to save Minnesotans from an "act of nature". She further argued that the plaintiffs are using other state's laws to make their case, whereas Walz is operating within the laws of the state of Minnesota. Kramer asked for dismissal of the case based on lack of standing for the plaintiffs.

Munson's team was represented in the Court (Zoom session) today by Erick Kaardal, who quickly pointed out that the Solicitor General surprisingly failed to mention the Constitution in her arguments when discussing a case of Constitutionality. His central argument is that the power of creating legislation cannot be delegated citing the "Non-delegation doctrine".

(Image of Erick Kaardal arguing in front of Judge Gilligan)

Kardaal further argued that the case is based on the infringement of civil liberties and that the Government fails to argue how the Governor has power to take them away legally. "Are there reasonable standards in Statute 12.31 that allow the restrictions of civil liberties" stated Kaardal.  "Are we now wards of the Governor without legislative guidance, administrative procedural safeguards and without judicial review?"

Judge Gilligan interrupted Kardaal asking how a Governor is suppose to act with urgency in a less than ideal world when a legislature is incapable of responding to acts of nature.

Kardall's response focused on what Statute 12.31 allows the Governor to do in order to act with urgency. However, nowhere in that Statute, is there a provision that allows him to restrict civil liberties.

The hearing appeared to take a bad turn when Judge Gilligan stated that the legislature built in the proper recourse in Chapter 12.31 with the provision that allows for a simple majority of the legislature to remove the Governor's emergency powers. Kaardal acknowledged the point but argued that the legislature was "lazy" when drafting the law and that there was no necessary guidance on the restriction of civil liberties. 

In the Solicitor General's response, she alleged Kaardal made "inflammatory and misleading" statements about the Governor's use of power, briefly dismissing the claim that Walz has no restrictions on taking Minnesotan's civil liberties. She argued that the Governor has the power to restrict civil liberties as long as they pertain to protecting citizens against the emergency. 

The hearing ended with Judge Gilligan stating that he will take the arguments under advisement and will issue his decision soon.


Tell Gazelka No Deal with Democrats - End Walz' Powers NOW

Governor Walz extended his never-ending emergency powers again on Friday, then called for a second Special Session of the Legislature. So the circus continues in St Paul.

As legislators prepare to convene Monday morning at the Capitol, the fate of ending Walz' Emergency Powers rests in the hands of Senator Paul Gazelka and Seven More Democrat Legislators.

So why is Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka cutting deals with Democrats while Walz' Emergency Powers still exist?

Metro Democrats want to bail out Jacob Frey's mess in Minneapolis with our money. We say no! Why is Gazelka making these deals?

Democrats want to add $2 Billion on the state credit card while we have a $2.4 Billion budget deficit. We say no! Why is Gazelka making these deals?

Anti-law enforcement Democrats want to defund the police. We say no! Why is Gazelka making that deal?

If you follow Gazelka in the media, he's all over the place. Even if he talks tough, we can't take a break. Last year he cut a deal with Walz to increase the sick tax, raising the tax burden on Minnesota families.

Are you tired of Gazelka making these deals? Contact Sen Gazelka NOW:

Senator Gazelka's cell: 218-821-9287. 

Call or TEXT him! Tell him "No deals with Democrats on bonding or bailing out Minneapolis unless the House removes Walz' powers."

(Special thanks to for providing us the cell number. That's a true grassroots move!)

Walz Moving to Force Mask Wearing

As our country is about to celebrate our independence from tyranny, a historic moment in the movement of individual liberty, the headlines in Minnesota read "Walz Considering Mask Mandate". First our governor shuts down "non-essential" businesses. Then he orders the healthy part of our population to quarantine. Now he wants to force us to wear a mask?

Our Founding Fathers gave us a Constitutional Republic where powers are separated amongst a legislature and executive, with the law-making power completely nested in the legislative branch (the voice of the people). The Constitution gave the new government limited powers, expressly written in the Articles. Then to further protect us against an out-of-control government, they passed a Bill of Rights that protected us from infringements of our natural rights.

So where on earth does Governor Walz believe he has the power to compel us to wear masks?

Our opposition to the mask mandate is not a position on the effectiveness of wearing masks. Certainly there will be virtue signalers out there accusing us of being "anti-science" or the reason "people will die". Our position is strictly against a government forced mandate. However, it's understandable for a person to question the idea of masks mandates on a scientific basis.

We learned a couple weeks ago that the nation's foremost pandemic expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, lied to the American people about the effectiveness of wearing masks. Minnesota's infectious disease expert, Dr Michael Osterholm, who leads the University of Minnesota's Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, told WCCO:

We know that the virus can be transmitted by what we call air assaults, its the tiniest of particles. If anything comes in along the side of the mask or escapes that way, then it really minimizes both to protection for the individual who used the mask or the protection for others so that if I'm infected, I don't transmit to them. That's when you get into the surgical masks and to the cloth masks. And quite honestly, the data for both is lacking that they are major impediments, and he's getting infected or infecting others.

On top of that, the science seems to suggest that UV light kills COVID-19, which is possibly why the spread of the virus has reduced in the summer months of Minnesota. Would a mask mandate outdoors even make sense?

The whole point in separations of power and a Constitution is that concentrated, centralized power is too dangerous to put in the hands of one person. That individual might be wrong. Allowing Walz to continue exercising these illegal powers is detrimental to our liberty. We saw what power in the hands of one person lead to throughout the 20th Century. This is not the course we want to go down.

Action 4 Liberty opposes Governor Walz excessive and illegal use of emergency powers. Our mission is to preserve liberty for the next generation. Sign our petition to terminate Walz' emergency powers today!


Special Session Ends with No Debt & No Minneapolis Bailout

Earlier this morning the Minnesota Senate, followed by the House, adjourned sine die. That means the Special Session is over and no legislation can be passed.

The Special Session was called because Walz extended his illegal emergency powers and was forced by state statute to call back the legislature. Our biggest fear was that the Republicans in the Senate would cave to the Democrats and get nothing to show for it.

The Special Session started off with a big victory. Finally after months of pressure, the Senate passed the Munson Resolution to End Walz' Emergency Powers. Unfortunately, the Democrat controlled House voted it down later that evening.

With Walz' powers still intact, we thought there was nothing more needed by the legislature. Any compromise was a failure as long as Walz' illegal powers were still in place.

So we asked Action 4 Liberty supporters to call and email Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka and tell him to stop making deals with the Democrats.

And it worked!

They adjourned early this morning with no final deals on bonding debt or the Jacob Frey bailout.  

The battle continues on and we aren't ready to crown Senate Republicans as heroes. As long as Governor Walz continues to illegally order businesses to comply with his mandates, we will not rest. 

Politics is war. The Democrats will go to any depth to advance their socialist agenda. Which means the Republicans in the Senate must stand firm for the principles of freedom and limited government. 

We've watched Minnesota Republicans cave to the Democrats too many times in the past. So we'll continue putting the pressure on them. Especially Paul Gazelka, who has a Republican primary challenger.

Thank you for all you did this week! We were able to avoid the worse scenario. Now let's get a victory and End Walz' Emergency Powers!

You can stay updated on the latest news by visiting!

DFL House Passes Jacob Frey Bailout

Democrats in the Minnesota House just voted on a bill (HF 132) that bails out Minneapolis for the damage due to the failed leadership of Mayor Jacob Frey. The bill creates a "Special Master Panel" who will decide how to distribute the undetermined millions of dollars to individuals inside the "eligible zone". The eligible zone is defined as:

in Minneapolis:

(i) Lake Street between Hennepin Avenue and West River Parkway, and any area within
two city blocks of that portion of Lake Street in any direction; and

(ii) West Broadway Avenue, and any area within two city blocks of West Broadway
Avenue in any direction;

(2) in Saint Paul, University Avenue between Rice Street and Highway 280, and any
area within two city blocks of that portion of University Avenue in any direction; and

(3) any additional locations or zones designated by the governor as experiencing
significant, widespread damage or destruction of private property due to the civil unrest
described in section 1.

The vote was 74-53 along partisan lines.