End Walz' Emergency Powers


Governor Walz is crushing our economy and limiting our freedoms by issuing unilateral orders! It's time to get Minnesota's economy working again. It's time to let Minnesota businesses determine how to safely and reasonably open their doors by ending Walz' destructive emergency powers.

To Governor Walz and legislators:

Whereas, one person does not have the legal authority to remove the rights of Minnesotans protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights;

Whereas, Governor Walz' emergency powers is devastating our state economy and killing the heart of it - small businesses;

Whereas, the "Stay at Home" order is turning neighbors against neighbors using Walz' hotline;

Whereas, free people can make safe and reasonable accommodations to open businesses during a crisis while still adhering to good medical advice;

THEREFORE be it resolved, We The People of Minnesota demand Governor Walz immediately end his emergency powers;

Be it further resolved, if Governor Walz won't comply, We The People of Minnesota demand the legislature removes his powers and we demand a recorded vote on all motions and bills pertaining to ending Walz' emergency powers.

Who's signing

Monica Erickson
Barry Tinjum
jenny midas
Michelle Dehning
Halie Harder
Karl Anderson
Jayde McDermid
Cheryl Covey
Morgan Holker
Katrina Heibel
Taya Flaim
Melissa Snyder
Brian Lenzen
Mary Dombrovski
John Hoogenhous
Marquardt Michelle
Heidi Balen
Jon Gudding
Jerry Wiebusch
Robin Burns
Connie Stauffenecker
Heather Markwood
Suzanne Meyer
Robert Puls
Ronald Carlson
Victoria Zenner
Timothy Norton
Lance Kirchner
Suzanne Levi
Dustin Huinker

Will you sign?

  • Monica Erickson
    signed 2021-09-10 10:44:16 -0500
  • Barry Tinjum
    signed 2021-09-10 10:36:25 -0500
    My health is my responsibility, not the governments. I’m not anti Vax, I’m anti having someone tell me I have to put an experiment in my body.
  • jenny midas
    signed 2021-09-10 10:29:09 -0500
  • Michelle Dehning
    signed 2021-09-10 10:28:16 -0500
    No mandate vaccine
  • Halie Harder
    signed 2021-09-10 10:28:14 -0500
    Stop the mandate
  • Karl Anderson
    signed 2021-09-10 10:20:46 -0500
  • Jayde McDermid
    signed 2021-09-10 10:12:18 -0500
  • Cheryl Covey
    signed 2021-09-10 10:11:36 -0500
    Still an experiment not a vaccine! Too many deaths and disabled people. What happens in the months and years to follow??? NO MANDATES!!!
  • Morgan Holker
    signed 2021-09-10 10:11:11 -0500
    It is my choice to get shot or not. It is not governments job to make that choir for me!
  • Katrina Heibel
    signed 2021-09-10 10:09:52 -0500
  • Taya Flaim
    signed 2021-09-10 10:09:46 -0500
    Medical freedom is in our rights for a reason! Where there is risk there MUST be choice
  • Melissa Snyder
    signed 2021-09-10 10:08:35 -0500
  • Brian Lenzen
    signed 2021-09-10 10:04:51 -0500
    I have seen personally what these shots can do and I’m not putting my life or my family’s life in danger.
  • Mary Dombrovski
    signed 2021-09-10 10:00:18 -0500
  • John Hoogenhous
    signed 2021-09-10 09:29:38 -0500
  • Marquardt Michelle
    signed 2021-09-10 09:22:12 -0500
    Work in MN and this is outrageous. You can not mandate anyone to get the vaccine. The economy will collapse. You gave out too many free handouts that those people are not working and those of us that worked through the ‘pandemic “ are now being punished. This is not legal
  • Heidi Balen
    signed 2021-09-10 09:10:21 -0500
    I will not take the shot. It’s my health not any one else. I should have the right to decide to or not
  • Jon Gudding
    signed 2021-09-10 07:38:20 -0500
  • Jerry Wiebusch
    signed 2021-09-10 04:58:53 -0500
  • Robin Burns
    signed 2021-09-10 03:18:05 -0500
  • Connie Stauffenecker
    signed 2021-09-09 23:35:03 -0500
  • Heather Markwood
    signed 2021-09-09 22:35:40 -0500
  • Suzanne Meyer
    signed 2021-09-09 22:26:42 -0500
    Stop the insanity! We don’t need dictatorship!
  • Robert Puls
    signed 2021-09-09 22:08:16 -0500
  • Ronald Carlson
    signed 2021-09-09 21:57:58 -0500
    Ronald Carlson
  • Victoria Zenner
    signed 2021-09-09 21:34:23 -0500
  • Timothy Norton
    signed 2021-09-09 21:25:36 -0500
    Gov Walz is probably being manipulated into acting like a Tyrant… This needs to stop. Look at S. Dakota Governer She Isn’t a Tyrant… and believes in not hurting our livelyhood.
  • Lance Kirchner
    signed 2021-09-09 21:21:21 -0500
  • Suzanne Levi
    signed 2021-09-09 20:43:47 -0500
  • Dustin Huinker
    signed via 2021-09-09 20:42:53 -0500