Our Mission at Action 4 Liberty is to protect liberty for the next generation. That's why it is important to us to STOP Anti-freedom Governors Emergency Powers, which during COVID proved to be the largest assault on liberty and small business in modern history. 

Action 4 Liberty's business model is 1) EXPOSING Radical Leftwing politicians to their voters and 2) Activating and mobilizing grassroots, conservatives to DOMINATE the political process!

President - Erik Mortensen

Erik Mortensen (Mort) is a businessman and former State Representative. He ran and operated a restoration company in the southern Twin Cities metro and sold the company in 2018. Mort is currently employed in the propane industry as an operations management director. In 2020, he was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives and led the resistance against COVID tyranny in the state government. Mort authored the Never Again Bill, Stop Vaccine Mandates legislation and a one year income tax hike to give back the budget surplus. 

Mort resides in Shakopee, Minnesota with his wife and two children. He's an avid sportsman and experienced cold weather, backcountry outdoorsman.

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Founder & Development - Jake Duesenberg

Jake co-founded Action 4 Liberty in 2013 with lay minister, Jack Rogers. His professional experience is in financial services, which led him to get back involved in politics in 2012 when major fiscal and monetary issues faced the country. Although economics is his passion in politics, Jake is also an avid outdoorsman so gun issues are very important. The entire team at Action 4 Liberty are very strong supporters of the 2nd Amendment. 

Jake served 12 years in the Army as an infantry officer. He served overseas with the Minnesota Red Bulls in the Balkans and Iraq. He currently resides in Lake Elmo, Minnesota with his wife and children.

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Field Operations - Jesse Smith (aka MAGA Jesse)