NEW REPORT: Minnesota Has $5.3 Billion Budget Surplus, You're Owed $2,000

The government keeps lying to you and the corporate media goes along with the deceit. Headlines today read that Minnesota Management & Budget projects a $2.4 Billion surplus, but the actual figure is over double the amount. YOU are owed $2,000 back!!!

Politicians are holding onto a historically high, $2.9 Billion rainy day fund called the "Budget Reserves." This money was taxed from us, held for years in the government coffers, and has not nor will ever be needed. Even during the COVID pandemic, the government didn't use the budget reserve funds.

When added to the budgetary balance after the expenses are subtracted from the beginning balance and revenues, there's $5.3 Billion in estimated surplus by the end of FY2025 (July 31st, 2025).

Notice how spending in this budget far exceeds revenues. This was a result of the Democrat controlled government blowing through the previous budget surplus to spend on more wasteful government projects and political kickbacks to their special interest.

When the government overtaxes us, it should IMMEDIATELY return those funds back to taxpayers. Could you use $2,000 back in your pocket in these days of rising consumer prices?!


RNC Tips the Scale for RINO Chris Christie; Rigging Debate Process

This is a colorful opinion piece by MAGA Jesse

The RNC is rigging the debate process to allow former New Jersey Governor Chris Krispie Kream to remain on stage despite his failure to meet debate criteria.

Was a DeSantis Super PAC used to keep Christie on the stage? Why was a last minute Trafalgar poll released that inflated Christie’s numbers? Why is Ronna Romney and the RNC leadership rigging the GOP primary?

Party leaders and a party as a whole have an obligation to treat candidates fairly with unbiased procedures. Rules are not meant to apply selectively, they should be applied consistently and in pattern with proper procedure. When the leadership of a party shows special interest in assisting a candidate, it reeks with corruption.

The RNC has released the names of invited participants for the fourth debate in a press release put out on the night of December 4th. Included in this were the expected three: Vivek, DeSantis, and Nikki Haley.

Despite all trackers finding Chris Christie as not qualified, his name appeared on this list. This is a move that RINOs are hoping gets silently swept under the rug, but this is corruption at its finest and it needs to be exposed. This is hardly the first time the RNC has pulled these stunts; We previously reported how they rigged the first debate against Larry Elder and Perry Johnson and exposed it on The Truth Hurts months ago.

The fourth debate qualification rules are the most difficult yet and requires the following parameters be met:

  1. Constitutionally eligible candidate with active campaign
  2. Sign Beat Biden Pledge (Support eventual GOP nominee no matter who)
  3. Sign Pledge to only compete in RNC sanctioned debates
  4. Get 6% in two national polls or 6% in one national poll and two statewide polls at 6% from two different states
  5. 80,000 individual donors

In the case of Chris Christie, he has publicly stated (even on previous debate stages) that he would not support President Trump as the GOP nominee. This means he illegitimately signed the Beat Biden Pledge, deceiving the RNC and voters.

Politico has been producing the best debate qualifying tracker in the nation because the RNC has been very skittish in defining rules and polling parameters. This has forced the media and pollsters to analyze the results without guidance. In essence, lazy RNC leadership did not want to be transparent so they could tilt the scale when need be. But even Politico has been too generous in this round of polling.

Chris Christie’s poll numbers are near zero in almost any national or statewide poll in this country. He has no grassroots support and is just a media-created mouthpiece for the RINO Never Trump movement. Christie has a small level of support in New Hampshire because Democrats can vote in GOP primaries there, and he has had polls put him over the statewide polling requirements. However, this would still not qualify him for the debate and he would need another state at 6% or two national polls at 6%. Unfortunately for Krispie Kream, even a measly 6% support for him is delusional. 

Christie was poised to be excluded from the debate stage, and still should be, until three fake national polls saved the day for him. The first of which was commissioned by FairVote but conducted by WPA Intelligence, who is working for Never Back Down, the Super PAC for Ron DeSantis. RNC debate rules stipulated that polls don’t count if they are “conducted by a polling company affiliated with a candidate or candidate committee.” The RNC previously used this criteria to keep a poll Larry Elder submitted out of the running. Politico did not find the poll to be qualified for their tracker. What benefit does DeSantis have in keeping Christie on the stage? Is there a secret alliance between their campaigns? Why has the RNC treated their campaigns so favorably.

The second fake poll was conducted by the Trafalgar Group and was released on December 2nd right before Christie had no chance of qualifying. This national poll magically found 6.3% of idiots claiming to support Chris Christie. They also may have used unallowed means of methodology, as Trafalgar uses methods not allowed under RNC rules. We are supposed to believe it is a coincidence that Christie qualified at the last minute and not a grand conspiracy… Give me a break.

The third fake poll was done by YouGov and a website called the "Liberal Patriot". This poll was conducted by left wing activists and ran from September 7th-18th. RNC debate rules stated that all qualifying polls must be conducted on or after September 15th. This means that this poll is in very clear violation and cannot be counted. This poll and the Trafalgar poll are included on Politico's tracking document.

The RNC bent their debate rules for DeSantis in a debate against California Communist Gavin Newsom. Candidates were supposed to only participate in GOP primary debates, but if the establishment wants to see DeSantis play grab-ass with Sean Hannity and Gavin Newsom for a Fox News puppet show, no problem at all.

We always knew polls were fake and are curated to create the desired result of a given client. In this case, RINOs like DeSantis and Ronna Romney find it advantageous to have an obnoxious, irrelevant, anti-MAGA, double-speaking candidate like Chris Christie on the stage. If the RNC and Christie have other polls that they are using instead of these, why are they hiding the results of them from voters?

Despite the previous three GOP debates being far from impressive, they are historically worth millions of dollars in free advertising and can make or break campaigns. Trump’s lack of involvement in the debates has weakened the credibility of the RNC and the other candidates. While it is the kids table of Republican politics, rigged processes must be called out and fought. We must call on the RNC to revoke the invitation to Chris Christie because he has failed in multiple areas to meet the debate criteria. Now is the time to draw the line against the rule-breaking RINOs!

Democrat Governors Association Goes Further Left by Making Tim Walz Chair

The Democrat Party keeps going further left in every way, shape and form. Now the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) is appointing Minnesota's radical, lockdown governor, Tim Walz, as its new chair.

Walz is a former Congressman from Minnesota's southern 1st Congressional District. He initially ran for the seat when he saw an opportunity for a Nebraska born and raised guy to catapult into a big political career in the North Star State. However, to do so, Walz who was serving as a Master Sergeant in the MN Army National Guard, had to abandon his troops and his position as a conditionally promoted Command Sergeant Major as the unit was preparing to deploy to Iraq. He abruptly retired without any duty in a combat zone.

As a Congressman, Walz had a reputation for being a more moderate Democrat, although signs of him being a radical leftists were there if one was looking. In 2010, Walz co-sponsored a resolution praising Klaus Schwab and his globalist, anti-freedom organization, the World Economic Forum. 

When Walz became Governor in 2019, Minnesotans quickly got to experience a Governor who played politics meaner and further left than his predecessors. His tactics in growing Minnesota's budget and raising taxes worried many. But it wasn't until March 18th of 2020, when Minnesotans found out the true tyrannical, anti-liberty leanings of Walz.

For the next year, Walz implemented citizen lockdowns, mask mandates, state worker experimental vaccine requirements, and two rounds of business shutdowns. He also completely mismanaged the Minneapolis riots that led to thugs burning down the Minneapolis Third Police Precinct. His popularity waned towards the end of COVID and he finally relinquished his unconstitutional emergency powers thanks to the work of our field teams putting pressure on the weakest members of his Party.

Unfortunately, voters had short memories in November 2022 and re-elected the failed governor. And due to incompetence on the part of Minnesota Republicans election teams, Democrats won a trifecta of the government. That's when we learned just how radical Tim Walz really is.

Since taking over full control of government early this year, Walz has blown through a record $21 Billion budget surplus by spending it on more reckless government. Even with that surplus, he raised taxes on Minnesotans. As if higher taxes weren't bad enough, he made sure Minnesotans would pay more for energy as he mandated all electricity produced in the state to be carbon free by 2040 (85% by 2030).

Then he passed a multitude of extremely radical social policies like allowing a 6 year old to get genital mutilation surgery against a parent's approval; abortion even after the birth of a child; AND Walz signed a bill that considers pedophilia a "sexual orientation" under the Minnesota Human Rights Act. 

This is the man the Democratic Governors Association picked to head their organization. 

Dean Phillips Accuses Democrats of Being 'Authoritarians'

Dean Phillips didn't mince words when addressing how the Florida Democrat Party refused to hold a presidential primary in their state. "Our mission as Democrats is to defeat authoritarians, not become them," stated the Minnesota Congressman and Democrat candidate for President.

Before addressing Phillips' valid concern about the Party conspiring to disenfranchise voters to crown Biden the Party's nominee, I must say, where the hell was Dean Phillips in criticizing the Party when they actually became authoritarians during COVID? His Party's governor of Minnesota unilaterally took over law making in Minnesota to shut down businesses and his Party's President mandated that American citizens take an experimental drug against their will.

Moving on...

The Florida Democratic Party decided that their Primary will have only one candidate: Joe Biden. Despite serious issues with the Biden re-election bid like his mental cognition and plummeting poll numbers, the Democrat Establishment wants to clear the field of competition for the worst President since Woodrow Wilson. 

According to the Phillips campaign, the Florida Democratic Party leadership voted recently on the measure to only consider Biden on their primary ballot, which the campaign alleges is against the rules of the Democratic National Committee. “Americans would expect the absence of democracy in Tehran, not Tallahassee,” Phillips said, as he prepares for a lawsuit that is "disenfranchising" voters.

Phillips may be a long shot for the Party's nomination, but it seems like the Democrat Establishment is poised to go to the August 2024 DNC Convention with a plan to remove Biden on the ticket and replace him with CA Governor Gavin Newsom or Former First Lady Michelle Obama. Dean Phillips is getting ahead of the rigged game and trying to build up a constituency for that convention ahead of time.

New Poll Shows Trump Could Beat Biden in Minnesota

A new poll conducted by MinnPost/Embold Research found President Trump and Biden to be in a dead heat and almost an exact tie when the margin of error is factored in.

According to many so called political experts, Minnesota is a blue state that Republicans cannot win in. This political calculus has blinded many in our state to the massive size of the grassroots conservatives in Minnesota. 

Minnesota is a red state that has become controlled by the twin city Communist politicians, the Democrats have desperately tried to convince us otherwise but the writing is on the wall and Trump is 100% in the running for Minnesota’s electoral votes. See the poll below:

This new poll surveyed over 1,500 likely voters which exemplified Biden’s diminishing support while President Trump’s support continues to expand with younger voters and voters of color. Additionally, Trump has a higher favorability rating than Biden in our state too, see below:

In the GOP primary, President Trump continues his commanding lead in Minnesota as he is up 33 points on his closest rival Rob DeSanctimonious. It is painfully clear that RINOs and corrupt GOP insiders are opposed to the will of grassroots conservatives and do not want Trump to be the GOP nominee. See GOP primary poll results below:

As mentioned, Minnesota is red besides certain pockets in our state where the liberal hivemind behavior has taken over. See the 2020 election results for President in Minnesota:

Keep in mind that these numbers come off of the heels of RINOs and Democrats unsuccessfully working together to try to remove Trump from our primary and general election ballots in Minnesota. The Establishment’s unintended consequences are coming to bear, the phony witch-hunts and indictments have pushed Americans closer to Trump than against him. We The People can sniff out corrupt kangaroo courts and it has made us even further opposed to the Deep State. President Trump CAN and WILL win the state of Minnesota in 2024, but only if we fight like Hell!

EXPOSED: Possible Tina Smith Insider Trading Corruption

Minnesota US Senator Tina Smith’s recent stock purchases has provided evidence that she is possibly using insider and secret Senatorial information to enrich herself.

Insider trading is the act of buying or selling stocks with non-public, material information about that company. In the DC swamp, this is common-practice and has been a sure-fire way for corrupt politicians to make money. Insider trading is inherently a conflict of interest; Politicians with exclusive power and information should not be allowed to trade stocks.

Like most corrupt politicians, Smith filed the trades under her husband. They bought up to $200K in a company called Artivion Inc. and $250K of stock in Tactile Systems Tech. Tactile Systems is a Minnesota business that is very small in comparison to the typical crony investments politicians make, as their market cap was less than $500M while Artivion sits at $718M and is headquartered in Georgia. Both are medical device companies.

Tina Smith sits on the Senate Committee on Health where both Tactile Systems and Artivion receive government contracts which Smith manages and earmarks. This direct conflict of interest points to Smith receiving insider information that led to these unusual purchases.

As of yesterday, Smith has profited up to $60K from her Artivion purchase in less than three weeks, see below:

After Smith’s purchase of Tactile Systems, the stock has risen over 43% and it has risen every single day since, see below:

Additionally, Tactile Systems has 1.62 stars out of 5 from customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Low satisfaction rates for companies are usually a good sign of bad business practices. It should come as no surprise that the corrupt business owners in bed with Tina Smith are slimy.

Patriots and liberty activists have taken to social media to demand answers from Smith and call on Rep. Angie Craig to investigate (as Craig claims her opposition to insider trading as a top priority).

The silence of Craig and Smith is deafening and proof that the swamp protects their own. Corruption should always be fought and all good faith people agree that Senators, Congressmen, and their spouses should not be allowed to buy and sell stocks because it is 100% insider trading! This story exemplifies why the American People do not trust politicians and why organizations like Action 4 Liberty are needed to expose it! 

The US Senate and Democratic Party should take immediate steps to call for Smith’s resignation upon the revelation of her insider trading scam.

Big Money Koch Brothers Network Announce Support for War Hawk Nikki Haley

The Koch funded political organization, Americans for Prosperity Action, is getting heavily involved in the presidential race and supporting war hawk Nikki Haley.

In a press release, AFP Action writes:

As many of you know, AFP Action has never engaged in a presidential election before, but as we said in February, to write a new chapter for our country, we need to turn the page on the past. Donald Trump and Joe Biden will only further perpetuate the country’s downward spiral in politics. Furthermore, a significant majority of voters want somebody new. The American people have shown they’re ready to move on from the current political era, so AFP Action will help them do that.

The release further states that their pick in "somebody new" is Nikki Haley:

Nikki Haley is a far cry from representing change in Washington D.C. She's a career politician who has served as a State Representative, Governor, Ambassador to the United Nations and most recently, a Board Member of major defense contractor, Boeing. 

But most concerning is her hawkish stance on global politics and her position on support and American tax dollar aide to proxy wars in Ukraine and Israel. She most notably uttered "this was not just an attack on Israel, this was an attack on America."

Inflation Takes its Toll with 73% Saying They're Experiencing 'Financial Stress'

If rising prices are hurting your family and causing stress as we enter the Christmas season, you are not alone. According to a new survey published by Empower, a financial services company, 73% of the 2,034 respondents said they are experiencing "financial stress."

Rising prices of goods and services is not some natural phenomenon with an unknown origin. Our federal government has run up record budget deficits by recklessly spending on wasteful government projects. And when we were hit with the COVID pandemic, politicians believed we could spend our way out of disaster.

The large spending in Washington did not come directly from taxes though. Politicians turned to the Federal Reserve Bank and its printing press to create new money out of thin air and buy up our government's debt. Inflating the money supply, devalues the dollar, because there's now more money in our economy without an equal increase in the supply of goods and services. That puts upward pressure on prices.

The government's inflation policies were a hidden tax on the American people and it was about a 20% hit to our bottom line over the last four years.

The Empower survey found that a third of respondents said a "relatively attainable gain of $15,000 would make a meaningful impact in their lives." Using an inflation calculator, if a family made $75,000 in 2019, they would need to make $90,259, or roughly $15,000 more, to have the same standard of living today. Although, the real number is likely worse since the government's measure of inflation takes out the rise in food and fuel prices.

If we want to get out of this terrible economic situation, government has to shrink, eliminate the deficit and start paying down the debt. 

Legislators' Office Building to Cost Over $700 Million - Is this a Scam?

Politicians are going to get a very expensive makeover to their office building, at a price WAY higher than similar projects. The State Office Building on the Capitol grounds is where members of the Minnesota House have their office. The building also hosts the Secretary of State's administrative office and has committee rooms. But politicians say it's outdated and want taxpayers to renovate it for them.

The renovation is coming at a cost of $498 Million with an additional $200 Million or more in private financing (interest) for the project. Which means this building is going to cost taxpayers a whopping $700 Million.

We spoke to an expert in building construction and renovations and found out that new construction on a government building is about $591 per square foot. The State Office Building is 290,136 sqft currently, and there will be an additional 166,000 sq ft added in the project. That means new construction of a building would be $270 Million - a figure less than half of what's being done.

With roughly 2.5 million taxpayers in Minnesota, the cost for politicians' new luxury office building is $280 per taxpayer. And there's only 134 members in the Minnesota House, so that means it costs taxpayers more than $5 million to house one legislator.

All of this comes at a time where prices are skyrocketing and hurting families due to inflation. We're also seeing property taxes rise significantly in the twin cities area. Plus, Democrats just raised taxes on gas, license tabs, sales and deliveries. 

We have to ask...with this project being so costly and being privately financed, is this some sort of scam against Minnesotans? How could this project cost us this much money?!

Walz Proclaims November 20th 'Transgender Day of Remembrance" in Minnesota

Governor Walz continues to get things wrong on the biggest social issues of the day. Most notably, he signed a bill into law that allows a child to receive irreversible hormone treatments or genital mutilation surgeries against the wishes of a parent.

Now Walz has proclaimed November 20th as "Transgender Day of Remembrance." The new day is aimed at "celebrat[ing] our family, friends and neighbors who identify as transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming and two spirits."

Here's his tweet:

When Walz was elected, many thought he would govern as a moderate Democrat. But he's been the most destructive, polarizing, radical leftist Governor in Minnesota's history.