Democrats Pass BAN on Fossil Fuels

On Thursday night, the Minnesota DFL rammed through an extreme piece of legislation that would require the state to source 100% of its electricity fron non-carbon based sources by 2040.

HF 7, the “blackout bill”, will force utility companies to gradually ramp up solar, wind, hydropower, and biomass production up to the 2040 deadline. As we have seen from states like California, these shifts are detrimental for the power grid.

And unlike California, Minnesota gets cold in the winter. The DFL somehow believes their solar power will heat Minnesota homes for an entire season.

Current renewable energy sources are simply not reliable enough to power an entire state. When Republican legislators proposed adding nuclear power to the list of renewable sources, the DFL shot them down.

The legislation passed in a vote of 70-60, with four Republican legislators absent. Reps Backer, Davids, Kresha, and Urdahl did not vote.

MPR reports that the blackout bill will be heard in the Senate as soon as next week, where swing district DFLers will need to officially make their pro-blackout positions public. If even one of these Senate DFLers defects, the legislation is dead.  

Governor Walz' Budget - The Global Leftists Dream Agenda

Tim Walz has unveiled his final budget he calls “One Minnesota Budget”. And it's a Global Leftist's dream budget.

But it's not good for Minnesota. In fact, it comes with a sticker price of a whopping 25% increase!

This budget is $65 Billion for the next two years, $15 Billion more than his previous budget. This expansion of government cannot be tolerated because if we do not stop it, we will be taxed into non-existence.

Below are major policies in this agenda:

  • Increases vehicle license plate tabs cost
  • Sales tax increase in the seven-county Metro
  • Returns only $4 Billion of Surplus money for direct payments to Minnesotans ranging from $1,000 to $2,600
  • $219 Million to lower, not eliminate, the Social Security Tax
  • $78 Million for 2.5% increase in public pensions
  • Increases Capital Gains taxes (1.5% for $500K-$1 Million, 4% for over $1 Million)
  • Legalization and taxation of recreational marijuana
  • Increased funding for Minnesota State University and the U of M
  • Increased funding for tribal colleges and Indian scholarships
  • $29.2 Million for electric public transportation buses
  • Energy takeover to stop carbon emissions
  • $722 Million on infrastructure projects
  • Building more electric vehicle charging stations

While we are happy to see Surplus money being refunded to taxpayers, this proposal only returns a fraction of our overtaxed dollars! Walz wants to spend the rest of our Surplus on crony projects that expand our government in size, power, and money. Action 4 Liberty has always demanded a total refund because that is the very essence of a Surplus!

Walz also will not end the double taxation of Social Security taking place with our seniors. They should not continue to be forced to pay taxes on Social Security because they have already paid into the system! Fixed incomes for seniors has become especially difficult with Biden’s inflation and supply chain issues.

Woke colleges and universities are given even more funding to brainwash our children with their Communist ideology. Favors and special treatment are also given to Native Americans simply for their ethnicity. We should not be pouring money into failing schools with leftist motivations. This fiscal irresponsibility cannot be tolerated.

Here's a chart of spending:

Walz is caving into legalizing marijuana to further increase our budget with new tax revenue. Giving a bloated government even more money to waste is not to the people’s benefit. The legalization of pot will lead to the Walz Administration tilting the scale for new special interest groups. Walz would rather people be high and dumb instead of fighting and being informed citizens.

Tim Walz also proposes his version of the far left “Green New Deal” with all kinds of spending on projects to force electric vehicles in our state and limit the emissions of day to day people. Climate change is the new reason that politicians will strip our freedom away. Walz is seeking to make a carbon free grid which will hinder our ability to live our lives. Higher electricity costs and unreliable energy will have severe impacts on Minnesotans with this policy.

Along with other wasteful projects, this budget is a slap in the face to Minnesotans. We are still owed our entire Surplus and we are about to see it slip through our fingers. We cannot allow this radical agenda to go through. It is up to us to stop it!

Contact your State Rep. and Senator so they know We The People do not approve of this budget! We need fiscal responsibility and this is the furthest thing from it! If we want to save ourselves from tyranny, it starts by preventing the expansion of wasteful government!


SHOCKING: Bill Gates Admits The Jabs Don’t Work

Washed up tech billionaire and vaccine pusher Bill Gates made a shocking admission at a Lowy Institute discussion in Sydney, Australia on Monday.

In an eerie discussion about preventing future pandemics, Gates talks about new government programs and experimental medical procedures to prevent potential infection. The most shocking admission, however, comes from Gates’ new beliefs surrounding the Covid-19 MRNA vaccines.

“The current vaccines are not infection blocking; They’re not broad, so when new variants come up you lose protection, and they have very short duration.” He told the audience.

Nearly everyone in the Health Freedom movement has said these things for years, including Dr. Robert Malone – inventor of MRNA technology which made the vaccines possible. 

This is the same vaccine which Gates has publicly applauded many times. This is also the same vaccine that was unconstitutionally mandated for hundreds of thousands of workers under President Biden – which was later struck down by the Supreme Court.

Now that Bill Gates admits that the vaccines don’t work, he needs to apologize to the increasing numbers of Americans who are regretting following the advice of people like him and the "experts" who were pushing propaganda - not settled science.

State Database to Track "Bias" and "Hate" Speech

The insanity of the Radical Democrat agenda continues on. This time, the crazies at the Capitol are pushing for a bill that would use your tax dollars to create a statewide database to report bias in incidents that may or may not be criminal.

HF181, authored by Short Tempered Rep Samantha Vang, and over a dozen other lefties at the Capitol, starts us down a slippery slope of reporting on incidents that a "community member or community organizer believes are motivated" by someone's "perceived":

  • race
  • color
  • ethnicity
  • religion
  • sex
  • gender
  • sexual orientation
  • gender identity
  • gender expression


The bill appropriates an unknown amount of tax dollars to nonprofit organizations and the Commissioner of Human Rights to "collect" data on incidents where these is "reasonable believe" that a crime was committed based on the above mentioned criteria.

Walz to Defund Crisis Pregnancy Centers; Fund Abortions In All Cases

Leftists in Minnesota are now taking their anti-baby hatred to a whole new level. According to MPR News, Governor Walz will now be targeting the state’s 90 crisis pregnancy centers as an enemy of the left-wing base and their push towards universal abortions.

Since 2005, Minnesota has given funding to crisis pregnancy centers who offer alternatives to women who seek abortions. These centers are nonprofit organizations, who are usually staffed with caring volunteers. The idea behind taxpayer funding for these services comes from the fact that abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood receive millions from Minnesota taxpayers.

Now, Governor Walz is trying to take that option off of the table for women. To the far-left, abortion should never be discouraged from a “birthing individual” who wants one. Anybody that dares offer healthy alternatives like adoption are deemed as the enemy. 

Worse yet, HF 289 in the Minnesota House would require these crisis pregnancy centers to dish out state-approved language on abortion, rather than information that helps a mother make an informed decision (It should also be noted that this bill eliminates the word “woman” from state statutes surrounding crisis pregnancy centers). 

This is not the first time that these crisis pregnancy centers have come under fire. In August of 2022, Attorney General Keith Ellison issued a “consumer warning” for crisis pregnancy centers, seeking to discredit the valuable services they provide to vulnerable women. 

Meanwhile, 32 House Democrats have signed onto an extreme bill that would send taxpayer dollars towards any and all abortions. They now insist upon abortion-on-demand, and seek to silence any questions about the consequences.

Democrats are stepping on the gas, seeking to drive the state of Minnesota right off the far-left cliff. Tim Walz’ “One Minnesota” is real, but you’re only part of it if you are a far-left Democrat.

MN House Democrats REJECT Saving Life of Baby Born from Botched Abortion

Minnesota House Democrats passed the most radical, extreme abortion-in-all-cases bill yesterday in a mostly party-line vote. HF1 passed with 69 yeas and 65 nays (one democrat joined all Republicans). 

Prior to voting for the final bill, Democrats rejected amendments that would ban partial birth abortion, stop abortion in the third trimester and an amendment that required parental consent of minors. But more importantly, an amendment that protected the life of a baby who is born despite a botched abortion. How that is not murder is beyond me!

Here's the vote:

Here's our live reaction to the floor debate:


MN Democrats Ready to Pass Most Radical Abortion Laws in the Nation

Liberals screaming about abortion in 2022 was more than just political theater and scoring cheap points. Now that the DFL has total control of the Minnesota Government, they are prepared to pass some of the nation’s most anti-baby legislation into law.


HF91 was introduced in the Minnesota House on January 5th, and has a whopping 32 DFL sponsors. If you thought that the DFL was crazy before this bill was introduced, just wait until you see what they have to offer now:


  1. Abortions allowed in hospitals (Line 3.3)
  2. Ends penalties for secretly and carelessly discarding the body of an aborted baby (Line 15.15)
  3. Taxpayer funding of abortion expanded to nearly all instances (Line 9.7 and 11.24)
  4. Removing parental notification requirement for minors (Line 16.8)
  5. Eliminating the word “woman” from state statutes (Line 3.15)
  6. Ending the requirement to report the death of a woman as a result of an abortion (Line 16.8)


This is not hyperbole. This is the most extreme abortion bill that has ever been put in front of the Minnesota legislature. It is also incredibly likely to pass with total DFL dominance in St. Paul. Here are more specifics on each provision of the bill. 



  • Abortions allowed in hospitals



  • Ends penalties for discarding the body of an aborted baby



  • Taxpayer funds for abortion in nearly all instances



  • Removing parental notification for minors




  • Eliminating the word “woman” from state statutes




  • Ending the requirement to report the death of a woman





This legislation is an obscene abuse of human rights, for both the mother and the child. The fact that 32 DFL legislators sponsored this grotesque bill says a lot about the state of their party.


Please contact your legislators through every method possible. Phone calls, emails, letters, and social media posts. Without quick action, the DFL will make Minnesota the abortion mecca of the United States.



Walz Pushes Education Plan that Steals Your Surplus Money

The 2023 state budget is under debate and we are seeing massive amounts of wasteful spending, government expansion, and theft of our stolen Surplus money. 

This is all thanks to the complete Democratic control of the House, Senate, and Executive branch, who were helped by former Rep Tony Jurgens. The socialists Democrats need no GOP votes to get what they want. They’ll only bend on their extreme leftwing agenda if enough voters get fired up and pressure them to stop. 

Walz introduced a massive $12 Billion spending proposal which uses $5 Billion of our overtaxed Surplus money to help pay for it.

He campaigned on “fully funding education” without ever giving specifics on what that exactly meant. In his press conference addressing education Walz was asked if his proposal was doing just that. Walz said “Yes, this is what we were talking about. This is as close to what it looks like, but I will say it’s a moving target.”

Even by Walz’ own admission, the goalposts are always moving! The Democrats want complete control over your children’s education, thoughts, gender, sexual orientation, and life. Education becomes indoctrination when they teach propaganda instead of truth.

The Democrat’s policy proposals include the following:

  • Creating a Department of Children, Youth, and Families
  • $717 Million education funding increase in 2024-2025
  • $1.48 Billion education funding increase in 2026-2027 (Funding begins to be tied to inflation with an inflationary cost adjustment)
  • Paying for every kid’s breakfast and lunch
  • Expanding Pre-K to 25k students
  • Tax credits for childcare for some households
  • A child tax credit boost
  • Increased funding for alternative classes and mental health support services

Despite the saying, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” Tim Walz believes it is the taxpayer’s responsibility to fund every single breakfast and lunch for every single public school in our state. 

Walz’ proposal is a slap in our face. Instead of returning the budget surplus immediately back to the taxpayers who were overtaxed, he’s now divying it up to the Democrat’s preferred constituencies. Our Surplus money should not be spent on crony policies that benefit the corrupt teachers union, school superintendents, and bureaucrats only. 

Action 4 Liberty has always demanded a total refund of the Surplus to Minnesota taxpayers. We need to pressure our Legislators to stand against this big government proposal and Give the Surplus back

Here's Minnesota Democrats' EXTREME Agenda

Abortion up until the moment of birth, in all cases, no exceptions, is moving lighting fast in the Minnesota Legislature thanks to Democrats and former Rep Tony Jurgens. Believing they have a mandate from Minnesota voters to codify abortion in all cases into Minnesota law, HF 1 is on a fast track. It's rare to see legislation move this quickly - after all, it's only the third week of the new legislative session.

This legislation is as extreme as it gets. Most voters do not agree that abortion in all cases should be legal. The Democrat bill would allow a mother to kill a 7 lb baby at 39 weeks. A poll conducted last October found that 2/3 of voters think the Democrat position of "no-exceptions abortion" is worse than the Republican's position. 

Minnesota Democrat's destruction to the state doesn't stop in the uterus though. In their newly revealed agenda, they are proposing a tax hike on all businesses, large tand small, to pay for a government mandated family leave program. And for the first couple years of the new program, they plan to raid nearly $2 Billion of the record budget surplus that came from overtaxing Minnesota taxpayers. 

On the campaign trail, Walz and other Democrats showed support for ending the Social Security tax. Minnesota is one of a handful of states that tax its citizens on social security benefits. But Democrats have reversed course and dropped the effort to remove all social security taxes claiming it would cost them in too much future revenue. Keep in mind, they are overcorrecting revenue by billions already, which is why we have a budget surplus in the first place.

Another bill moving fast at the Capitol is a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to get a driver's license. HF4 allows those who are in our country illegally to get a government issued ID without fear of being penalized for breaking our immigration laws. It also leads to the slippery slope of who can vote in our elections. An illegal immigrant testified in a committee last week and seemingly admitted to committing a felony by voting.

The Democrats also plan to completely uproot Minnesota's entire energy system by 2040. In HF7, they want to be fossil fuel free in 17 years, which will without doubt hurt Minnesota's economy and eventually lead to climate related deaths as the so-called "clean energy" infrastructure will not be able to heat homes in Minnesota's harsh winters. In just 7 years, they want 80 percent of Minnesota's grid to be fossil fuel free. Only 28% of the electricity from Minnesota's grid today comes from renewable sources. Unless Democrats are advocating for nuclear energy (they aren't), this energy policy will be disastrous for the state. 

What's absent in the Democrat agenda is an expedited desire to return the budget surplus to taxpayers. The state government could issue a $6,000 check right now to return the overtaxed money, but there's no motion at the Capitol to return a dime of it. Walz has stated he wanted to return a fraction of it back ($1,000 to everyone, taxpayer or not). However, it doesn't appear Walz has many allies in the House and Senate Democrat caucuses. 

Minnesota Democrat Top Agenda Items

  • Legalize Abortion in all cases

  • Increase TAXES on Small Businesses to Pay for Gov't Mandated Program

  • Keep Social Security Tax on the Elderly

  • Issue Driver's Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

  • Uproot Minnesota's Entire Energy System by 2040

  • Spend Our Surplus Money - Don't Give it Back

Non-Citizen Admits to Voting in Minnesota Elections in House Testimony

For years, conservatives have been blasted for creating “conspiracy theories” surrounding non-citizens participating in U.S. Elections. However, a DFL testimonial in the Minnesota House may have just confirmed the worst of our fears.

The Transportation Finance and Policy Committee met on January 10th debate the controversial HF 4, which would give illegal immigrants easy access to drivers licenses. Conservative activists have warned that this legislation would allow non-citizens to easily register and vote in our elections. 

However, it seems as though it does not matter whether or not this legislation passes. During the committee hearing, a non-citizen granted temporary status in the United States through former-President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) stated that:

“We are voting. Our people are voting. And if you don’t pass this bill, our people will vote you all out.”

Here's video of her testimony:

This is a shocking admission from a witness that the DFL brought to speak. However, it should not serve as any kind of surprise. Leftists have been pushing for noncitizens to vote for years now. 

The city of San Francisco recently passed legislation that would allow non-citizens to vote in their elections. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before these ideas came to Minnesota. 

State Statute 201.014 deems it a felony to illegally cast a ballot in the state of Minnesota. If this DFL testimonial is legitimate, they may have accidentally made a case AGAINST their proposal to give non-citizens drivers’ licenses.