Liberate Blooming Prairie


We can't afford to allow Governor Walz' illegal orders hurt Blooming Prairie families and businesses any longer. It's time to get our City Council to pass a resolution to open our town back up now!

To the Mayor & City Council,

WHEREAS, it is a human right to travel, conduct trade, assemble and do other things in order to live, and;

WHEREAS, the Declaration of Independence recognizes the right to pursue happiness, and;

WHEREAS, the purpose of the government is to protect people’s rights, and;

WHEREAS, our elected officials took an oath to uphold people’s constitutionally protected rights and are duty bound to abide by that oath, and;

WHEREAS, Governor Walz Emergency Executive Order 20-33 extending the ‘Stay Home’ order closing bars, restaurants and other places clearly violates people’s constitutionally protected rights and are blatantly unconstitutional, and;

WHEREAS, the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution states, “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law; nor deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws,”

THEREFORE, be it resolved, we the people of the City of Blooming Prairie, demand you make a motion for and vote yes to pass the Liberate Blooming Prairie Resolution that prevents city resources from enforcing Governor Walz' illegal shutdown orders.

Who's signing

Jeff Gwilt
Joe Motl
Ryan Buer
Todd Anderson
Edward Springer
Sarah Langan
Karen Fouarge
Scott Ohm
Jonathan Wigham
Angela Haberman
Aryanna Kreutter
Greg Nirk
Lynsey Kartes
Craig Kruckeberg
Joelle Sapien
Melissa Sorensen
Heath Lembke
Meressia Mullenbach
Cody Hendrickson
Mike Tapp
Dylan Andersen
Ali Rafdal

Will you sign?

  • Jeff Gwilt
    signed via 2020-05-10 18:40:18 -0500
    Our forefathers would kick our asses for letting our constitutional rights get taken away, if you feel safe at home, stay at home but don’t trample on our rights
  • Joe Motl
    signed 2020-05-10 18:37:19 -0500
    Reopen our businesses before there’s none left to open back up.
  • Ryan Buer
    signed 2020-05-10 18:28:02 -0500
  • Todd Anderson
    signed via 2020-05-10 18:21:54 -0500
  • Edward Springer
    signed via 2020-05-10 18:14:17 -0500
    I Agree 200 % with this
  • Sarah Langan
    signed via 2020-05-10 17:54:32 -0500
    We need our lives back!
  • Karen Fouarge
    signed via 2020-05-10 17:48:48 -0500
  • Scott Ohm
    signed via 2020-05-10 17:41:46 -0500
    If I were on the city Council again I would definitely try to pass this.
  • Jonathan Wigham
    signed via 2020-05-10 17:39:54 -0500
  • Angela Haberman
    signed via 2020-05-10 17:14:33 -0500
  • Aryanna Kreutter
    signed via 2020-05-10 17:03:32 -0500
  • Greg Nirk
    signed via 2020-05-10 16:48:50 -0500
  • Lynsey Kartes
    signed via 2020-05-10 16:48:29 -0500
  • Craig Kruckeberg
    signed via 2020-05-10 16:39:34 -0500
  • Joelle Sapien
    signed via 2020-05-10 16:37:51 -0500
  • Melissa Sorensen
    signed 2020-05-10 16:33:49 -0500
  • Heath Lembke
    signed via 2020-05-10 16:30:04 -0500
  • Meressia Mullenbach
    signed via 2020-05-10 16:28:39 -0500
  • Cody Hendrickson
    signed via 2020-05-10 16:18:57 -0500
  • Mike Tapp
    signed via 2020-05-10 16:02:55 -0500
  • Dylan Andersen
    signed via 2020-05-10 16:02:06 -0500
    sick of the political reigns. its time the government folks listen to employs them. we have had ENOUGH.
  • Ali Rafdal
    signed via 2020-05-10 15:59:25 -0500