Senate Republicans Refuse Bonding Bill; Arguing for Tax Cuts

The Minnesota Legislature is debating a $1.9 billion bonding bill (HF669) that caters to the special interests and lobbyists of the Democrats.

Bonding bills are large, omnibus bills that appropriates money for projects across the state. It is a tool Legislators use to indebt our state rather than spending the money they already have (including our overtaxed dollars in the stolen Surplus). 

While not everything in a bonding bill is bad, it is a huge growth of government and a great way to find RINOs. Bonding bills are one of the only leverage points a minority party has, in this case, Republicans have the leverage. Bonding bills require 3/5ths of the Legislature’s support in order to pass.

21 weak-kneed RINOs in the House caved and supported this socialist bill with ZERO accommodations or concessions for Republicans! Despite Democrats calling the shots on every single bill and pushing through a radical leftist agenda, some RINOs were chomping at the bit to waste our money even though they could force real change in this moment! 

The 21 RINO Representatives were: Paul Anderson (12A), Jeff Backer (9A), Peggy Bennett (23A), Greg Davids (26B), Mary Franson (12B), Shane Hudella (41B), Spencer Igo (7A), Debra Kiel (1B), Ron Kresha (10A), Patricia Mueller (23B), Danny Nadeau (34A), Jim Nash (48A), Bjorn Olson (22A), Bernie Perryman (14A), John Petersburg (19B), Joe Schomacker (21A), Roger Skraba (3A), Dean Urdahl (16A), Nolan West (32A), Mark Wiens (41A), and Natalie Zeleznikar (3B). See vote below:

Today, the Senate took up this bill but had a very different approach than the House RINOs. Instead of passing this big government legislation, Senate Republicans are saying they will not pass a bonding bill unless there are substantial tax cuts to go along with it.

The bill was taken to a vote and it was a party line vote (Sen. Torrey Westrom SD12 was absent) with exception to the bill’s Senate author, Sandra Pappas (SD65), who voted against the bill with the GOP. However, this was not a sign of bipartisanship, it was a slick tactic Pappas used to reconsider the legislation immediately after its failure because she was on the prevailing side (a motion for reconsideration can only be offered by someone on the winning side of a vote).

The concept laid out by the Senate GOP is a much better strategy than the House GOP’s, but it is not enough. Republicans must utilize their leverage to the fullest extent possible and demanding that no bonding bill will be passed unless:

  1. Return of the entire Surplus to taxpayers
  2. Removal of the Social Security Tax
  3. No gun control in this session

Anything less than that standard is unacceptable. If Republicans piss away their only leverage, we will be completely subject to a never ending leftist agenda. GOP Senators were wise to oppose this bill and push for tax cuts but they must fight beyond that. Our state is going bankrupt financially and morally. We must fight for our freedom like everything depends on it.

Contact your Legislators and demand that they will not support a bonding bill until the surplus is given back, the Social Security Tax is removed, and no gun control will pass in this session. It is up to Patriots like you to fight and save our state!

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  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2023-03-16 20:29:59 -0500