Andersen Windows Coercing Employees to Get Jab By Withholding Profit Sharing

Andersen Windows (Bayport, MN) is trying to coerce its employee into getting the experimental vaccines by withholding profit sharing for those who aren't willing to get the jab. "Eligible employees" are entitled to $4,000 of profit sharing, paid in quarterly installments in 2022. The company employs 11,000 workers, according to an article by Yahoo! News

New hires at Andersen are also required to be "fully vaccinated" as of December 4th, 2021. Andersen's policy seems contrary to data we now know about the vaccines. The vaccines do not stop the spread of COVID, which one would assume is the basis of Andersen's policy. For the first 6 months, the vaccines may offer some bit of protection against hospitalization, but there are several alternative treatments that are safer and as effective. Meanwhile, the long term impact of the vaccines are unknown.

Many workers we've talked to who face similar coercion at work point to the liability of vaccine injuries as a major concern. Under the Emergency Use Authorization, the pharmaceutical companies are immune from liability. So if an employer uses coercion, it's not clear that the employer can be held liable in court. According to VAERS data, more than 20,000 vaccine caused deaths and over 100,000 serious injuries have been reported.

For those who want to see Andersen Windows change its policy, you can contact them here.


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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2021-12-20 08:26:03 -0600