Bill to Eliminate Fraudulent CCAP Program

A group of legislators led by Rep Steve Drazkowski (R - Mazeppa) introduced a billin the legislature to eliminate the state's portion of the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP). This program is under public scrutiny for massive fraud that could amount to almost half of the state's $250 Million portion of funding. A whistleblower from the DHS alleges that money from this program is going to Somali daycare centers then wired overseas to potentially fund terrorism.

UPDATE. Sen Mark Koran (R - Chisago) introduced the companion billin the Minnesota Senate. Republicans hold the majority in the chamber and have yet to release their budget proposal, which could include defunding CCAP.

The Legislative Auditor completed his investigation last week and presented the findings to the legislature. Although the Auditor could not substantiate the claim of over $100 Millions in fraud, he did find that massive fraud existed and might be difficult to determine the actual amount. On top of that, the report states that the average beneficiary of the program receives $27,000.

Action 4 Liberty believes we need to eliminate CCAP. Half of the program is going to fraud and the other half is a massive welfare program. All the generations that came before us did not rely on government to pay for childcare. We are solving nothing by making Minnesotans depend on a government program. Meanwhile, we are taxing people to death. Kiplinger ranks us as the least taxpayer friendly state in the country.


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