Crony Politicians Seek to Bail Out Minneapolis Again after Walz and Jacob Frey Destroyed it

While Minnesota taxpayers are struggling with high taxes, high inflation, and without our Surplus money, the Legislature is hoping to pass a bailout of crime-ridden Minneapolis.

During the Black Lives Matter riots following the George Floyd controversy, Tim Walz refused to deploy the National Guard before the third precinct police station was burned to the ground! Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey began shifting the blame back and forth, leading to the infamous quote insulting the National Guard where Walz says “I think the mayor said, 'I request the National Guard, whew, this is great. We're going to have massively trained troops.' No. You're going to have 19-year-olds who are cooks."

Despite this scuffle, Walz endorsed Jacob Frey for re-election as they both share the goal of destroying Minnesota. The level of destruction in Minneapolis and across our state was the beginning to the domino effect we have seen nationwide. If blame should be cast for the rioting, looting, destruction, and racial terrorism in our country, look no further than the Walz and Frey.

Instead of calling this out and fighting the policies of Walz and Frey, the Legislature is seeking to bail them out and potentially provide them with over $100 Million of our tax dollars! Why should Minnesotans be responsible for the actions of criminals and crony politicians? Especially when we have a massive Surplus that should be refunded to taxpayers!

The Promise Act” was the original bill that Legislators were pushing to get this bailout. However, as usual in the MN Legislature, they decided to hide the bill into a massive 174 page omnibus bill! The Omnibus Economic Development Bill (SF3035) now contains the bailout funding and language.

This gives cover to Tim Walz and Jacob Frey, who just gave a radical and out of touch State of the City Speech.

Contact your Legislators and tell them to oppose a bailout of Minneapolis! It is not the taxpayers responsibility to pay for the disaster Minneapolis has become due to radical left policies. Minnesotans are owed their Surplus back, pressure your Representatives to NOT SPEND ONE MORE PENNY! 

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