Democrats Keep Your Surplus Money, Fund College for Non-Citizens

This past legislative session was an absolute mess. Not only did Democrats infringe upon your 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, but they also spent every dime of a record-shattering $21 billion budget surplus – then, raised taxes!

These Democrats went as far as spending your tax dollars on free college for students whose families make under $80k/year. When first passed under the Higher Education Omnibus Bill (HF 2073), it was understood that free tuition would only apply to citizen residents of Minnesota.

However, Axios has revealed that this will also apply to illegal aliens. Senator Omah Fateh (who was on the conference committee for HF 2073) told the publication that “We want to make sure that when we’re expanding opportunities for everybody, we’re doing it for all Minnesotans, regardless of background, regardless of their documentation status.”

The Senator could not provide an estimate for how many illegal aliens would apply. However, we do know that roughly 600 illegals applied for the Minnesota Dream Act last school year, which gives them in-state tuition prices.

The students who previously applied under the Dream Act are automatically enrolled for free college tuition. All are subsidized by the taxpayers.

While hard-working Minnesotans are getting a one-time check back for $260 (after initially being promised $1,000 and owed an astounding $8,000), non-citizens are getting an equivalent of $16k per year through Minnesota’s new tuition program.

Instead of getting our surplus tax dollars back, it is going directly to illegal aliens.

Axios goes on to state that Fateh plans to promote this program in high schools around the state, so do not be surprised if the cost for this program skyrockets.

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    Only stupid people pay taxes.
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