DFL vs GOP Comparison on Child Care Fraud Funding

Tuesday, May 14th - Legislators from both the House and Senate are going through the massive HHS Omnibus bill in conference committee this week as the 2019 Legislative Session winds down. Monday is the mandatory date for adjournment at the Capitol.

Action 4 Liberty is staying on top of the proceedings at the Capitol, but we want to equip you to follow what's going on as well.

HHS Omnibus Bill Link: HF 2414

Conference Committee Schedule & Video: Click here

At this stage, the Democrats plan to fully fund the fraudulent child care program in the upcoming biennium to the tune of $232 Millionof your tax money. The Republican Senate wants to fund it by $105 Million. Although they don't fund it in FY 2021, we believe they are going to give into the Democrats in the conference committee.

We say the program should be defunded and shut down now. Funding people's child care is not a proper role of the government and the only way to truly end the fraud, is by removing the program. 


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