Dr Osterholm Was Very Wrong About the MN State Fair

Former Biden Advisor, Dr Michael Osterholm, who also has provided guidance to the Walz Administration, seems to get most things wrong these days. There are weathermen with more foresight than the University of MN infectious disease PhD. 

Back on August 19th, Osterholm went on WCCO Radio with a warning about the upcoming "super spreader event" called the Minnesota State Fair. 

“I would urge people to take a pass on this year’s fair,” stated Osterholm in August. “I don't want to watch in a few weeks the number of people that could very easily be seriously ill and even die from infection that they acquire there.”

Some heeded his doomsday advice and decided not to attend the fair - a place where many Minnesotans make their living from 12 days of sales. Attendance fell sharply from the previous fair year. Big exhibits like WCCO decided not to attend with live shows. Of course, Action 4 Liberty attended and our booth was extremely popular.

As we approach a month since the fair ended, the evidence suggests Osterholm's advice was very wrong. According to the Minnesota Dept of Health, only 69 cases were traced to the fair out of an attendance of 1.3 Million fairgoers. In other words, fairgoers only had a .005% chance of contracting COVID in those 12 days.



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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2021-10-15 08:12:35 -0500