Emmer-backed RINO Gets Crushed in CD2 Convention

This weekend held several GOP endorsing conventions across the state and saw the following candidates get endorsed: CD2-Tayler Rahm, CD3-Tad Jude, CD4-May Lor Xiong, CD5-Dalia al-Aqidi, and CD8-Pete Stauber. As we previously reported, CD7’s convention resulted in No Endorsement, showing major signs of weakness for Rep. Michelle Fischbach. CD1 and CD6 GOP conventions will be on May 4th.

One of the highest stakes endorsement up for grabs was at CD2 which pitted defense attorney Tayler Rahm against former federal prosecutor Joe Teirab. Teirab is backed by Emmer and has been the establishment’s chosen candidate for the district. Below you can see that Teirab has filed with the FEC that the “Emmer Majority Builders” PAC as a coordinating committee: 

Teirab is a Harvard graduate, a former marine, and a prosecutor who seemed to do everything right to become a Congressman. The only problem for Teirab is that he is incredibly unpopular with conservative delegates. 288 delegates voted and Tayler Rahm won the convention on the first ballot with 212 votes/74.4%. Teirab got 73 votes/25.6% which means that 3 delegates voted for uncommitted, no endorsement, or gave an unintelligible or blank ballot. 

Teirab was seen as the establishment who even stated that a “little lockdown” is okay as it pertains to Covid. He appears willing to go along with swampy omnibus bills that fund other countries instead of our own borders. Teirab recently moved from DC and carpetbagged into the district of CD2.

Teirab backtracked on his pledge on April 21st by stating he would not abide by the endorsement. Considering that he did this only one week ahead of the convention, many speculated it was because he was not connecting with the delegates. It was widely expected that Tayler Rahm would win, considering that he has been campaigning for 10 months and building good will among the grassroots. 

Ahead of the convention, mainstream media and Joe Teirab began attacking Tayler Rahm’s legal career as a defense attorney which prompted Rahm to send an email to CD2 delegates stating Teirab made “sweetheart plea deals” for “predatory sexual offenders and domestic abusers, including felony domestic assault by strangulation, child beaters, etc.” 

Teirab is now forcing the CD2 to endure a costly, mud-slinging primary that was settled business by the delegates. He claims that Rahm is not capable of winning the general election, however, it is even more difficult to win the general election if the grassroots conservatives on the ground do not like you! Congresswoman Angie Craig will be a difficult opponent to defeat because of the 2022 redistricting and overall makeup of the district regardless of the candidate. It will be the MAGA turnout President Trump brings in that will decide if the GOP can flip it, not watered down conservative principles.

Winning 74.4% of the vote on the first ballot sends a clear mandate that conservatives want candidates to abide by the endorsement and they will not let Washington DC insiders decide the results for them. This is yet another sign that conservatives are fed up with the corrupt status quo and are ready for a change in Minnesota. 2024 will be an excellent opportunity for conservatives to harness their political power and win!

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