End Walz' Emergency Powers


Governor Walz is crushing our economy and limiting our freedoms by issuing unilateral orders! It's time to get Minnesota's economy working again. It's time to let Minnesota businesses determine how to safely and reasonably open their doors by ending Walz' destructive emergency powers.

To Governor Walz and legislators:

Whereas, one person does not have the legal authority to remove the rights of Minnesotans protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights;

Whereas, Governor Walz' emergency powers is devastating our state economy and killing the heart of it - small businesses;

Whereas, the "Stay at Home" order is turning neighbors against neighbors using Walz' hotline;

Whereas, free people can make safe and reasonable accommodations to open businesses during a crisis while still adhering to good medical advice;

THEREFORE be it resolved, We The People of Minnesota demand Governor Walz immediately end his emergency powers;

Be it further resolved, if Governor Walz won't comply, We The People of Minnesota demand the legislature removes his powers and we demand a recorded vote on all motions and bills pertaining to ending Walz' emergency powers.

Who's signing

Troy Elliott
Bonnie Randklev
Mark Palm
Nancy Duerr
Bill Gates
Joey Nilan
Randall Stocker
John Tschohl
Susan Gesch
Jody Blake
Rebecca Mikres
Nathan Lommel
Bernadene Bentley
Patrick Krueger
Angela George
Donald Sirek
Bradley Wessels
Daniel Mason
Robert Francis
Lee Taylor
Janet Fildes
Gregory Langmo
Ron Bergman
Jason Carlsten
Jody John
Kathy Lapic
Greg Abbott
Linda Rudeen
Patty Bonicatto
Bethany Hoffman

Will you sign?

  • Troy Elliott
    signed 2021-12-09 23:09:14 -0600
    Troy Elliott
  • Bonnie Randklev
    signed 2021-12-09 21:28:03 -0600
    Goodbye waltz we don’t need people such as yourself, the words out now that Minnesota is the most hated state in the US that’s because you don’t watch out for the people you are corrupt plain and simple.

    Isn’t this against the law?
  • Mark Palm
    signed 2021-12-09 21:03:29 -0600
  • Nancy Duerr
    signed via 2021-12-09 20:28:17 -0600
  • Bill Gates
    signed 2021-12-09 19:26:44 -0600
  • Joey Nilan
    signed 2021-12-09 14:22:48 -0600
    This is not fair that we are not free to attend church. We could certain spread out around the church and make it work.
  • Randall Stocker
    signed 2021-12-09 13:32:03 -0600
  • John Tschohl
    signed 2021-12-09 12:49:22 -0600
  • Susan Gesch
    signed 2021-12-08 21:14:57 -0600
  • Jody Blake
    signed 2021-12-08 18:51:40 -0600
    Stop this tyrannical governor….enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rebecca Mikres
    signed 2021-12-08 16:50:41 -0600
  • Nathan Lommel
    signed via 2021-12-08 15:39:59 -0600
  • Bernadene Bentley
    signed via 2021-12-08 15:32:34 -0600
  • Patrick Krueger
    signed 2021-12-08 14:17:46 -0600
  • Angela George
    signed 2021-12-08 09:54:46 -0600
  • Donald Sirek
    signed 2021-12-08 09:49:49 -0600
  • Bradley Wessels
    signed 2021-12-08 09:40:42 -0600
    There will be more harm than good if we do not go back to life in May.
  • Daniel Mason
    signed 2021-12-08 09:39:46 -0600
  • Robert Francis
    signed 2021-12-08 09:33:11 -0600
  • Lee Taylor
    signed 2021-12-08 09:27:36 -0600
    Its time to remove Walz, the Lt. Gov., Ellison and ANYONE in gov. that supported this TREASON by walz. NO ONE in America is allowed to do any lock down, or require shots, masks or anything he has Unconstitutionally been allowed to get away with in gov. in the courts or the LIES they keep telling about covid and the numbers. Its time to CONVICT everyone in gov. ALL of the demoncrats, rinos, sanders, fauci that have pushed covid lies and the Unconstitutional lock downs, masks, distancing and now trying to say we cannot go anywhere without an ID hell they are killing people by not allowing them into hospitals like NORMAL PEOPLE to be checked or have life saving surgeries.

    Time to convict everyone of these low lifes of Their HIGH TREASON now and their staffs and families for supporting them in their treason. In all three parts of gov. and EVERY LEVEL of gov. and Have them Hung on live TV as soon as they are convicted.

    No one has emergency king powers in this country no one.
  • Janet Fildes
    signed 2021-12-08 09:27:07 -0600
  • Gregory Langmo
    signed 2021-12-08 09:00:13 -0600
  • Ron Bergman
    signed 2021-12-08 08:53:46 -0600
  • Jason Carlsten
    signed 2021-12-08 06:41:37 -0600
    give it back
  • Jody John
    signed 2021-12-08 05:20:51 -0600
  • Kathy Lapic
    signed 2021-12-08 02:16:01 -0600
  • Greg Abbott
    signed 2021-12-08 02:02:06 -0600
    Greg Abbott
  • Linda Rudeen
    signed 2021-12-07 22:28:59 -0600
  • Patty Bonicatto
    signed 2021-12-07 21:55:04 -0600
  • Bethany Hoffman
    signed 2021-12-07 21:27:03 -0600
    Give us our in money back