Erik Mortensen Wins Scott County GOP Endorsement

Scott County Republicans endorsed Erik Mortensen on Saturday over incumbent Bob Loonan for the Minnesota House. Mortensen ran on a platform of changing course in St Paul from the current trend of high taxes and overregulation. Loonan's career in office was with a Republican majority that grew spending, debt and the role of government in health care.

“There was a clear and convincing message sent from the people that they wanted a new representative going forward that will fight to uphold their principles,” Scott County GOP Chairman Joe Ditto explained. “It was a single ballot endorsement with commanding victory of over 70% of Republican delegate support. It was an open and shut case.”

Erik Mortensen, a longtime Republican activist and lifelong Shakopee resident, was chosen by the elected precinct delegates to be their endorsed candidate on the ballot this fall. “It was an open, fair and transparent endorsement process that we are all proud of. All the candidates had complete knowledge of the process and access to the delegates to make their case. We have an endorsed candidate in Erik Mortensen that all Republicans can rally around to advance our shared principles and defeat the Democrats this fall,” Nominations Chairman Jonny Anderson explained.

“The people are clamoring for us to Change Course,” Mortensen said. “All too often politicians make promises they don’t keep. When they heard that I will vote for individual freedom and against government stifling regulation, they jumped on board.” he continued.

“It’s clear that authenticity sells and Erik is as genuine as they come. We are excited to have him carry our message forward,” Chairman Ditto concluded.


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