Even Mayo Clinic Has Had it With Minnesota Democrats

Minnesota Democrats are starting to drive away their base of support with their far-left agenda. Provisions in the Democrat-crafted Health Omnibus Bill have upset Rochester’s Mayo Clinic and even prompted them to make a public statement about their future in Minnesota.

Mayo Clinic is world-renowned for its work in medicine. Unsurprisingly, they have also lobbied and given money to several high-profile Democrat candidates across the nation. In 2022, they also gave $19,540 to the Minnesota Democrat Party.

Now, the clinic is threatening to pour its future investments into other states. Its first provision of concern would require hospitals to develop government-regulated committees of nurses that can work towards solutions to overstaffing. The Keeping Nurses at the Bedside Act (originally HF1700/SF1651) has been rolled into the Health Omnibus Bill. Mayo Clinic is asking for a special exemption to this provision.

The second provision would create an advisory board tasked with recommending price caps on healthcare and medication (originally HF2202/SF2002), which Mayo Clinic has asked to be stripped from the Health Omnibus Bill entirely.

If legislators do not grant Mayo’s demands, they will take their $1.1 billion in investment plans to another state. Legislators should certainly not be beholden to corporations, but it is Mayo’s right as a business to leave the state if the environment is no longer friendly to them.

This is just one example of a business that has set its eyes on a more friendly environment for businesses – and this corporation is a major Democrat donor!


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