Facebook User Tax Author Backtracking?

In a strange response to, of all things, his Facebook followers, the author of the Facebook User Tax appears to be backtracking from pushing forward on taxing social media companies in Minnesota. Sen Roger Chamberlain (R-White Bear Lake) posted a bizarre video yesterday explaining that he's received a lot of negative feedback from voters over his confrontational tax.

"A lot of you were a little upset the other day when Senator Benson and I had a proposal" state Chamberlain. "Well...got you. Now we have your attention. Now you know the power of social media." Watch the video yourself.

Was Chamberlain and Benson not serious about this bill? Was this just a gimmick? If they have time to play games like this, why doesn't Sen Chamberlain who chairs the Senate Tax Committee spend that time writing the bill to give back the surplus? Or how about Sen Benson, chair of the Health & Human Services Finance Committee, advance the bill to end the child care fraud?

One thing is certain, the Swamp is well aware that we all are watching what they are doing. Contacting legislators and voicing your disproval of their gimmicks works. If you haven't signed our petition to Stop the Facebook User Tax, please do below.



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