Fauci's Daughter Worked for Twitter During COVID

Since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter we have seen the truth brought into the light on many issues. Most notably is the crackhead Hunter Biden laptop story where Biden’s campaign coordinated with Twitter to censor the truth and label it as “Russian disinformation”. It was also uncovered that Twitter tampered in the Presidential election in Brazil to prevent Jair Bolsonaro from winning re-election. And of course there was plenty of shadow-banning and cancel culture that we know of.

However, maybe the biggest story just got uncovered. During times of mask mandates, lockdowns, and censorship, Anthony Fauci’s daughter Ali Fauci worked for Twitter as a software engineer!

This news is shocking to find out and was released in Dr. Fauci’s deposition with the Missouri and Arizona Attorney Generals. As per usual, Fauci skirts around questions with nonsensical word salads (including 174 times he said “I don’t recall”); however his admission about his daughter’s employment is a shocker. See the questioning below:

As you can tell by Fauci’s answers, he tried every which way to avoid the question because it proves a certain level of corroboration with Twitter to censor anything that Fauci wanted. Despite his daughter being a software engineer and not a content moderator, we would be foolish to assume this connection was by coincidence.

You can read the full transcript of the deposition here

Ali Fauci’s current bio on empowerproject.us can be seen below:

The corruption of Twitter and the rest of Big Tech is being exposed more and more. It is powerful that Elon Musk is a truth-teller who supports free speech and Action 4 Liberty loves to see it! We hope Elon keeps up his work and exposes more corruption, censorship, and election manipulation by Twitter.


What we have all known for a long time is coming to the surface, the truth is on our side!


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  • Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2022-12-07 14:39:09 -0600