First Week of Special Session Ends with No Budget, Emergency Powers Remain

The first week of the Minnesota Legislature's Special Session to End Walz' Emergency Powers has for all intents and purposes, come to a close since the Senate adjourned until Monday without passing any budget bills. Currently, the Minnesota House is on Day 2 of a Republican led filibuster to stop the advancement of budget bills that were agreed to by Walz, Speaker Hortman and Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka behind closed doors. Since the House needs to pass the bills first, there's zero chance of them reaching Walz' desk this week.

Without a doubt, Ending Walz' Emergency Powers is a top issue behind negotiations of the large budget bills, thanks primarily to the supporters of Action 4 Liberty. But to ensure this never happens again, it's key that the legislature passes Rep Erik Mortensen's Never Again Bill before agreeing to vote on budget bills that fund Walz' agencies. Currently, the Dept of Health is attacking small businesses who defied Walz' illegals orders back in December of 2020. 

A lot is at stake in the next 12 days. Governor Walz does not appear to want to let go of his Emergency Powers, which means he's willing to risk a partial government shutdown on July 1st. With the media scare tactics in full swing with the COVID delta variant, holding onto Emergency Powers could mean future shutdowns or new mask mandates. Also, why would Walz want to let go of power - that's why guys like him get into politics.

The Special Session all comes down to whether or not Paul Gazelka and Senate Republicans are willing to stand firmly against Unilateral Emergency Powers. If they refuse to pass a budget until Mort's Never Again Bill is passed, Minnesotans will be saved from a tyrannical governor in the future. But if they sell out, we'll end up with more growth of government, a fully funded Dept of Health and the ability for it all to happen again.


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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2021-06-18 14:16:34 -0500