Gazelka Cowering to Democrats, Thinks Walz' Emergency Powers is 'Good Government'

Minnesota has been under the Unilateral Emergency Powers control of Governor Walz now for 409 days. In this anti-democratic move, Walz has assumed unprecedented powers that have locked us in our homes, shut down small businesses and force youth athletes to wear masks. Our Constitutional Republic has been overthrown so we can be ruled by one man. 

So why on earth is weakling Paul Gazelka, the leader of the Republican controlled Senate, talking about passing a two-year, $52 Billion budget to fund Governor Walz' government???

We've asked for one simple thing: Cut no deals, make no concessions on the budget until Walz' Emergency Powers are terminated and the Never Again is passed. If we don't use this one last leverage point that remains, then Governor Walz will go into his second summer of Unilateral Emergency Powers without a legislature that's in session. Which means we could see the reality of permanent mask mandates AND Vaccine Passports come true!

All of this is happening, because Paul Gazelka is one huge wimp! He's not a fighter and he continually cowers to the left in Minnesota. He's more concerned about getting along with our political enemies, then standing up to them. In fact, he's even bending to the radical left who want to force police reform legislation in the final 3 weeks.

Gazelka is telling our supporters when they reach out to him this:

I feel obligated to pass a budget by June and I reject those that want to shut down the government or fire every commissioner if we don't get our way. All of these strategies destroy the fabric of good government.

Good government, Paul? We have a tyrant in office who unilaterally declared emergency powers 409 days ago and has refused to give them up. He can issue any order he wants and the Democrat controlled House will pat him on the back. The courts will accept his powers as laws and the MN Dept of Health will go after anyone who violates his decrees!

If Wimpy Gazelka continues to let Walz and the radical left steamroll over him, then I'm afraid there's not much left that will stop Walz and his Dept of Health from instituting dangerous Vaccine Passports. 

But Gazelka has the greatest bargaining chip at his disposal. Governor Walz' government agencies will not be funded until the Republican Senate passes spending bills. And negotiations are starting to shape up now that we are in the final three weeks of the legislative session. It's critically important that Gazelka goes into those closed door sessions stating that he will not pass a single budget bill until Walz' Emergency Powers are terminated and the Never Again Bill is passed.

If Democrats don't want to concede that point, then their government will not be funded. Which means the Attorney General and the Dept of Health will no longer be able to attack our small businesses. And they won't have new money to impose a Vaccine Passport program on the people of Minnesota.

Call Wimpy Gazelka now and tell him "No deals, no compromise with Democrats unless Walz' Emergency Powers are terminated and the Never Again Bill is passed!"

Senator Paul Gazelka

Phone: 651-296-4875

Email: [email protected] 

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  • J Bird
    commented 2021-04-28 06:43:32 -0500
    I kinda want to email paul to THANK him on behalf of your state residents. Your govenor actually SAVED many lives.

    And now that REAL herd immunity is being realized, those saftey protocols you dismiss as “unconstutional” are being slowly but surely lifted.

    I told you: Patience. It’s coming around – just like I said. Too bad you fell for the conspriacy angle, it might have come a LOT sooner.
  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2021-04-26 10:58:06 -0500