Gazelka and Limmer Fail Minnesotans - Don't Fire Malcolm

Senate leaders Paul Gazelka and Warren Limmer failed Minnesota yesterday by not firing Governor Walz' Small Business Hit Squad Chief Jan Malcolm. In Friday's short session, they never brought up Jan Malcolm's confirmation and adjourned sine die, thus conceding all power they have to Governor Walz. Now the only way they can come back to the Capitol is if Governor Walz calls them back. 

They did end up firing Walz' Commerce Commissioner in the mini session. However, Warren Limmer couldn't be bothered to actually vote himself. There's no excuse for that in the COVID world where Senators can literally call in their vote. 

It's not like Warren Limmer wasn't aware of the vote. He spoke on the Senate floor prior to it. In fact, Jim Abeler who also spoke abstained from voting on the confirmation. The public firing succeeded because two Democrats voted with the Republicans, including former DFL leader Tom Bakk.



Instead of inflicting real pain against Governor Walz as he continues abusing Emergency Powers, Gazealk and Limmer appear to have sold us out for a deal on bonding debt.  Before adjourning sine die (which means Senate Republicans can no longer meet and fire commissioners), Gazelka stated that Senators will likely be called back on Sept 21st for a bonding debt bill. 

It looks like Gazelka and Limmer used their bargaining position of firing commissioners not to end Walz' Emergency Powers, but to strike a final deal on a bonding bill which will add nearly $2 Billion to the state taxpayers' credit card. 

Can you believe these guys would sell us out for debt?! Are Republican leaders not serious about ending the greatest threat to our liberties in modern history? 

Yesterday during the House floor session, a real gem was revealed to the public via the stupidity of one Republican legislator. Rep Jon Koznick, Assistant House Minority Leader, sent out an email with the intent to remind fellow Republicans not to message on COVID because it's not a "winning message" for them. However, his email was accidently sent to all Democrat legislators who then decided to pass it on to our local media.



Koznick's stupidity revealed what we've long suspected of Republican leadership at the Capitol. They really don't care that Walz is ruling by authoritarian mandate. All they care about is positioning themselves to win the next election. 

What a bunch of FRAUDS!

Gazelka and Limmer don't care about the businesses that are closing their doors due to the the Walz' Administration. They actually had the power to do something about it, and did NOTHING!

Thanks to Gazelka and Limmer, we have another 30 days of Walz' abusive Emergency Powers. And we have another 30 days of Walz' Small Business Hit Squad Chief harassing Minnesota businesses with massive fines for not complying with Walz' illegal orders. 

Remember this on November 3rd!

Action 4 Liberty remains committed to fighting for Minnesotans' liberties by ending Walz' Emergency Powers. We'll continue exploring all angles of achieving this and we will take this message to voters in the districts of the Walz' enablers so we get better representation in St Paul.

If you haven't signed our petition to End Walz' Emergency Powers, please sign below:

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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2020-09-12 08:21:25 -0500