Gov Candidate Dr. Neil Shah Signs Never Again Pledge

The race to remove Governor Walz from office has a new doctor in it! Dr. Neil Shah launched his campaign this morning to Save Minnesota from career politicians. 

Dr. Shah owns a growing medical practice in Minnesota that was shut down unilaterally by Governor Walz when he decided to ban elective surgeries in 2020. It not only impacted the business he worked so hard to build, but his patients missed early diagnosis for serious issues like skin cancer. 

So Dr. Shah decided to get in the race as an outsider, because career politicians keep screwing things up. And he just signed the Never Again Pledge today pledging to the people of Minnesota to make passing the Never Again Bill his top priority as Governor

Here's his campaign launch video:

Thank you Dr. Neil Shah for pledging to stop the tyranny and ensure it Never Happens Again. He joins Mayor Mike Murphy and businessman Mike Marti who also signed the same pledge. Scott Jensen still refuses to sign the Never Again Pledge and has stated he is open to using Emergency Powers for things like curfews. 


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