Congressional Republicans Kick The Can Down the Road; Fund Government for 45 More Days

On Saturday, the Republican-held House passed a 45-day stopgap bill that would continue to fund the Federal Government. It was immediately passed by the Democrat controlled Senate and signed by President Biden, avoiding a partial government shutdown with minutes to spare. Republicans will now have over a month to negotiate a long-term solution among its members. 

Last week, former President Trump rightly called on Republicans to let the government shut down and defund the bureaucracy that targets Americans.

This stopgap measure maintains the status quo for everything except the Ukraine war. Further funding for the Ukraine military was stripped at the last minute. This was a good move but is perhaps the only good thing about this bill.

It's evident that Republicans should have held their ground and allowed a government shutdown to occur. This decision to capitulate to pressure from the left represents a missed opportunity to stand up for conservative principles and American taxpayers.

The GOP should be a beacon of fiscal conservatism, not succumbing to the demands of far-left Democrats. It's disheartening to see the party's leadership unable to unite its members and stand firm on important issues.

A government shutdown might have been a slight inconvenience, but it could also have been a powerful message to the American people. It would have demonstrated that Republicans are committed to reining in excessive spending and addressing the fiscal challenges facing our nation. A short-term shutdown would not have resulted in catastrophic consequences, and essential services would have continued. Instead, Republicans missed an opportunity to make a principled stand and protect the interests of the American public.

Here are the Republicans who voted with Democrats to fund our bloated, deficit-spending government for another 45 days:


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  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-10-02 10:16:53 -0500