Governor DeWine, Walz' Republican Twin, Creates Million Dollar Prize for Getting Vaccine

Woke, Republican Governor of Ohio, Mike Dewine, took to Twitter today to announce a new taxpayer funded program that gives one million prizes to five Ohioans who get the vaccine. Teenagers also can enter the program labeled a "lottery" with the chance of winning a four year tuition scholarship to a state university including room and board. DeWine will use funding from the Federal Coronavirus Relief Funds to pay for the expensive program. 

Power hungry governors like DeWine and Walz are likely to start resorting to gimmicks like a lottery or a vaccine passport program to force more citizens into getting the Covid vaccine. After high risk and the elderly received their doses, several states have witnessed a drop in people willing to get the vaccine. It's unclear why it's necessary for young, healthy individuals to get the vaccine for public safety reasons. And the credibility of these governors has dwindled in the 14 unprecedented months of unchecked Emergency Powers. 

In Minnesota, Action 4 Liberty is leading the fight to End Governor Walz' Emergency Powers and make sure it Never Happens Again. There are only 5 days left of the legislative session. If Republicans in the Senate cut a deal with Walz and pass his budget without passing the Never Again Bill, there's no guarantee that vaccine passports or a lottery program doesn't come to Minnesota via executive order.

Contact your state senator and tell him or her to not pass a budget until the Never Again Bill is signed into law!


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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2021-05-13 13:07:04 -0500