Governor Walz' Budget - The Global Leftists Dream Agenda

Tim Walz has unveiled his final budget he calls “One Minnesota Budget”. And it's a Global Leftist's dream budget.

But it's not good for Minnesota. In fact, it comes with a sticker price of a whopping 25% increase!

This budget is $65 Billion for the next two years, $15 Billion more than his previous budget. This expansion of government cannot be tolerated because if we do not stop it, we will be taxed into non-existence.

Below are major policies in this agenda:

  • Increases vehicle license plate tabs cost
  • Sales tax increase in the seven-county Metro
  • Returns only $4 Billion of Surplus money for direct payments to Minnesotans ranging from $1,000 to $2,600
  • $219 Million to lower, not eliminate, the Social Security Tax
  • $78 Million for 2.5% increase in public pensions
  • Increases Capital Gains taxes (1.5% for $500K-$1 Million, 4% for over $1 Million)
  • Legalization and taxation of recreational marijuana
  • Increased funding for Minnesota State University and the U of M
  • Increased funding for tribal colleges and Indian scholarships
  • $29.2 Million for electric public transportation buses
  • Energy takeover to stop carbon emissions
  • $722 Million on infrastructure projects
  • Building more electric vehicle charging stations

While we are happy to see Surplus money being refunded to taxpayers, this proposal only returns a fraction of our overtaxed dollars! Walz wants to spend the rest of our Surplus on crony projects that expand our government in size, power, and money. Action 4 Liberty has always demanded a total refund because that is the very essence of a Surplus!

Walz also will not end the double taxation of Social Security taking place with our seniors. They should not continue to be forced to pay taxes on Social Security because they have already paid into the system! Fixed incomes for seniors has become especially difficult with Biden’s inflation and supply chain issues.

Woke colleges and universities are given even more funding to brainwash our children with their Communist ideology. Favors and special treatment are also given to Native Americans simply for their ethnicity. We should not be pouring money into failing schools with leftist motivations. This fiscal irresponsibility cannot be tolerated.

Here's a chart of spending:

Walz is caving into legalizing marijuana to further increase our budget with new tax revenue. Giving a bloated government even more money to waste is not to the people’s benefit. The legalization of pot will lead to the Walz Administration tilting the scale for new special interest groups. Walz would rather people be high and dumb instead of fighting and being informed citizens.

Tim Walz also proposes his version of the far left “Green New Deal” with all kinds of spending on projects to force electric vehicles in our state and limit the emissions of day to day people. Climate change is the new reason that politicians will strip our freedom away. Walz is seeking to make a carbon free grid which will hinder our ability to live our lives. Higher electricity costs and unreliable energy will have severe impacts on Minnesotans with this policy.

Along with other wasteful projects, this budget is a slap in the face to Minnesotans. We are still owed our entire Surplus and we are about to see it slip through our fingers. We cannot allow this radical agenda to go through. It is up to us to stop it!

Contact your State Rep. and Senator so they know We The People do not approve of this budget! We need fiscal responsibility and this is the furthest thing from it! If we want to save ourselves from tyranny, it starts by preventing the expansion of wasteful government!



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  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2023-01-26 12:45:14 -0600