Hey Gazelka! Say NO to All Legislation Unless Democrats End Walz' Power

Why on earth are Republicans in the Senate willing to pass a single piece of legislation with the Democrat House while Walz' is still unilaterally ordering businesses to be closed?! The Minnesota House voted down the resolution to end Walz' emergency powers on Friday following the successful vote in the Senate. So Gazelka should either refuse to take up a bill or adjourn Sine Die.

But here's the agenda that just got posted for the day that includes hearing a bill from the MN House! 

Paul Gazelka tweeted over the weekend that the Senate Republicans "will introduce sweeping criminal justice reform measures supported by the People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) Caucus of the Minnesota House of Representatives".



Also, on Friday Gazelka mentioned that Republicans' new target on the bonding debt bill is $1.3 Billion, an additional $300 Million from where they were one month before. That's money you will be on the hook to pay so that Democrats can fund their pork projects.

Why is Gazelka cutting deals with the far left Democrats in St Paul instead of holding firm on ending Walz' illegal powers???

Last year when Gazelka and Senate Republicans "cut deals" with the Democrats, we got a tax increase. The sick tax that was due to expire, was renewed by the Senate Republicans indefinitely. What a shame!

This is what the real priority should be of Gazelka and Senate Republicans...

  1. Don't pass a single piece of legislation in this Special Session unless the House votes to end Walz' illegal emergency powers
  2. Stop cutting deals with the Democrats while hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans are out of work and business owners are watching their dreams get squashed

Please take a moment now to contact Senator Gazelka and your state senator.

Senator Paul Gazelka

Phone: 651-296-4875

Email: [email protected]





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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2020-06-15 11:33:37 -0500