HHS Omnibus Bill that Passed Republican Senate

The Minnesota Senate passed the Health and Human Services Omnibus bill (HF 2414) as amended in the early morning hours today, following a marathon session of debates. What's in the jumbo, multi-subject bill:

  • The fraudulent Child Care Assistance Program is funded in FY2020, but funding is cut in FY2021
  • The Medical Assistance program which is the vehicle for how Planned Parenthood gets our tax dollars is funded
  • A tax on insulinmanufacturers is created (similar language to opiate tax that passed)


Action 4 Liberty believes that the fraudulent child care program should be defunded in FY2020. Government has no business paying for people's child care costs in the first place. But the program is full of fraud and we can't rely on a government bureaucracy to police its own program. 

Here's the issue we have with the Senate Republicans fix on CCAP. Despite cutting funding next year for the program, that language could be cut from the HHS Omnibus bill in the conference committee process. Funding could also be re-established next year in a supplemental spending bill. We demand Senators to sign our pledgeto end the fraudulent child care program.

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