How Minnesota's Planned Parenthood Gets Your Money

Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the state of Minnesota, receives your tax money every year for its operations. Although politicians will tell you the money doesn't go directly to funding abortion, its quite obvious that if the taxpayer revenue stream fell, Planned Parenthood would have less money to conduct the heinous procedure because other programs would require the remaining funding sources

A recent MCCL news release stated "In 2017, Planned Parenthood took in a record-high $560,895 in taxpayer money by performing a record-high 2,560 tax-funded abortions—a record-high 59 percent of all tax-funded abortions in the state. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, a record-high 44 percent of total abortions occurring in Minnesota in 2017 were publicly funded."

Here's the interesting part. How is Planned Parenthood getting record taxpayer funding when Republicans were in control of both the House and Senate in Minnesota?

It turns out that the funding source comes from the massive Health & Human Services Omnibus Bill that your legislator most likely never read and was told to vote for by Republican leadership. In 2017, this bill passed with mostly Republican support in the two chambers (DFL legislator oppositions was due to them believing the spending bills were not big enough). Republican Reps Bahr, Drazkowski, Scott and Lucero voted against the bill.

Here's the Minnesota House vote:

And here's the Senate vote:

The 2017 HHS Omnibus bill (SF2) funded the Medical Assistance program which is the vehicle for Planned Parenthood to receive your tax money. Of course stripping this program out of the omnibus bill or adding a provision that restricted money going to Planned Parenthood would have created quite a heated battle with Governor Dayton. But can you think of a more worthy battle for your pro-life legislator to take on?

All heads now turn to Majority Leader Paul Gazelka and Senate Republicans this session. Will they fight to stop our tax money from going to fund the state's largest abortion provider or will they once again keep the status quo like they did in 2017?

Action 4 Liberty opposes using taxpayer money to fund abortion provider Planned Parenthood. PP is a hyper-political organization that spends millions of dollars each election year to get Democrats elected. 

Contact your legislator today and tell them to stop funding Planned Parenthood!


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  • Dustin Maynard
    commented 2021-09-23 18:32:56 -0500
    how did Gazelka Vote on this? where can I find how our representatives voted?