Know Your Rights in Times of Crisis

The political elite are using the COVID-19 crisis to rapidly expand the powers of government, while limiting our God given rights. Governor Tim Walz appears to be on the verge of issuing a government mandated "Quarantine for All" order. He's already unilaterally shut down commerce in restaurants and bars and has made it illegal for businesses to set their own prices.

Let's take a look at the powers (the only powers) granted to the Governor in the Minnesota Constitution.

In fact, our Constitution clearly states that powers are divided amongst 3 branches. There's no exception for declared emergencies.

Walz, and his compliant Attorney General friend Keith Ellison, turn to state statutes to claim emergency powers. But statutes do not supersede the law of the land, our Constitution. More importantly, emergency powers in state statute cannot limit our God given rights protected by the Minnesota Bill of Rights...

Section 2. Rights and privileges. No member of this state shall be disfranchised or deprived of any of the rights or privileges secured to any citizen thereof, unless by the law of the land or the judgment of his peers. There shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in the state otherwise than as punishment for a crime of which the party has been convicted.

Section 3. Liberty of the press. The liberty of the press shall forever remain inviolate, and all persons may freely speak, write and publish their sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of such right.

Section 7. Due process. No person shall [...] be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. 

Section 16. Freedom of conscience. The enumeration of rights in this constitution shall not deny or impair others retained by and inherent in the people. The right of every man to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience shall never be infringed; nor shall any man be compelled to attend, erect or support any place of worship, or to maintain any religious or ecclesiastical ministry, against his consent; nor shall any control of or interference with the rights of conscience be permitted.

Know your rights and use them. If you don't know them, you'll inevitably lose them. Giving one person, unilateral law-making power goes against the spirit of our Constitutional, Republican form of government. We should not stand for Governor Walz' vague laws. Powers of government are suppose to be expressly written and limited; while our freedoms are inherently vague and widespread.

Action 4 Liberty will always be opposed to authoritarianism, but we encourage people to listen to the science. Free people can and will make the right choices for their community. Here's a list of guidance from the White House on combatting the spread.



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