Legislators Introduce 'Mask Mandate' Bill in MN House

A group of legislators in the Minnesota House introduced a bill that would mandate the wearing of masks, or face coverings, in public public places. HF604 was introduced on Monday by Rep Sydney Jordan of Minneapolis and has 12 co-authors. 

The bill would require all Minnesotans over the age five to wear a face covering when they are:

1. indoors at a business or public setting

2. waiting outdoors to enter and indoor business or indoor public setting;

3. riding on public transportation, in a school transportation vehicle, in a ride-sharing vehicle, or in a vehicle being used for a business purpose;

4. outdoors when it is not possible to maintain social distancing from others who are not members of the individual's household, or

5. in a common area of a multi-unit dwelling

If the bill becomes law, businesses would be required to follow the guidelines and ensure workers adhere to the mandate. If they violate it, they could be sued by the government and fined up to $25,000. Business owners also could serve up 90 days in jail. Individual violators over the age 14 would be guilty of a petty misdemeanor and fined $100.

HF604 mirrors Governor Tim Walz' horrendous executive order that mandates mask wearing. The bill currently has no companion bill in the Minnesota Senate. 

Action 4 Liberty stands solidly against Governor Walz' illegal and unconstitutional orders and HF604 which seeks to make Walz' orders permanent. This anti-liberty legislation needs to be killed and Governor Walz' Emergency Powers MUST be terminated.


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  • Jennifer Pederson
    commented 2021-02-02 13:23:44 -0600
    What a complete disrespect to our liberties. This is saying that we are not wise enough to take care of ourselves and our families, that we must be told how to act… It’s all a downward spiral to communism.
  • Katie Lynn
    commented 2021-02-02 12:53:44 -0600
    What about people who can’t wear masks due to health conditions? People who can’t breathe through the masks? Are we gonna be arrested because of our health challenges? Are we gonna have start wearing special tags?

    Your not taking certain factors into consideration. There are A lot of people out there who can’t wear a mask. This is ridiculous that this virus has been deemed “The Worst Virus” when it has a 98% survival rate.

    This is Beyond stupid. Your basically forcing people to give up their God given immune system to not breathe properly. The masks are doing NOTHING to help. I know people whom have been wearing a mask since the beginning and they still got covid and survived. This is just another government control of getting rid of our freedoms.
  • Dave Smallwood
    commented 2021-02-02 12:07:53 -0600
    Walz and the dfl and rhinos are screwing up this state
  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2021-02-02 11:33:34 -0600