LIVE Show with Dr. Scott Jensen on Attorney General Attacking His Medical License

Dr. Scott Jensen's medical license is being attacked again, but this time the stakes have gone up. Attorney General Keith Ellison has joined the fight with the COVID Cultists.

Jensen is now being attacked for the FIFTH time in two and a half years, all because he does not accept the propaganda surrounding COVID-19 and the experimental MRNA vaccines. This is despite the fact that MRNA inventor Dr. Robert Malone has also sounded the alarm about how dangerous they can be. 

In the previous four attacks, the Medical Practice Complaint Review Committee issued the notices to Jensen. This time, Attorney General Keith Ellison wanted in on the action. Coming off of a narrow election victory in 2022, Ellison appears ready to punish his political opponents with the full force of his office.

Here is the letter from Ellison's office, which is available on Jensen's website:



In the complaint, the Medical Practice Complaint Review Committee cites the following "allegations" as reasons to investigate Jensen:

- Spoke out about the vaccines and masks

- Reported that the MN Department of Health was falsifying death certificates

- Asserted his right to not take the COVID-19 vaccine

- Gave patients more information about ivermectin

- Filed a temporary restraining order to prevent children from receiving the vaccine





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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2023-02-02 11:57:04 -0600