Minnesota Democrats Introduce Green New Deal

Minnesota is already losing businesses every year due to our high tax/regulatory environment. Now a handful of Democrat legislators want to double down on making Minnesota the least desirable state for business. Today they launched their version of the Green New Deal (HF 2836).

According to the bill, the Green New Deal would work towards making Minnesota 100% carbon free in 11 years.

Subs. 2g. Carbon-free standard.By 2030, 100 percent of the electricity each electric utility subject to subdivision 2a provides directly to Minnesota retail customers, or indirectly provides through wholesale sales to a distribution utility serving Minnesota retail customers, must be generated by a technology that is carbon-free.

The bill also creates a Climate Change Advisory Council to "provide recommendations to improve Minnesota state government operations, functions, and policies to identify groups and individuals in need of assistance in adapting to climate change and develop programs to assist those groups and individuals."

Like its sister bill in the US Congress, the bill isn't likely to receive much support in the legislature because the vast majority of politicians are not as dumb as the policy-makers behind the absurd proposal.

Action 4 Liberty supports a 100% stupidity-free standard by May of 2019. Fossil fuels are a more efficient form of energy for our current economic demands. There is no scientific consensus on what the limiting of fossil fuels will do to future climate conditions. A policy as costly as this one should have a metric that can be used to measure its impact. 

(We at Action 4 Liberty do not usually write articles in this style. But 100% carbon-free in 2030, c'mon!)

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