MNGOP Attacks Conservatives in Leaked Audio

Did you see what the Chairwoman of the MNGOP just said about you and me? Alpha News received a recording this week of a Republican party meeting with Crazy Chairwoman Carnahan and well known RINO Rep Keith Franke. In that audio they talked about "purging" Action 4 Liberty supporters from the Republican Party.

Crazy Carnahan stated that Action 4 Liberty supporters "need to go away" and people in the GOP should "stop paying attention to these people" because that gives them "power."

RINO Keith Franke was then heard saying "the crap that they do to divide us, to pick off the more moderate members. We need those members, we need members like me."

Can you believe this? These are the people running the MNGOP!

No wonder why Walz keeps running circles around these weaklings. It's crystal clear they don't want STRONG CONSERVATIVES like you and me inside their ranks.

To make things even crazier, Franke asserted "half of [Action 4 Liberty’s] money comes from the DFL, secretly, because it has to."

What these guys don't understand is that our support comes from thousands of people like you who are fed up with do-nothing, weak Republicans who constantly lose to the Radical Left. Not from Democrats!

While RINO politicians and the crazy person running the MNGOP want to continue attacking you, our team is busy putting pressure on politicians on your behalf.

We still have door knocking teams on the ground, alerting voters of how to make sure Walz' Emergency Powers never happen again. We've knocked on over 40,000 doors so far this year, made over 55,000 phone calls to targeted districts across the state and continue building an online presence that influences hundreds of thousands of Minnesota voters.

Supporting Action 4 Liberty is different than supporting the MNGOP. With us, you at least get results!

Despite efforts by RINOs like Franke, we were able to catapult Ending Walz' Emergency Powers to the top issue at the Capitol. We refused to compromise because this issue was too important to you. That's why Walz' Emergency was terminated.

Unfortunately Weakling Paul Gazelka sold out on us by passing Walz' budget without passing Mort's Never Again Bill first. He didn't even get election integrity passed in the final deal. 

We MUST pass his Never Again Bill so we don't get a repeat of the last 15 months!

However, if it was up to Crazy Chair Carnahan and RINOs like Keith Franke, we'd never get there.

They'll do everything in their power to get rid of guys like Rep Erik Mortensen. Remember when Carnahan REFUSED to support the more conservative candidates in the 2020 primary?

Fortunately, Action 4 Liberty supporters have volunteered their time, money and effort to getting better candidates elected.

That's why Rep Erik Mortensen was the ONLY Republican elected in the metro area in 2020 who had never served in office before. And the Party spent zero dollars to help him.

Mort was ONLY successful because of supporters like YOU! 

It's crystal clear that we are under attack by both the Republican and Democrat Establishment (is there a difference?). They want to see us go away. But this mission is too important to let them win.

YOU HAVE THE POWER to send them a message that we are here to stay.

Supporting Action 4 Liberty ensures the conservative agenda advances in Minnesota. We're the one team standing up to the Political Class in this state!

Let's continue building a massive liberty movement in this state to STOP government encroachment on our liberties. Let's make sure Unilateral Emergency Powers NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! And let's STOP Crazy Chair Carnahan's dream of purging conservatives like you from politics.


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  • W H Nieder
    commented 2021-08-15 15:23:46 -0500
    I made it onto the Brad Carlson show today [1280 am – 8.15.21] I explained the attack upon, Action4Liberty, by Carnaham and RINO REP Keith Franke. Mr Carlson stated that he was aware of this.

    Ms Carnaham, is part and parcel as to why we have not supported the MNGOP origination for the past 15 years. There has been no Conservative leadership for several decades.

    It was also noted on the show, that Ms Carnaham has also offer $10,ooo bonus to all departing employees, if they sigh a non-disclosure agreement. What are they trying to hid? How much money was spent for this silence ? This is monies which could have helf to elect Republican candidates!

    Ms Carnaham needs to go and go now!

    MINN FAIR UPDATE: All admission gates will have metal detectors in place. Please leave all metal items at home and if you have surgical implanted metal parts, please use the cattle and poultry entry area.
  • Pat Nius
    commented 2021-07-12 11:14:07 -0500
    Translation: paid troll J Bird is going over to Powerline to try his gaslighting schtick where there’s a larger audience. Make sense from a cost-effectivness standpoint, I suppose…

    But certain things remain true, which is why J Bird keeps coming here trying to deny them. It’s the “big lie” tactic; repeat a lie often enough and it becomes accepted as the truth. Of course, most propagandists aren’t as clumsy or obvious about it as he is.

    One, the current leadership of the GOP is ineffective and does need to be called out on it. Naturally, they don’t like it, but who does enjoy having their shortcomings pointed out? (Hey, look how J Bird reacts!) Action 4 Liberty is serving that role. If they weren’t having any impact, why is party establishment so upset?

    Two, Walz’s use of the emergency power statute was unconstitutional under the Federal constitution. Anyone who thinks he had the authority to ORDER you to stay in your home can’t read, and anyone who actually complied is a gutless coward.

    Three, Walz’s COVID mitigation efforts caused more deaths than they prevented, especially putting infected people into nursing homes, and delaying preventative cancer screenings, etc.. Masking and social distancing did nothing and were a complete waste of time. He didn’t “save” anyone. Rather, he panicked, since his main focus has always been to avoid getting blamed for anything, and then committed a clear abuse of the emergency powers act by keeping his emergency powers far, far past any “emergency”, in order to get Federal money…which he could then spend without any oversight. Kinda like he did with the budget surplus we USED to have. Every decision Walz makes is based on crass partisan politics, and the effort to rebrand him as a hero is laughable.

    Four: J Bird is a liar. He’s not going away. It may be under another name, but you will recognize his sockpuppet by the lies, misdirection and logical fallacies he always falls back on.
  • Frank Mckinley
    commented 2021-07-12 10:17:02 -0500
    J bird no matter how the numbers ended up with covid deaths no matter what nazi walz would have done , it was a no lose situatin , he was going to claim victory no matter the outcome. He does his victory lap because he locked down and destroyed over half of the small businesses in the state. While allowing big box stores to flourish with their demise. The numbers dont add up. But believe what you want, you may not be the first on the train to the concentration camps, but you will be on one of them.
  • J Bird
    commented 2021-07-11 21:21:24 -0500
    From the actual alpha news story:

    “While Carnahan did not explicitly name Action 4 Liberty, she was asked which groups divide the party, and someone called out ‘Action 4 Liberty,’ to which laughter ensued.”

    If that doesn’t underline the irrelevant nature of Action 4 Liberty, I don’t what does.

    And yet, Jake Duesenberg reaches beyond the limits of credulity to suggest that not only was this “leaked audio (i doubt it),” but to suggest Carnahan mentioned Action 4 Liberty by name (they didn’t).

    With that, I think its time to close the door on this for me. It’s all an attempt for a fringe group to try and stay relevent when they not only are IRrelevent, but were NEVER relevant to begin wiht.

    The ship has sailed on the so-called Never Again bill. The ship has sailed on those defiant business people in hot water ever returning to the line of business they were in (at least in your home state). Walz’ response to the pandemic were (no matter what you say), appropriate and legal – saving countless thousands.

    The game is over. You lost. If you can possibly bring yourself to take the L and move on, there may be hope for your party in the future. If you can’t, I would guess you’ll remain a laughing stock and as such, one can expect Walz and the Democrats to remain in power in your state for a long, long time.

    Take care all, J-Bird signing out!
  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2021-07-11 15:17:20 -0500