MNGOP Chair Hann Condemns Activist, Silent on Rep Kurt Daudt's Support of Non-endorsed Candidate

MNGOP Chairman David Hann released a statement yesterday condemning an activist who chairs the SD67 Republicans for his support of Attorney General Candidate Doug Wardlow. Party rules state that MNGOP officials are required to support endorsed candidates only. However, Hann's condemnation only appears to be directed at a conservative activist, not the biggest abuser of this rule who is an elected legislator.

House Minority Leader and Lobbyist Kurt Daudt (R - Spectacle Lake) leads the MNGOP affiliated Party unit, the House Republican Campaign Committee. This MNGOP unit has trained a candidate who is running against the endorsed Republican candidate in House District 33B, Mark Bishofsky. Mark is a solid conservative who would likely not be on board with Daudt's tactics of passing unconstitutional, omnibus bills.

Daudt is openly showing support for Bishofsky's primary challenger, Tina Riehle - who lost the endorsement to Mark by nearly 60 points. She was featured in the mass candidate filing press conference hosted by Daudt and sponsored by the HRCC. Bishofsky wasn't even invited.

Back in 2018, Daudt actually used HRCC resources against Republican endorsed candidate Erik Mortensen. That year, Daudt directly spent over $23,000 against the endorsed candidate. Party leaders didn't condemn his behavior then, even though he openly defied Party rules.

Where's MNGOP Chair Hann's public condemnation of Kurt Daudt? If Hann wants to spend time going after conservative activists, perhaps he needs to focus on the biggest abusers of the Party rules first.

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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2022-06-10 09:03:22 -0500